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Best Equalizer Apps for Android

If you are fond of listening to music a lot, it is sure that you can understand the importance of equalizer apps. The smartphone speakers are not as good as high-quality speakers as smartphone speakers are mainly intended for listening to calls. You may have sometimes noticed that even a professional song does not sound good on your smartphone speaker, This is because you don’t have proper EQ settings on your smartphone. There are some settings that you can apply to your device by using equalizer so that a song sounds better even on your smartphone speaker. To enhance the audio quality, you can apply the settings using an equalizer app. Equalizer apps may be of great help to you. With the help of equalizer apps, you can boost bass and adjust treble. Simply put, Equalizer apps are good for adjusting unwanted frequencies. Just have a look at the best equalizer apps for Android. These apps are so good that you will find them useful.

10 Band Equalizer

When it comes to equalizer apps for Android, 10 Band Equalizer is the name that suddenly flashes through the mind. This is one of the best equalizer apps that let you adjust the unwanted frequencies and make a song sound better. The great equalizer has an in-built music player that looks awesome. You can import songs into it and play them. This app allows you to listen to songs in the same way you want. You can boost bass and adjust the treble of a song. This equalizer app is worth giving a try. You will hardly find a match for this. If you are looking for a great Android equalizer app, this is the one you will surely love. It is free on Google Play store. To remove ads, you can buy a pro version.

Equalizer and Bass Booster

This great equalizer app has occupied a great space on the list of the best Android equalizer apps. This amazing app works in the same way as its name suggests. It allows you to boost bass so that your speakers sound better. The developers of the app say that it works with almost all video players and music players. This app offers a five-band equalizer that lets you balance the sound of each instrument played in the song. The interface of the app is straightforward.


Neutralizer is really one of the best equalizer apps that does an excellent job. Similar to other equalizer apps Neutralizer allows you to make adjustments to the bass and treble of the song. The app automatically saves the EQ settings you often adjust. The app creates presets for every device separately. Whether you listen to a song through headphones or through smartphone speakers, Neutralizer will create the presets for you so that you don’t have to worry about repeating the same settings. This equalizer app is truly great and worth giving a try if you are looking for an excellent equalizer app for Android, this equalizer app is the one that will measure up to your expectations. You can download it for free but ads may bother you. If you want to remove the ads, you can buy the pro version of this app for just $5.00.


On the list of the best equalizer apps for Android, Wavelet is an amazing app. With the help of Wavelet, you can tweak the EQ manually, but the best thing about Wavelet is, it has a superb ability to EQ automatically on all devices. Most of the users have become crazy about this because of this unique feature that no other equalizer apps on the Android platform have offered by now. The awesome equalizer app has started getting a good response from users. If you are tired of adjusting the same settings manually again and again on your device, Wavelet may come to your rescue. Wavelet is an excellent equalizer app that automatically finds the proper settings for every separate device and keeps the same settings forever. If you are looking for a good equalizer app, you must consider it. You can download Wavelet on Google Play store for free. The pro version of Wavelet costs $5.49. this is your money’s worth.

Source : Best Equalizer Apps for Android
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