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Best Gear and Platforms for Live Streaming

Live Streaming

With the current boom in video content on social media platforms, live streaming is certainly dominating the stage. Under the current circumstances, it is clear that if there was ever a time for live streaming to shine, it is now. With live streaming, people can connect and engage with the viewer virtually in real-time. In a recently conducted research, it was found that a clear majority of viewers favoured live-streamed videos over pre-recorded ones. Live-streamed content was watched almost thrice as much as pre-recorded content. A multitude of platforms now supports live streaming from advanced productions to social media platforms. We bring you a collection of the best tools and platforms to produce and broadcast live streaming content.
This application enables live content broadcasting directly from your smartphone or your tablet. It lets viewers comment and interact by sending virtual hearts. It’s benefits lie in it’s a convenience. It is capable of sharing your live stream directly to a range of social networks. This app is owned by Twitter and lets the live stream creators using it stream externally sourced broadcasts.
The new live stories feature on Instagram sports live streams within Instagram stories. It enables real-time live video sharing of up to an hour. After your hour-long session has ended, you can also share a recorded version of your live stream on your story for the next 24 hours. The follower reactions and comments will also be included in the recorded version.
Vimeo is popular for its high performing live videos. It doesn’t set a limit on the number of liver videos a user can create and enables sharing to an unlimited viewer base on most of the popular social media platforms. It also features automatic archiving, cool AR graphics, polls, audience chat and much more! It offers two versions: a free version and a paid premium plan. It also offers post stream analytics to help you improve your performance.
YouTube Live
YouTube live enables broadcasting from a personal webcam, or it’s handset application. However, there is a minimum requirement of a thousand subscribers to enable live streaming on the YouTube Live mobile application. An encoder could also be used to record content which could then be sent to the YouTube Live app. Your channel is constantly updated with an archive of your live-streamed content.
Zoom is the go-to platform for video webinars. It’s streaming, though not of very high quality, runs pretty smoothly. It enables up to a hundred live stream panellists to share their content and interact with the viewers. With YouTube Live and Facebook integrations, your stream can be broadcasted across these social platforms. Zoom also lets you monetise your sessions with Zapier and PayPal.
Facebook Live
Facebook Live utilises the Facebook application to enable broadcasting to your page, profile, group or event. You will need to schedule your live stream in advance on Live Stream if you’re recording using an external encoder and camera. Before your scheduled live stream begins, your followers will be notified, and a post about your live stream will go up on your page automatically. With Live Stream, you could also reach viewers through external platforms.
Best Equipment for Professional Streaming
Now let’s take a look at the tools and equipment that you would require to take your streaming production quality to the next level.
Sony NX5-R Professional Camcorder
This camcorder by Sony is packed with extremely good features that will truly enhance your video. It has an Optical Zoom of 20X and a 40X Clear Image Zoom. It’s Sony G lens enables incredible picture quality and has an aperture of f/1.6 that lets it function in low light settings as well. The camera has three built-in CMOS sensors and is one of the best cameras in the market for event recording.
Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod
This is a well-rounded tripod for both indoor and outdoor settings. It is capable of handling a maximum of 16.5 pounds of camera weight. It offers a smooth pan and tilt that is easily adjustable. It can go up to a maximum height of an astonishing 66 inches which can be extremely useful when live-streaming a large crowd or a widespread event.
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
The ATEM Mini Pro is amongst the best switchers on the market. It also has a new Professional version (Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro). The new Studio Pro has added monitoring, streaming and recording features. The ATEM Mini Pro enables direct streaming through its Ethernet Connection. It also allows the user to switch and transmit a maximum of four HDMI inputs to social streaming platforms. You could also use the Mini Pro like a webcam input by connecting it to your computer. The four HDMI inputs support their respective standard converters enabling the device to switch 1080p, 1080i and 720p inputs to the switcher’s standard automatically. The new model also sports a multi-view HDMI video output. All the views can be tracked on a single system with their live recording and streaming status.

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