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Benefits of Purchasing the New Car Tyres

Tyres, the two paired round rubber things that get to move your car plays an essential role. Maintaining your vehicle tyres helps to ensure the best on-road experience. Since we know that our car tyres bear a lot of harsh environments, we cross them through rough surfaces, bushy areas, thorny places, etc., so they deserve extra care. If your car needs to replace the tyres, you don’t just put any tyre from any brand. Rather, you choose the best option suitable for your car. In this situation, if you go for the cheapest, used tyres, neglecting the quality, it can be troublesome for you to a greater extent.

This blog will discuss the benefits of purchasing new car tyres.

Purchasing New Car Tyres

Everyone’s car at any time can ask for tyre services in Brisbane. This tyre replacement’s duration depends on how harshly you use your car. The tyre must be replaced if you use your car frequently in a harsh environment.

Purchasing new car tyres can be a better option for replacing the car tyres. It is not only long-lasting but a good quality option.

If you live in Dubai, there are multiple shops for purchasing good-quality tyres. Sand dance tyres are the best tyre shops in Al Quoz, Ajman, and Sharjah. The experts there provide assistance and guidance throughout quality tyre purchasing. It is surely the best tyre shop for car services in the UAE.

Benefits of Purchasing New Car Tyres

There are numerous benefits of purchasing new car tyres. Some of the main benefits are discussed below;

Greater Safety

A person’s safety and security is the most important thing you must prioritize each time. If you love to roam around and hang out with family, buying a new car tyre should be your top priority if they get problematic or worn out. Some tyres are worn out after being used for 100,000 km. But good quality tyres remain in good condition even after covering the longest distances and ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Comfortable Drive

New tyres offer a greater grip on the road. The thorns in them are new and fresh. It makes them remain firm and intact with the road. They produce less noise and hence aid in providing a comfortable drive as compared to the used ones.

Offer Better Traction

New car tyres provide a smooth drive by helping move your cars. They move whenever you move the steering and do not make noise while moving. The better traction makes them remain on one side of the lane and not move here and there abruptly. Usually, it is observed that if there is dirt, sand, snow, etc., on the road, the car moves abruptly. The good tyre provides better traction on such roads.

Better Performance on Road

Worn-out tyres have no or little tread left, making it difficult to move on the roads. New tyres provide better performance on the road with good tread in the tyres. It shows that you should buy new car tyres for better performance and services.

Better Gas Mileage

New cars provide you with better gas mileage and avoid abrupt fuel usage. You will be able to cut back on the fuel usage of your automobile. It ensures fuel efficiency and stops premature wear and tear of the tyres. It also helps the good alignment and harmony and matches them.

Good Pressure Level

New premium level car tyres maintain a good pressure level. Due to the maintained pressure level, the fuel consumption is relatively less. When the tyre pressure drops, the rolling resistance and combustion increase, and it will consume a lot of fuel. It would be best if you opted for a good high-pressure tyre for smooth drive and reduced fuel consumption.

High-Performance in All Types of Weather Conditions

Good quality tyres are extremely durable and long-lasting. Installing a good quality car tyre alleviated the stress of torn-out tyres or tyre punctures. They work in all types of weather and all types of road conditions.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Premium quality tyres have well-balanced driving characteristics. They offer high mileage and increased fuel efficiency. They are made of high-quality rubber that is gentle and sturdy on the road simultaneously. Good and new tyres offer increased safety, easier handling, and greater grip.

Better Handling

Purchasing a good quality brand new tyre leads to more traction and better handling on the road. When you have quality tyres, it becomes easier to drive and leads to better handling.

Easy Drive on Adventurous Roads

As new cars have better grip due to pointy surfaces, the tyres are easy to drive on adventurous roads such as slopes or high steep areas. They have a good grip on the surface that helps the car drivers drive smoothly without fearing slipping from slopes. They also ensure passenger safety.


Sand Dance Tyres- The Best Brand New Car Tyre Provider in UAE

Sand dance tyre shop in Al Quoz is the best new car tyre provider you will ever find in UAE. They have a simple buying process to provide the best online buying experience. The expert mechanics not only provide you with the services but also help you get assistance for choosing the best tyres for your cars. Sand dance tyres, the best tyre shop in Ajman and Sharjah, also provide online services to help you choose the right car tyre if you live in cities other than Sharjah, Ajman, and Al Quoz.

Sand dance tyres provide tyres as well as highly efficient tyre assembly providers. They help you buy the best quality tyres, and provide tyre balancing, repair, installation, and delivery of car tyres anywhere in the UAE.

Salient Features of Sand Dance Tyres

Following are some Salient features of Sand Dance tyres:

Reliable Warranty

Sand dance tyres only supply the new and genuine tyres with the brands’ warranty. They never compromise on quality, providing a reliable warranty for their car tyres.

Wide Selection

There are 15+ brands available at Sand dance tyres, the tyre shop in Al Quoz. You can get expert advice while choosing tyre brands or can get the cars of your favorite brand.

Efficient Service

The best tyre shop in Al Quoz provides efficient services with the help of their trained technicians who work through the right equipment.

Best Value

Sand dance tyres are the best tyre shop in Al Quoz which provides the best services at the most competitive prices available in the market. The service is worth the amount you pay at the garage.

there are so many brands we deal with:

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop tyre brand came into being nearly 125 years ago. It is one of its oldest tyre manufacturers. The first plant of Dunlop tyres was found in England in 1889. It has a long history of producing high-quality tyres.


The Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 is an all-terrain, off-road, all-season tyre for SUVs and 4x4s. Design for all-weather traction: The Dunlop Grandtrek ST20 tyres’ all-weather construction delivers excellent traction and grip throughout the year in dry and rainy conditions. An all-weather design eliminates the need to replace your tyres every season and the cost of purchasing an extra set.


Just like these, sand dance offers so many other well-known car tire brands common and famous in Dubai, and all over UAE
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