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Best Core Exercise in Pregnancy

best core exercise

Pregnancy is an experience that is beautiful for those hoping to welcome a little angel into their lives. And with it, fitness is crucial to make sure the body heals rapidly after the delivery. 

At times, women might worry about working out while pregnant, but with the right fitness plan and exercises, staying in shape and recovery speed can be in effect. 

Specialized workouts for pregnant women are meant to reduce backaches as well as smooth labour. A woman can utilize these workouts and substitute their regular exercise schedules with safer and more effective ones.

So today, let us learn some best core exercises for women:

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts can help mildly work out the back and reduce the risk of chronic backaches from delivery. And here is how you can do it:

  • Stand straight with your back at the wall. Make sure your back is a little away from it.


  • Inhale, and push the small of your back against the wall. 


  • Exhale and return to your posture. 


Crunches while Standing


  • Stand against a wall for safer support.


  • Keep your feet apart, and bring your palms at the back of your head. 


  • Touch the wall with your pelvis by tucking it out slightly. 


  • Now, perform a frontal lean down and perform a standing crunch. 


  • Stand back up again to repeat. 

Heel Slides


  • Lie down on your back and place your palms to the sides. 


  • Prop up your head and neck, and bend back your knee towards your buttocks. 


  • Now, alternatively, extend out your knee, making sure that your heels are closer to the ground. 


  • Try it out 10 times in one set as a beginner. 

Prone Stretch and Tuck


  • Place yourself on all fours. 


  • Make alternative moves by extending your right arm at the front and the left leg at the back. 


  • Bring them back, and try the same with the alternative knee and arm.


  • Upon extension, engage your abs and take deep breaths. 

Lunge Hold + Oblique Engagement


  • Stand straight and raise your arms above your head, keeping them away from the ears.


  • Interlock your fingers and hold your arms straight.


  • Breathe in, and extend out your left feet by bending the knee. 


  • Push your right leg to the back, making sure that the feet are facing the front.


  • Breathe out, lean to the left, using your arms as balance, and open up your right hip. 

Workouts to Avoid While Practicing Pregnancy-Safe Core Exercises

There are workouts best-avoided if you are a pregnant woman. These can affect your muscles, create cramps, and add-in complications during deliveries. 

And these would be:

High Altitude Climbing

High altitude climbing or jogging is not suitable for pregnant women, especially during their third trimester, mainly as it can affect their breathing as well as the child’s health. 


Heavy Lifting

Make sure to avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy. These can hurt the muscles and also lead to drastic complications due to mistakes in movements. 


Back Bending

Workouts that involve intense or excessive flexible moves are not for pregnant women as these are very close to increasing risks of delivery complications. 


Workouts with Bouncing and Jumping

If there is excessive jumping (such as rope skipping), it can be uncomfortable for pregnant women due to ligament injury which is already looser during these months. 



When it comes to pregnancy-safe core exercises, make sure to choose ones that fit your body, and help you heal over time.

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