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Best Adult Toys Merchant Account

The adult toys industry has been thriving globally, and the demand for an adult toys merchant account to these businesses is increasing. With high-quality adult toy products constantly reaching the market, many new industries are dealing with adult toys online.

The market for adult toys is supposed to reach over $52 billion by 2026, which will provide good growth for companies in the adult industry.

More and more of these adult toys companies are converting into the expanding adult market by restructuring eCommerce sales. Because of the inherent stigma concerning adult toys products, banks labeled these businesses as high-risk. So, merchants that are struggling to enhance their customer base through eCommerce sites require a reliable and sustainable high-risk adult toys merchant account.

Why get an adult toys merchant account?

If you are looking for online payment services for your online adult toys business. Being connected with funding a business in the adult industry is a reputational risk. So the banks will consider you high-risk.

In this scenario, you own an adult toys business, but you did not take the exact route to ensure that you have the adult toys merchant account for your business. So, what will happen next?

The bank shutdowns your merchant account and block your funds without any prior notice. That means now you don’t have a way of selling your adult products or services. You cannot accept credit cards and debit cards for online payments.

All cash flow suddenly stops. How worse is that the funds from the products or services you sold are also being seized by the banks for the next few weeks. And the only way to prevent this situation is to select the right payment service provider for your adult toys merchant account, just from the beginning.

Why does an adult toys business consider a high-risk business?

There is a variation in markets of the adult entertainment industry. That involves a wide range of products and services that come into various categories. For example, adult videos, clubs, webcams, escort services are part of the adult entertainment industry. This grade of difference contributes to high-risk categories but all the payment processors don’t support all of them.

Also, selling products that are preferred to be sold to age 18 and above are with other legal restrictions that mean merchants in the adult industry fall into a high-risk category. When dealing with adult products and services, such as escort services are disputed due to legal terms, which increases the chances of being high-risk, banks also reject opening a merchant account.

Whereas in this digital age, almost every transaction performs online, like any card-not-present transaction, banks determine the additional security fraud risk. The business that offers subscription-based services is labeled as a high-risk business, along with adult toys industries.

Another contributive factor of adult entertainment merchants is disputing charges. People feel embarrassed when purchasing adult toys, even though they intentionally purchased the products. However, there is a higher chance of chargebacks for adult toys. This issue has been the main drawback of the adult toys business. So, one of the biggest reasons why the industry is labeled as high-risk is the high chargeback volume.

Does being high risk affect your chances of getting an adult toys merchant account?

Usually, if you apply to the mainstream card networks or payment processing companies, they will reject you after reviewing your request. The reason is these mainstream payment processing companies are not willing to provide payment services to merchants or businesses that come into the high-risk merchant category.

Most payment processing companies do not allow payment services for high-risk businesses, and the adult toys industry is one of them. The same rules are applicable for regular merchant accounts you would get from your local bank.

So you will need to apply for an adult toys merchant account to the payment service provider, who deals with high-risk merchants.

Benefits of Getting an Adult Toys Merchant Account.

With HighRisk Gateway solutions, you can set up your business in a decent manner. You will not have to stop anywhere when running your business. Let us explore all the benefits:

There are a lot of benefits that you can easily avail yourself of after establishing your adult toys business. The first advantage of the merchant account is that now you can sell all the adult toys worldwide. So, an adult toys merchant account will help you to receive payments from all over the world and in all currencies.

Another main benefit of having the same merchant account is that the payment gateway integration allows you to make a better selection from many online shopping carts. And because of this benefit, you will be able to track an online business. To avail of these benefits, you will have to select a payment gateway that obeys PCI-DSS rules. By performing the same, now it will be possible for you to accept that your business’s payment sheet is safe.

Requirements for the applications.

  1. Documents.

Look at the specified range of documents that you should have to get an adult toys merchant account.

  • Copy of driving license or passport of the merchant.
  • Three months personal bank statements with a voided check from the bank.
  • Three months business bank statements.
  • 3-6 months of payment processing statements.
  • Incorporation certificate.
  • Website.

To open an adult toys merchant account, you’ll have to ensure that your operational website consists of the following.

  • Privacy Policy Page; Terms & Conditions Page.
  • Name of the corporate within the footer.
  • Contact us button with an email and phone number.
  • Deposit & Refund Policy Page.

Account Fees.

Account Fees for an Adult Toys Merchant Account, here is a list of the conventional fees include:

  • Merchant Account Fee.
  • Transaction Fee.
  • Discount Rate.
  • Merchant Account Registration Fee.
  • Monthly Statement Fee.
  • Chargeback Fee.
  • Refund Fee.

Requirement of an adult toys merchant accounts for an adult toys business.

An adult toys merchant account will allow you to accept credit card payments for your adult toys products with no fear of an unexpected shut down due to business type. HighRisk Gateways are specialized in credit card processing for adult toys websites.

Contrary to standard merchant accounts, an adult toys merchant account is well suited to deal with issues of high chargeback rates or fraud prevention.

HighRisk Gateways | Adult Toys Merchant Account.

Payment Service Providers play a vital role in the growth of your adult toys business. Their features encourage customers to pay. So, as much as the number of payment options you have in your payment gateway results in increasing the probability of payments.

The payment service provider is a crucial part of your online business, it can also create issues that make your business high-risk. HighRisk Gateways will provide you with a fast and reliable adult toys merchant account. With this merchant account, you can accept payments in your currency also, along your customers can pay you in their desired currency. This merchant account offers alternative payment modes that will provide a convenient shopping experience to your customers. So, HighRisk Gateway is a good choice as a financial advisor for your high-risk business all over the world. They provide the best services to the merchants and with complete assistance at any time. Apart from all this, you will also see a rise in your business because of that merchant account they will provide you.

Source: Best Adult Toys Merchant Account
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