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ASP.Net Vs PHP Which Is the Best Framework for Web Development

ASP.NET and PHP are two of the most popular technologies among backend developers. We analyze how they differ and which one is better for a beginner to choose. Although 79% of all sites on the Internet are written in PHP, other technologies are well suited for writing the server-side of web applications: Python, Java, Ruby, Node.JS.

In this article, we have analyzed the differences between PHP and its main competitor – ASP.NET, which accounts for the majority of sites.

How PHP and ASP.NET Differ

PHP is an interpreted scripting language created specifically for the development of the server-side of sites. It contains sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress (and all sites built on it).
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia and a lot more.

ASP.NET is a framework for languages ​​from the .NET family (most often C # or Visual Basic) that allows you to write server-side sites. With its help, such sites have been created as:

  • and others.

Here are the main differences between these technologies:


Method Of Execution Interpreted. Each time the script is accessed, it is launched, and after execution, it is closed. Therefore, on small projects, you can do without garbage collection. Compiles. The site is an application that creates a new stream every time it is accessed. There is a built-in garbage collection.
Ease of Learning Low Entry Threshold. A beginner will be able to write their first website in PHP in one day. (Assuming he already knows HTML and CSS, of course.) High entry threshold. Before learning ASP.NET itself, you need to master some language from the .NET family.
The Amount of Code Compact.
You can quickly write a blog in PHP with a minimum of code.
Slightly Less Compact. 
Even for a simple display of the “Hello, World!” you need to create a separate class and run an anonymous asynchronous method. Despite this, many tasks can be accomplished with concise code.
Project Size Preferred for Small Projects. Maintaining PHP code is more difficult because it uses less OOP (Object-oriented programming) and lacks typing (yet), and it is also difficult to debug. Suitable for Large Projects. A small site on ASP.NET is inferior in speed to a similar site on PHP. However, it hardly sags under a heavy load.


Typing In The Plans There Is
Popularity & Community Popular.
The large developer community, many forum topics, and Stack Overflow.
Less popularity The community is considerably smaller than that of PHP, but this is compensated by a large number of books and very detailed documentation.
Salaries Good Salaries For Freelancing & In-Capitals.
In the regions, the situation is a little worse.
Salaries Are Slightly Higher. This is due to higher qualifications, so a PHP developer with similar skills can earn just as much.
Development It Develops And Changes Rapidly
In new versions of PHP, they plan to add typing, and there are also constantly some changes that make PHP better from version to version. Therefore, it can no longer be said that PHP is an unstable and vulnerable language for beginners.
Developing Rapidly But Following the Plan. Microsoft is listening to the community for language changes. Yet the company does not deviate from a certain path. That is, an ASP.NET developer can be sure that waking up tomorrow, he will not find his favorite framework for creating sites has changed beyond recognition.


Arrays Only
In PHP, only arrays can be used as collections, but they combine the features of all other collections. For example, you can specify a string as a key (analogous to Dictionary in C #) or add and remove any cells (analogous to List). This is great for beginners but makes it harder to maintain and read the code.
Many different collections.
C # and Visual Basic have very wide possibilities for working with collections: lists, queues, dictionaries, maps, and so on. Working with them is made even more powerful thanks to generic collections.

Asynchrony & Multithreading

Multithreading Is Not Needed
Since PHP runs a separate instance of the script each time it is accessed, multithreading and asynchrony are not particularly needed – everything works fine anyway.
Ample Opportunities
The .NET family of languages ​​allows you to efficiently work with multiple threads and perform various tasks at the same time. For example, each time a site is accessed, an asynchronous stream is created.
Accommodation Lots of Cheap Servers
This is due to the popularity of PHP. Almost all hosting providers provide the ability to use PHP scripts without additional configuration – just load your site and it will work.
Servers Are More Expensive. ASP.NET is less popular, therefore there are much fewer hosting sites, and they cost more.


Separately, it should be said that both languages ​​are actively developing, so some differences will no longer be relevant soon. For example, PHP is going to introduce typing, and the entire .NET family is moving to open source with cross-platform support. Therefore, PHP can become more complex, and ASP.NET more popular and more accessible. This code is located in the Configure () method of the Startup class, which is responsible for running the application. It should be noted that HTML code cannot be output this way. In PHP, using the echo operator, it is easy to display not only text but also HTML tags.

What to Teach a Beginner?

Newbies in programming should choose PHP as their first technology – it is easier to learn; you can create something on it almost immediately. Therefore, you can immediately see the result of your actions, and this is one of the main signs of progress.

In addition to being simple, PHP is still quite powerful because it supports working with databases, files, images, OOP, and more. This will help you become a good developer in that language, or set the stage for moving to something else. But there is also a disadvantage of this choice: there are not very many useful books on PHP, but you can always enroll in our course.

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ASP.NET is best for those who are already familiar with programming and know about typing, OOP, debugging exception handling, and more. Even though it has a smaller community, the official Microsoft website has detailed documentation, and the forums can always help with solving problems.

There are also more good books on ASP.NET. Nevertheless, it is more suitable for those who are not chasing a momentary result – it is not possible to develop the first site on it in one day, unlike PHP.

Now, what I will say next is my personal opinion, which is that, when working on different projects, I often come across both C # (ASP.NET) and PHP. These are both new projects and support for existing ones. And, as it seems to me, ASP.NET is many times more effective if the site is designed for the long term.

Even if the code was written by not the best developer, you can figure it out much faster, because C # has typing, concise syntax, and a good OOP implementation. PHP loses significantly in this regard. Therefore, I would recommend PHP development for those projects that need to be quickly written, handed over, and forgotten. The maximum is to make some changes once a month. It’s much easier to understand C #, even if the code is written by a less tidy programmer.


Whichever technology you find preferable, do not forget that the tools must be selected individually for each task. A simple blog can be written in PHP, and for web development projects in the field of commerce, finance or government, it is better to choose ASP.NET. Code Creators Inc, a software development company in the USA & Canada which is dealing with custom SharePoint development, Power BI, mobile app, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, IT services, and more.
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