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Best Accessories for Your Smart Speaker In 2020

Smart speakers are wireless and intelligent devices based on audio recognition. It uses various connectivity mediums to perform additional functions. They come with unique features that help it connect with multiple audio sources at a time and provide efficient, other functionality while enhancing the ease of use. Smart speakers have made our life easy in several ways. Now, you don’t need to scroll anymore through apps to find your favorite album to play next. Ask your smart speaker to play the tune you want to hear and get it done in a few seconds. The benefits associated with smart speakers are not only associated with playing your favorite song, but also you can control your entire home quickly. With these versatile and accessible intelligent speakers, you can adjust your room’s heating temperature, dim the lights, set the boiling point of your kettle, change TV channels, and many more by just using your voice.

However, these smart speakers often refuse to blend with their surroundings. You will need some accessories that can help you to set up your smart speakers. Several third party accessories are available on various e-commerce platforms that are compatible with smart speakers. Moreover, all these accessories can make your intelligent speakers significantly more comfortable to work. Here is the list of some of the best-featured accessories that can solve your common mounting and placement problems.

Outlet mount for Amazon Echo Dot


However, smart speakers are evolving day by day; still, they are plagued by power cables, which often entangle your workbench, desktops, kitchen, and bathroom counters. The Maxsonar Echo Dot Mount Holder is an excellent fix to this problem as it can elevate your Amazon Echo Dot. The mount holder can help you to get rid of messy wires by hiding them. It will mount your smart speaker directly to the outlet. The intelligent speaker accessory comes with a compact design i.e., 3.74 inches in width and 6.10 inches in height. This compact design makes it much smaller than other similar accessories. Besides, it does not block the second outlet of power. The users can mount it in three ways differently, which includes horizontal also making it fit even into tight spots.

In-wall mount for Echo Dot or Nest Mini

The Mount Genie Flush Mount 3 allows the users to tuck the Nest Mini or Echo Dot directly into your ceiling or wall. It is the best idea for those who want their intelligent device to be at their beck and call but don’t want their device to remain visible. These powerful speakers are great when it comes to putting voice control in bathrooms, hallways, and all those areas where you can’t plug in a  smart speaker. The users can set their virtual assistants in their homes on more powerful speakers to play music. The installation work is slightly longer, as the users will need to cut a big hole in their ceiling or wall. However, you can use an extra adapter to hook it into the power over Ethernet, making the overall process straightforward.

Outlet Mount for Google Nest Mini


The Mount Genie Nest Mini Backpack is easy to install as it takes only seconds. Also, it works with horizontal and vertical outlets. It comes with a short cable substitute that can hide the power plug, ultimately making things less bulky. The Mini Backpack is the best option for the outlets where you don’t want any wires’ accessibility. Moreover, the users can quickly unplug it and move it from one room to another. The integration of the third prong in the mount is providing it extra stability.

Adjustable Mount for Echo Show 5


The adjustable mount by Quichone is quite simple yet a nice, super functional, and easy to use tool when it comes to enhancing your smart home and smart speakers experience. The adjustable mount is made out of high-quality materials providing it sturdy construction and can hold the weight of your Echo Show 5 conveniently. It can free up space efficiently, providing a cleaner look and protection from food splashes or liquid spills. Its simple black design can complement any home. The introduction of a magnetic and spinning stand allows the users to elevate their smart speaker’s display. You can rotate or pivot it without lifting or haphazardly propping it. Apart from these, it will not only help you to look better during a video chat but also improves your cooking experience as it will become easy for you to follow recipes with its better height and improved angles.

In-wall mount for Amazon Echo Show 5


The Mount Genie Built-in Show 5 Wall Mount can make your smart display more convenient on your smart device, whether you are following a recipe or busy on a video conference with your relatives. It comes with an extension cord of 10 feet, which can simplify your overall installation process. Some of the other specific features that make it more exceptional include a speaker grille that can prevent sound muffling. The 10 feet extension cord can help you to get the display of your Alexa smart device even off your coffee table or somewhere else. The wall mounting Echo Show can transform the touchscreen of the device into a smart home controller.

When you give a voice command to tell Alexa smart speakers to turn off the lights, you will need to swipe from the right side to access your device’s connected controls and turn your lights off or on with a simple tap. The Echo Show 5 with wall mounting can work as an intercom efficiently if you have a smart doorbell, which is Alexa enabled. You can set your smart speaker in a way that can automatically pull up the live feed from the intelligent doorbell whenever someone presses it.

 Besides, Mount Genie has introduced an in-wall mount for the Google Nest Hub with a screen that can control locks, lights, and other smart home assistants.

Portable Battery For Echo Dot


GGMM D3 Battery Base for Dot3 can help you operate your Alexa with a louder and better speaker. You can take your Echo Dot out to any park, in the car, by the pool just by plugging your smart speaker into this portable and tiny battery case. Besides, you can also carry it as your backyard speaker for any movie projector without any power outlet.

Adjustable Stand for Google Nest Home Hub


It is easy to place Wasserstein Adjustable Stand for the Google Nest Home Hub around your home in various locations, study desks, shelves, cupboards, kitchen, etc., to get the best viewing experience. The adjustable stand provides the viewing angle of 30 degrees, making it easy for you to tilt it to get a clear and comfortable view, whether you are cooking or busy in a hangout.

Smart speakers can do many useful and funny things for you; however, it does not include adding style to your decor. But, the below-given accessories for smart speakers can help dress up your Nest Mini or Echo Dot.

Clock Stand for Nest Mini


The clock stand is compatible with the Google Home Mini and the latest Nest Mini. It can transform your Google Home hockey puck into a modern and stylish piece. Besides, the product comes in different 16 base colors. Its design is stylish, sleek, and stable. Since it is housed in plastic entirely and so bells will not ring.

Droid Stand for Echo Dot


The Amazon Echo Dot-R2D2 Inspired Accessory from BigUpCreative can transform your  Echo Dot off the third generation into the world’s most beloved and efficient robotic companion. The users will need to plug it into their Dot, and it has no moving parts.

Creepy Stand for Echo Dot or Nest Mini


The Dekodots Smart Speaker Table Stand for the Nest Mini, or Echo Dot has been made from either real wood or poly-resin. The stands come in six styles: a waving cat, a dog, a dragon, a lion, a llama, and a skull. It has been specially designed to hold the smart speakers up to 4 inches in width. Being the must-have for tech lovers, the stand is compatible with Google Home Mini and the first to third-generation models. The lightweight and portable frames are easy to set up and don’t interfere with the microphone or sound. Above all, it helps you to protect your smart speaker.

These were some of the best accessories that you can pair with your smart speaker.

Source: Best Accessories for Your Smart Speaker In 2020
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