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Best Android Scanner Apps in 2020

In the past, people used bulky scanners and printers to scan their office documents but the scene has changed. Smartphones have made life easier now. You can now scan your documents using your smartphone camera but what you need to do so is a good scanner app on your smartphone. A Smartphone comes with a camera that allows you to capture a picture. With the help of your smartphone camera, you can scan your documents in the best possible quality. You can scan PDFs with the help of your smartphone. Scanning with a smartphone is faster than scanning with a desktop. There are a few advantages of these excellent Android scanner apps that allow you to scan documents from any folder of your device and help you edit documents. Some of these scanner apps have editing features that help your documents look neat and clean. Here are some of these best Android scanner apps for you. Take a look at the list of the best Android scanner apps that will work like a charm.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the most popular Android scanner apps. It includes a lot of valuable features such as built-in OCR and color correction. Adobe Scan lets you scan aby notes, documents, receipts, images, and PDF files. All you have to do is just point your camera at the page you want to scan, the amazing scanner app will automatically recognize and scan it. It’s very simple to do, isn’t it? If you think your pages are in the wrong order, you can reorder the pages in the desired way. You can send the scanned documents via email too. The brilliant scanner app does more than one may expect. The best thing about it is, Adobe Scan is free with no pop-up ads. Adobe Scan has been hailed for its great performance and is the most popular Android scanner app among users. You must take advantage of this great scanner app right away.

Clean Scan

Clean Scan is one of the best Android scanner apps. The brilliant scanner app allows you to scan any documents and images. You can easily convert your scanned documents and notes to PDF and JPEG format. The great scanner app works on all Android devices flawlessly and its processing speed is good as compared to many other scanner apps. This is the choice of many users just because it comes with awesome editing features that give your finishing touch to your documents. It allows you a wide range of useful features such as reordering of pages and setting of page size, etc. You can get it for free on Google Play Store but the ads get bothersome after a while.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a remarkably awesome photo scanner app developed by Microsoft. It allows you to scan notes, images, and documents. Thanks to its useful features, Office Lens has been praised a lot. The good thing about it is, it can capture documents and convert them to the desired format. With the help of this amazing Android scanner app, you can convert images to PDF, Word, or many other formats. Whether you are a business person or school student, the brilliant scanner app will help you a lot. Talking about price, you have to pay nothing because it is free with no ads. If you are searching for a professional scanner app for your Android device, Office Lens is the amazing Android scanner app that is most likely to suit your needs in all respects.

Tiny Scanner

You may have come across a lot of scanner apps but here is something exceptional. Tiny Scanner has been widely popular for having an attractive user interface. To get started with it, there is no need to log in. You can start using the brilliant app without login. This app includes all the essential features such as auto edge detection and prevention of picture distortion. With the help of the brilliant Android scanner app, you can scan documents, receipts, or reports and save them in the PDF format. It is optimized to work fast and makes your work easier. To make your documents look better, Tiny Scanner provides you with a useful feature of adjusting contrast. If you are looking for a great app to scan your documents easily, you should try out this fabulous app. Tiny Scanner is supported by ads. If you want ads to go away, you can get an ad-free version via in-app purchases.


TurboScan is the most popular Android scanner app that includes a good range of features. TurboScan has received numerous accolades from its users for its performance and has been making progress at a rate of knots. If you are searching for a full-featured scanner app for your Android device, you should opt for TurboScan. With the help of TurboScan, it is easy for you to scan and share multipage documents in high-quality PDF or JPEG format. Thanks to its SureScan mode, TurboScan keeps documents neat and clean. It includes a lot of useful features such as re-ordering pages and adding pages, etc. Turbo scan comes in both a free and a paid version. If you have been on the hunt for a great Android scanner app that meets your needs, you should try it once.


The happy moment in life is when you get something of your choice without spending any money. If you don’t want to spend on a paid version of the Android scanner app, Notebloc will fit your choice. Notebloc is the best free Android scanner app. With the help of this amazing scanner app, you can scan documents and save them in the desired format for the future. The app includes OCR. Notebloc easily removes any trace of unwanted shade in the scanned documents to make it look neat and clean. It includes all the essential features that make it more useful but full-screen ads that pop up about every five minutes cause nuisance. Surely, all the best Android scanner apps above may meet your needs and desires. You may take advantage of the one you are in love with.

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