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Best Apps for Identifying Plants for Android and iPhone

Suppose you are in a hill station and you see a beautiful flower. But now you want to know which flower it is. How would you do that? Well, did you know there are apps that can let you find out the name of flowers as well as plants just through their pictures? You are amazed, right!

There are a couple of apps but the best out of them are Google Lens and Bing. Not just plants and flowers, they can also find out products, books, and places. We have a guide for you about how to use Bing and Google Lens as well as some other plant identifying apps.

Bing Search

Bing is not as popular as Google, but its mobile app works amazingly to identify flora. The Bing app’s home page has a big search button with a camera icon and a mic icon. Click on the camera icon for the camera search. Now focus your camera towards the flower and click a picture. You also have the option to import the picture from your phones’ camera. Now Bing will do its work and show you three results with similar images.

Google Lens

There is a separate Google Lens for Android users. However, iPhone users only get Google Lens in their Google Photos application. The Google Lens app is very easy to use. The entire app is in the form of a camera lens. Click on the screen to take a snap of the flower or plant. After that, the app will show you the main result along with photos and descriptions. It will also show you some related searches for better results. You just have to click on the resulting photo to go to the Google page of the plant or flower. If you are using your iPhone, just click a normal photo with your phone and then open the picture with the Google Photos application. Now you will see a Google Lens icon at the bottom of the photo. Click on that to find out which flower or plant it is.


This plant recognizing app has both free and paid versions. The app works very well and is quite accurate. Anyone can use it very easily and the processing quality is also very good. In our test, the app was able to recognize every plant picture we clicked. It also tells you a brief description of the kind of plant and flowers. Also, each picture you take will be saved in a separate section named My Collection. This way you can check it any time you want. You can also connect with a group of plant lovers here, like, share, and comment on their pictures. The app also shows you nearby plants and flowers when you turn on the location feature. Also, a list of nearby identified plants also appears. The paid version of the app is ad-free and lets you search infinitely.

Plant Identification ++

This is again a free app with a premium option as well. The free version is also good and works perfectly. You can click a photo on the app to identify the plant or flower, or you can import a picture from your gallery. Once the app has the photo, it searches from its own database to find out the best result. And they are very accurate. Also, it takes you to the Wikipedia page of the plant. All your searches are saved in the My Collections. The premium subscription comes with some more advanced search tools. The app is easy to use but it shows too many ads and is only accessible for iPhone users.


It is a free app where you get a three-day trial and then you get the option to go for the premium plan or use the free version only. It is a fascinating app for nature lovers. When you search for any flower or plant, it shows you a lot of information including the plant’s name, taxonomy, subspecies, use, and cultivation. Not just this, it shows you the historical significance of the flower and the folklore associated with it. However, only iPhone users can enjoy this app.

It’s fun to identify plants and flowers you see around you. Finding out about them, knowing about them is very good for our knowledge and especially nature lovers will love it. These apps are all tested and are quite accurate in their results. So let your inquisitive self pop-out next time you go on a nature walk.

Source : Identifying Plants for Android iPhone
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