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Best Auto tune Apps for Android 2020

Many want to sing in public but are afraid to display their talent because they don’t sound to others as good as they think of themselves. For many, singing is just a dream in the past, but now it has become possible for every person to sound like a professional singer. The advent of autotune is so amazing. The dream of becoming a singer is just two steps ahead now. Here is the list of the best autotune apps that may make your dream come true.


It is one of the best autotune apps that let you sing live on the autotune effect. You can choose beats to sing over and record your vocals over the beats. This Android app is really good and does an excellent job. If you are searching for an app that lets you record your song over Karaoke, this app will surely work up to your expectations. All you have to do is just install and sing over the beats of your choice. It will make you sound like a professional singer. You can amaze your friends and family members through your voice. It has almost 8 vocal effects that you apply. This is amazing beyond words. You can download it on Google Play store, but buying the paid version is good as it offers all necessary effects and removes limitations.

Tune Me

Tune Me is an amazing app for those in search of auto-tune apps. You can take advantage of this app to record your song at home. It has good features that you can use in case you need them. You can select the range of your scale that lets your vocals sound perfect in conjunction with beats and music. You can alter pitch too in the app. With the help of Tune Me, it is easy to record a good quality song. You can edit your track after being recorded. It’s a good auto-tune app that needs no more praise. It offers more than 500 beats that you can sing over. It is the best Android auto-tune app for those who love singing. Get it on Google Play store and start singing like a pro.


MicDroid is the best Android application for those who want to display their singing skills. It is easy-to-use. You can record your voice and listen to it. It automatically adds an electric feel to your voice. You can edit your voice in the settings menu and share it. The biggest advantage is, you can’t record your song over beats and music because it doesn’t have any options to import an audio track so that one may sing over it. It is just a simple application that records your voice and enhances it. The great thing about the application is, it is free. You can get it on Google Play store.


Starmaker is the most popular app all over the world. This Android application perhaps needs no introduction. Most of the people fond of singing already know about it. It has over 50 million users worldwide. It lets you record songs on karaoke. After your song is recorded, you can share it with other Starmaker users. The app may help you become a star in the world of singing as the name suggests. It has various effects that you can apply to your voice. Words can’t describe how good it is. If you are fond of singing, you should install the app and begin your singing journey from now onwards.

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