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Best CMS to Setup Personal Blogs

There are various content management systems (CMS) that help in creating blogs and content. But when it comes to writing and posting personal blogs or small websites, the traditional CMS will fail to offer the tools you need. You will need a more lightweight and smooth solution that a flat CMS offers. A flat-file CMS provides a platform that does not require a database and saves the data to a set of text files and folders only. It also ensures faster website loading, and you can retrieve the contents from the database easily at any time. Moreover, you won’t be stuck in any hefty procedure for installation. Creating your website will only require you to upload the files on the server. The following are a few flat CMS that will fulfill all your needs for a perfect personal blog.


The highly optimized flat-file architecture makes Grav a fast and flexible solution, and it doesn’t even require any configuration. It uses sophisticated caching that updates the cache automatically. Itscommand-line tools offer dependency installation, cache clearing, user creation, and backups. The GPM system allows you to find, install, and update the extensions for Grav. It is SEO friendly and provides readable URLs, site-wide, and per-page metadata. It is configured to run multiple sites and advanced setups smoothly. The blog owner can easily set roles and permissions to restrict access to any page. It runs on PHP 7.1.3.


It is a super-fast flat-file CMS that makes creating and maintaining a website as simple as editing text files. Since Pico doesn’t use a database, it becomes lightweight and acts fast. The open-source CMS is available for free. The in-built markdown formatting lets you edit your website easily. It offers multiple single pages, portfolios, and blog-style themes developed by their community. Pico also provides all sorts of plugin slider, pagination, Github activity, analytics, and more.


It is the CMS that can adapt to any project and is full of features that help in creating high-end projects. You will have complete control over your panel where you can unleash your creativity. The panels are highly optimized to keep the editors productive. It offers you to create individual layouts and add sections to your page to reflect their true nature. You can secure your data and panel with extensive permissions, brute-force login protection, and art session management. Customize your panel URL or switch off the production server to prevent attacks. The blueprint function allows you to add sections, tabs, and fields on your panel. It also includes drag & drop sorting, drafts, and publishing workflow features.


Datenstrom Yellow is a flat-file CMS and a static site generator that is mainly built for small websites, blogs, and web pages. You can edit your website quickly by logging in with your user account. You can immediately check the changes you made on your site. Use any text editor to upgrade the changes in your file manager. It is open-source software that features an extensive amount of extensions for all purposes. Add features, themes, and languages on your blog to give a personalized touch to it.


RazorCMS is built on PHP, angularJS, Bootstrap V3, and Font-Awesome which brings you all the tools you need for a creative, and impressive site. It offers multiple features to make creating, editing, and managing your blogs efficiently. Since it doesn’t involve any panels, you can create and log in to your account and start editing on-the-go. The admin dashboard helps you check the overlay and manage all the other aspects of your site. It extends the support on mobile devices with the help of powerful Twitter Bootstrap. They regularly update their system for offering you the best and secure features.

Most of these flat-file content management systems offer a Markdown Editor to help you create readme files and rich texts. These will surely help you build a striking and impressive blog.

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