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Best Camping Areas


There are still few trailer parks in Russia, but camps are popular in which you live in a tent and at the same time have access to electricity, a toilet, hot and cold water. And we must not forget about glamping in Russia, where tourists live in comfortable conditions, which at the same time are close to hiking. The website for booking accommodation for vacation Litso Travels will tell you where the best places for camping in Russia are. Consider campgrounds in the Moscow region, Crimea, Bashkiria, Karelia, Kaliningrad region, Lipetsk region, in which they rest not only in summer but in autumn and spring.


The best places for camping in the Moscow region



  1. “Walk City”. It is one of the best camping places in the Moscow region. It is located on the banks of the Oka River, 100 kilometers from Moscow. You can stay in tents – a standard one with one double bed for a couple costs 4000. There are showers in each, the toilet is share. In addition, hotel and capsule houses are available. The cost of the night in the latter is from 5000 for a couple.
  2. Camping “Near the Kremlin”. Another one of the best camping places in the Moscow region. It is notable for its compact houses, painted in red and blue. Located in Kolomna, next to the Kolomna Kremlin and the beach. Come there to rest – you will see massive red brick walls and a watchtower.
  3. “Near the Kremlin” is not only camping, where they put up a tent without depriving themselves of electricity, hot water, and the Internet. There are a lot of people who like to have a rest in caravans and trailers – in Russia such a typical American way of rest is becoming popular. Accommodation of a camper for a day with one person costs 500. Tourists also settle in small houses, which are made utilitarian. It costs 1250 per day or more. We recommend staying in a tent.
  4. “Under the sky”. This glamping, one of the best camping sites in the Moscow region, is said to be sometimes met on vacation by wealthy individuals from Russia, who are mentioned in Forbes. It is located in the forest on the banks of the Pestovsky reservoir. The tents are decorat on Instagram: there are many lamps, garlands of plush, woolen, and wicker things that are pleasant to the touch.
  5. The minimum period for which it is possible to book a tent is 2 days. Weekend cost – 17,500 per person. The price includes 3 meals a day in the restaurant, serving dishes from the chef using local products. If you are a vegetarian or allergic to lactose, tell the waiter and a separate meal will be prepare for you. The price includes 20 minutes of wakeboarding per day, yoga, glanders, archery.

Popular locations for camping

  • In the Kaliningrad region, tourists note such locations as near the village of Mechnikovo, parking on the Baltic Spit behind the border guard outpost, on the banks of the Lava River. The surroundings of Lake Vishtynetskoye are also praid


Lipetsk region

“Kulikovo field”. Located on the banks of the Don, near the village of Nelyadino. Tourists love to come there with children because goats, piglets, and sheep are raise in the village. Children watch animals, feed, and pet. The beauty of the Kulikova Pole is that it is a small glamping site with three tents. There are not many of them in Russia. Therefore, if you want to relax without strangers, take a company, rent tents, and you will have a chic, intimate rest in the circle of loved ones and nature.

The tents are decorate in a restrain, laconic way. You can rent from 2800 to 3300. Since autumn has come, do not worry that it will be cold in the tents: tourists are given camel blankets, if it gets freezing, they will bring an electric fireplace or a stove. If you are traveling with a best travel agency, take tents.

This glamping is in great demand, so we recommend booking six months in advance. The concept of “off-season” does not exist for “Kulikov Pole”. Take food with you. Eggs, cottage cheese, milk, honey are supply by farmers from Neladino. If you are interested in these products, check with the managers if they are in stock before you arrive.

Surroundings, nature are typical for lands that have long been inhabited by Russians: meadows with wildflowers, the Don in the morning fog, groves. Some tourists like to just walk. If you want a more active and eventful holiday, there is a horse yard nearby.

 We recommend going on a horseback excursion to the sights of Russia: to Balovnevo, to the Nechaevs’ estate, to the Konduks, to the Monastyrshchina, to see the Temple of Solunsky. All this is located within a radius of 60 kilometers from the “Kulikovo Pole”. 


We talked about the best places for camping in Russia, where to put up a tent. in Russia, there are many regions that have not been describ, where campings also appear in large numbers.

But, due to the not so developed infrastructure as in the west of the country, they are less popular and visited. In the eyes of tourists, this gives such campsites value – there are still many downshifters among those who like to relax in nature in tents in Russia. It’s nice to see that this kind of vacation in Russia is gaining momentum.

Popular locations for camping

  • In case you are unable to stay in the campsites described, we indicate the places for self-organization of recreation in tents. In Bashkiria, tourists like to rest as savages on the shores of Lake Aslykul. The lake is sprea over 23.5 square kilometers. You can get the Russia tour packages for getting the best travelling services.


  • Kandrykul is a smaller lake surrounded by mountains. The attraction of the lake is Utrau Island, which is cover with dense forest. Tourists often swim across the water and camp on the island.
  • The next place is the Nugush reservoir, between the Buluk-Bui and Bash-Alatau ridges. The water there is clean, so trout and grayling are found in large quantities. By the way, this point is part of the Bashkiria National Park.
  • The last location for wild recreation intent x is the Inzer River. Bashkirs love to relax on its banks. The entrance to the water is shallow, the depth increases gradually.


Kaliningrad region

  1. Polyana Glamping. Chic stylish glamping in Russia, which is located in the most beautiful location in Russia – the Curonian Spit in the forest, next to the beach. Guests are accommodat in tents equip with a double bed, a rack, and a small table. Interiors in glamping pastel colors. Each tent has a terrace with wicker chairs. In the off-season, tourists rent a small tent for 4000, but they are more expensive in summer.
  2. A tent for a day for a couple is rent for 11,270 rubles. Meals are not includ in the price. In summer, the campsite has a stylishly decorated restaurant. Toilets are share and there is free parking. We recommend renting bicycles for fun. Badminton, frisbee, table tennis equipment are provided free of charge.
  3. “Lighthouse”. Among the best places for camping in the Kaliningrad region, “Mayak” stands out. Located near the village of Ushakovka. Guests are accommodat in tents on wooden buildings, so the feeling that you are in a tent remains. There is no need to be afraid that it will be blown away by the wind. Renting such a tent costs 7,000 rubles. Conveniently, every lamp has a toilet. There is a restaurant, breakfasts are includ in the price. You can have fun doing fitness, yoga. Tourists go fishing, ride a boat, bike, watch movies on a projector.


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