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Avenger’s End Game Left a Clue for Rocket’s Backstory

We all love Sean Gunn and Bradley Cooper’s Rocket!

Marvel’s Avenger’s franchise started with six original avengers and unfolded upon us a plethora of different comic worlds within the MCU. Amongst the societies that created fan buzz was the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. It follows the story of misfits brought together by fate and against mutual rival Thanos. The picturization and stellar performances by the likes of Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista made this series the best subplot of the Avengers franchise. They created their own identity with the first two movies and fans eagerly await the third.

We all love Sean Gunn and Bradley Cooper’s Rocket!

Sean Gunn’s motions and Bradley Cooper’s voice combine to create Rocket Raccoon. The little outspoken, sassy hybrid raccoon is one of the most well-received characters of the franchise. His utter disregard for authority makes him likable, and his sass is matched only by greats like Tony Stark. So that means legendary level sass.

A clue to Rocket’s backstory might be hidden behind one such meeting with Iron Man.

Rocket’s existence and past, are one of the main subplots of the franchise. The only mention of his past is in a manner of gist. When Rocket and Tony Stark chance upon each other, in the final sequence of the original six. Just before the ascent of the End Game, when they’ve just lost to Thanos, a teetering Tony Stark has just landed. He asks Thor what happened to his planet while he was surviving in space for three weeks. Thor is unable to utter anything, where Rocket chimes in saying the God of Thunder had failed. Like everyone else. To which Tony Stark replies with a sassy remark, mentioning his similarities to Build-A-Bear. Rocket jokingly, and here’s where the hint is hidden, replies, maybe I am. Which might be a joke, but could very well be that he is joking because it’s true. You know, it’s funny because it’s true.  This could point to his horrid past of experimentation and his subsequent trauma. This theory is also supported by scars found on his body that haven’t been explained yet.

James Gunn’s third Marvel movie

Guardians of the Galaxy will see ace director, James Gunn come back for the third time at the helm. He has directed the first two installments as well, and their team has resulted in a fan-favorite success. Chris Pratt’s on-screen chemistry, as Star-Lord, with co-actors and comedic timing are aptly utilized by the director. But at no point do you feel like anyone of the characters is getting more screen time than the others. It is like a well-knit family, and when they got separated, it was tough for everyone to watch.

The third installment will focus on Rocket’s backstory, much like the second movie where we saw Star-Lord confront his father, Ego.

The reference to Build-A-Bear is the only clue we’re provided. And it could easily be that Rocket, an alien, has no idea what a Build-A-Bear is, but it is pretty self-explanatory. It also conforms with the essence of the lead characters of the movie, post-traumatic life. Each one of them has faced some fearful obstacle that they overcame for a different film. The small hint could very well be the first and final stroke to complete Rocket’s painting of the past.

As much as we like to speculate, the third movie will clear all our doubts. The shooting has resumed in Georgia and fans can get geared up for more Marvel Magic with the Guardians of the Galaxy threequel.


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