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Best DJ Apps for Android

When it comes to DJ software, there are many DJ software tools available for Windows, but carrying a laptop and equipment from place to place cannot be possible for a single person. A large number of people search for DJ apps for their Android devices and fail to find the app that matches their taste. Many want to fulfill their dream of scratching like a professional DJ. Being a DJ is not easy, on the contrary, it has become even easier now with the help of these DJ apps for Android. If you want to display your talent in the world of Djing, these apps will make your dream come true. These DJ apps are very different from other apps owing to their awesome features. The beautiful interface of these DJ apps will make you more attracted to these apps. If being a DJ is what you love most, you can start your journey with the help of these DJ apps. These DJ apps are so good that they will mesmerize you. Just have a look at these best DJ apps for Android.

Cross DJ

On the list of the best DJ apps for Android is Cross DJ. The reason for the app is on the list is its popularity among its users. Most of the users have this app installed on their devices. Cross DJ comes with a virtual mixer that allows a user to play a song like a professional DJ. You can use your samples to add to the slots so that you can play them. There are a great number of vocal effects that can be synced with the song. You can add your loops to the slots. Tempo and pitch can be set to the desired level. There are many effects that you can apply to a song while it is playing. With the help of Cross DJ, it is very easy to play music like a DJ. If you have a close look at the interface of Cross DJ, you will find it more appealing and attractive. Owing to its attractive interface, anybody can fall in love with it. If your hobby is DJing, you can learn a lot from the app. It may be confusing to some in the beginning, but after grasping a better understanding of its features, you will find it better than all other DJ apps.

DJ Studio 5

On the list, DJ Studio 5 is another name that has earned numerous accolades from its users. If being DJ is your desire, DJ Studio 5 will fulfill it. DJ Studio 5 is one of the best Android DJ apps that offer awesome features. Developers of the app say that it is the best DJ app with unlimited decent features on the Android platform. Whether you are at the learning stage or on the professional level, the DJ app will surely help you shine as a DJ. If you have been looking for an excellent DJ app for Android, this app is the one that will put your search to an end. DJ Studio 5 is feature-rich. It offers all the necessary features that are important for DJing. The great DJ app offers you almost 10 sample pads and eight sound effects. Many features make it an outstanding app. You can record your mixes through the DJ app in an easy way. All the features can be taken advantage of for free. DJ Studio 5 app offers a premium version, too, that you can buy via in-app purchase on Google Play store. The app is so amazing that you will fall head over heels in love with it.

Djay 2

Djay 2 was previously released for iOS users and worked well on the iOS platform, but nowadays it is gaining ground on the Android platform too. The list of the best DJ apps for Android includes Djay 2. The sole reason for the popularity of this DJ app is its decent features and awesome look. The app is worth appreciation because of its excellent features and good performance. It lets you mix songs both manually and automatically. You can take advantage of its auto-mixing feature. You can use effects, you can alter the pitch of the song and change the tempo without causing any changes to the pitch. You can set a portion of a track on loop mode. It offers a great feature of cue points too. The use of the best DJ app just depends on your creativity and skills in DJing. If you want to become a DJ, you must try out the awesome app because it may teach you a lot about DJing. All the features of DJay 2 are similar to the professional DJ software. It gives you a great opportunity to learn more about DJing. If you are looking for a professional DJ app with fantabulous features, Djay 2 is undeniably the best option. It is free on Google Play store but the premium version costs around $2.99. It is a superb DJ app with professional features and a good interface.

Music Maker JAM

This is the most useful app for those who love DJing. The great thing about it is, it lets you not just mix your tracks but create beats too. You can create your loops with the help of samples and fit them to the tempo of a song. If you want to make a voice tag, it lets you do it too. You can record your voice through your mobile microphone. It has many drum loops and royalty-free samples that you can use to mix a song. It’s not right to call it just a DJ app as it is good at music production too. It has tons of loop packs and sample packs that you can buy and add to your project to make it more impressive. Music Maker JAM is a complete music production app too, but the thing, that keeps many away from it, is its price. It sells for $49.99. You can get it for free too, but the limits set by developers may kill your interest. If you are a premium user, Music Maker JAM is a fantastic app in all respects.

edjing Mix

When someone talks about DJ apps, edjing Mix is the name that suddenly comes to the mind. edjing Mix is a great DJ app with fantabulous features and good Interface. Because of its great features and stylish interface, the app has millions of downloads on Google Play store. If you want to learn more about DJing and grasp a better understanding of DJ software, you should give it a try. This works just like a PC software. It has 16 samples and tons of sound effects. You can use all these sound effects to add to your existing project or create a new one with these samples. Its features include turn-tables, crossfaders, and looping. You can record your mixes and save them to the cloud. It lets you scratch like your favorite DJ. edjing Mix has all the great features that make it stand out from others. If you want to buy the premium version of edjing Mix, you may have to cough up $5.49.

All these Android DJ apps above are great beyond words. You will likely find them both interesting and useful.

Source : Best DJ Apps for Android
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