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Best File Compression Software in 2020

We have such files in our system that eat up a lot of memory because of their large size. And since they are the important ones, we can’t even delete them. Then comes the savior, the file compression. What does file compression do? It helps compress a file size according to the user’s set size and saves the memory space of the PC. File compression is also beneficial these days, as you might need to upload a file or a picture in some form, social media site, or on a website, and that site only allows up to a specific large file. In the scenario, one can use file compression software and can smoothly perform the procedure. There are also a vast number of file compression software available online. This article will cover the few best file compression software of 2020, that you can use for your work. And also, how can you use them, and which one suits your job better. Let’s find out!


WinZip doesn’t need an introduction. It is the most popular software among users. WinZip provides a 45 days free trial and $35.34 for standard WinZip. It offers many features within only one application. One can compress his/her files using this app, and also quickly decompress them anytime. WinZip also protects the data, and its users can easily share them with the other platform. It deploys banking grade encryption hence providing its users with the best-protected service. Another friendly feature of WinZip is, it offers easy access to cloud storage, namely, Google Drive, Dropbox, and etcetera. The reason for its being famous is all the features it provides to the users for making their life/ work easy. The only limitation that can be pointed out is one can use WinZip only in Windows systems.


7-zip has a special place on this list. Firstly, because it provides a free service to its users, secondly, it has fantastic features to serve. It has a high compression ratio that eases your job. If a user wants software that minimizes a file to the minimum limit, 7-zip is for you. This application can compress a file to its minimum size.

It has secure AES-256 encryption for its users. 7-zip is widely used for the commercial sector, and business uses. Its self-extraction feature is another exciting part of this software. LZMA and LZMA2 are the two types of algorithms that are used by 7-zip for its compression technique.


WinRAR is best for RAR file extraction. It provides free usage for 40 days, and then it charges $29 per person. For those who don’t have a particular choice about the file size and want easy access with minimal interaction, WinRAR does the job for them. This software automatically chooses an ideal size for the file and compresses it accordingly.

It allows its users to create RAR and ZIP archives and split the data in a separate volume. Besides, it will enable a 256-bit encryption password for a secure service. The other reason for its popularity is that it provides the option of 50 different languages. WinRAR saves the space of the disk and also cuts the transmission cost. The exciting part is its users can also add comments to archives. It supports formats like RAR, CAB, ZIP, UUE, Z, ACE, ARJ, 7-ZIP, and TAR.


PeaZip is a software that hasn’t gained much popularity, but one should try it once. Also, PeaZip is user-friendly free software. So even if you try it, it won’t cause any harm.

One can have 150 different choices of format for compressing a file. It is a safe software to use and does not contain any harmful data. PeaZip can split an archive into multiple volumes of records. This software also includes some additional features like two-factor authentication. It can efficiently search duplicate files.

It has an encrypted password manager that keeps your data safe. The most interesting feature is that it can schedule archives and control the sessions according to the users’ requirements.

Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver is another fantastic software that is recommended. The most attractive thing is despite having some great features, this application is free to use. One can use Hamster Zip Archiver if they are looking for a secure interface. If anyone is new to file compressor software, then this is for them too. It is one of the easiest to use apps. One can drag open a file to compress it.

Moreover, it also allows sharing files directly from the software. It also provides features to store the compressed data in the cloud like Google Drive, Yandex Disk, and Dropbox. One can easily share it with his/her friends or co-workers.

Hamster Zip Archiver can almost open files of all formats. The other exciting thing is it also provides 40 languages to its medium for the different lingual users. But what limits its capability is, one can only use this software in Windows systems.

When you have to compress some files, you can use any of the above-mentioned software.

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