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Best Camera for Surf Photography

So you need to take some surf photographs? As a surf picture taker and videographer I frequently get approached about what the best camera for surf photography is. Taking great quality surf photographs has never been simpler gratitude to improved innovation. In any case, there are a couple of key things to search for while picking cameras, focal points, and lodgings.

Best Camera for Surf Photography is so much fun. Regardless of whether from land or from the water, there are a couple of alternatives for those searching for something easy to those searching for a more complete arrangement.

What’s The Best Camera For Surf Photography?

You needn’t bother with a top of the line, costly arrangement to take great surf photographs. I like the articulation “It’s not the bolt it’s the Indian.” I’ve seen picture takers that have $10,000 worth of gear yet their surf photographs suck (sorry!). I’ve additionally observed individuals take stunning surf photographs with modest cameras and iPhones. It’s truly what you do with your camera and not all the extravagant accessories.

I will spread out my proposals for the best camera for surf photography here in this article, contingent upon your financial plan and the sort of photographs you need to shoot. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or remarks, it would be ideal if you leave a note underneath!

Water shots are truly fun, however require more exertion and hardware. The least demanding approach to begin with water surf photography is to utilize a GoPro or a waterproof camera, for example, the Fuji XP 120. A waterproof iPhone lodging would likewise work. Only something to consider going all in.

In case you’re more genuine, you can get a lodging for a DSLR camera. Lodgings extend from modest to a large number of dollars. Notwithstanding, a DSLR in a lodging will bring about the best and most expert looking photographs.

1.AxisGo + iPhone

You effectively own an incredible simple to use camera–your cell phone. There are a couple of lodgings for your telephone that will offer you some extraordinary looking chances, all without purchasing another camera. With the gigantic enhancements in the iPhone cameras throughout the long term (4k video stunning still photography) it’s nearly overcoming any issues between costly camera rigging and telephones.

There are a couple of lodgings out there for iPhones at various value focuses, anyway the people at Aquatech do one work and do it well indeed. Their AxisGo lodgings are proficient level and have a grouping of stunning adornments including a single handed grip and an over/under focal point port.


The greatest and most well known activity sports camera, the GoPro, is a standout amongst other waterproof cameras available. With choices for video and photograph and a reiteration of connections and mounts, the GoPro is likewise one of the most upheld cameras to use for photographs and recordings. Add to that the little size and you have something that is extremely simple to utilize and fun.

The most recent form, the GoPro 6, enhances the camera in a few distinct manners. The best thing for me is the shading balance — it is significantly better over different GoPros and would now be able to be utilized without a huge amount of shading adjustment. It additionally has underlying picture adjustment, however that would likely just profit those shooting video.

The main ruin to the GoPro is that you must be exceptionally near the activity because of the fisheye focal point. I will be straightforward in that I don’t generally like the GoPro for surf photography, yet you can get innovative with it. In the event that you are shooting different surfers you truly must be close. Nonetheless, GoPros are easy to understand so I don’t thoroughly preclude them.

3.Fuji XP130

The Fuji XP 130 is an advanced simple to use that permits you to take more customary looking photographs without the fisheye or wide point impact. I really delighted in utilizing this camera a ton – and I favored the photographs I got from this camera versus the GoPro. In any case, it needs adaptability and mounting choices. I would tie a string around the eyelet and balance it around my neck, and when I wasn’t taking photographs I would take care of it the rear of my wetsuit to surf. It’s level and is an ideal shape to cozy between your wetsuit and body.

4.Polaroid Housings For DSLR Cameras

Polaroid has been making moderate lodgings for a few DSLR camera models for a couple of years. I really own one of these, and I truly like it. I didn’t know how much water photography and videography I’d do, so I would not like to drop a ton of cash on a costly SPL lodging. So I went with the Polaroid which is a lot less expensive and it permitted me to begin fiddling with DSLR photography while out in the water.

Clearly this is greater and heavier than the past water shooting alternatives. In any case, the Polaroid lodging is likely the lightest lodging for a full DSLR camera out there.

The “Stabilisator” handle connection isn’t the most ergonomic for surf photographs, yet it works. What’s more, you truly need it in case you’re out swimming on the grounds that the camera lodging is simply too difficult to even think about holding. Clearly it is extraordinary to have a solitary firearm handle with a trigger however once more, this is a lower value point.

5.SPL Housings

SPL Water Housings are the best of the best, and in spite of the fact that they are costly they merit a notice here. These will run you around $1000 and up, and are what the experts use.

These are uniquely designed and accompanied an assortment of extravagant accessories. There are two lines, the A Series and the Splash. They make lodgings for GoPro cameras also. Getting a pre-owned one is an alternative, anyway I would alert against getting one from Craigslist as the proprietor probably won’t uncover any releases the lodging may have.
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