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Best Gimbals for iPhone and Android

With the best gimbals, you can’t make an excuse for shaky, blurry, and low-quality video footage. Here is the complete and valuable guide to getting the best gimbals.

Whether you are shooting videos with your iPhone, a pro-spec DSLR, or an action camera, camera movements play a significant role in producing dynamic and smooth footage. You should know how to move the camera while keeping it stabilized; otherwise, you will end up with unusable and jerky footage. Then, what is the solution? Here the use of gimbals becomes a must-have not only for every vlogger and video editor but also for the ordinary users.

Gimbal is a handheld tool that helps the users to shoot silky smooth and high-quality cinematic footage. It has intelligent sensors and motors that can stabilize and support a camera while on the move. Besides, it uses three rotation axes that keep your camera steady through its three in-built motors. Again, it uses algorithms to determine if your camera is moving intentionally or not for making smooth and good quality moving shots. Gimbals can be useful for everything, whether you are producing content for uploading on social media platforms, recording your child’s first sports performance, or capturing videos outdoors in your vacation. These gimbals can improve all your videos.

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A wide range of gimbals is available in the market. The use of these gimbals is different for the different users, which depends on the size of the camera you are using and the kinds of shooting subjects. Here are some of the best picks for you?

Zhiyun Smooth 4


The gimbal is equipped with the best apps making it the most reliable stabilizer. It is easy to use and has a straightforward setup. The integration of on-built controls in the gimbal has a large wheel that users can use for zooming or focusing. The feature gives a tactile and beautiful experience to users while using the gimbal. When you pair up the gimbal with the app, it allows you to create many useful and beautiful effects like moving time-lapse. Moreover, it offsets jerky and shaky movements of the users which is a helpful feature when you are vacationing, snowboarding or shooting some videos for uploading on various social media formats. With its Vertigo feature, the users can get the effect of dolly zoom, which can be shifted according to the perspective.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3


The gimbal has terrific battery life, and its arm can rotate through 90 degrees giving a seamless switching between portrait and landscape orientation. Its build-up is, however robust; still, it is lightweight and foldable. The integration of ergonomic handles in the gimbal makes it very comfortable for long hours use. The gimbal is crammed with many advanced features. It can easily detect where you want to tilt your camera and further smooth the motion along with eliminating unintentional and unwanted twitches effectively.

Besides, you can adjust the stabilization intensity by selecting between the Sport and Walk modes. With its Active Track and tracking sensitivity features, the gimbal can track any moving subject automatically and also you can customize its tracking sensitivity feature. You can access all functionalities through the DJI Mimo app that can connect your smartphone to the gimbal through Bluetooth. It further enables the users to zoom the camera of their phone using the gimbal handle or physical zoom glider.

Zhiyun Smooth X


The extra light and compact gimbal are brilliantly affordable. However, the gimbal has a plastic build-up, but it offers a very enticing proposition for the users searching for something that can upgrade their smartphone vlogging or videography. Plus, the users can swivel the head of this gimbal into portrait mode, making it an essential thing for any videographer or vlogger. However, it is not compatible with the ZY Cami app, which is the only problem with this impressively featured gimbal.

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket


If you are looking for the lightest possible gimbal for a smartphone, then this gimbal is the best for you. Its lower arm is hinged, enabling the users to fold it into a package of 109x56x146mm. You can carry it anywhere with yourself thanks to its portability and weight of only 272g. Besides, the users can easily switch between landscape and portrait modes. It has Bluetooth connectivity, which, when you combine with the Feiyu ON app, offers many tricky and useful features like time-lapse moving, tracking objects, dolly zoom effects, and slow motion. However, the gimbal is ultra-weight; still, its in-built 1300mAh battery is rechargeable and can run for eight long hours. It is available in black and pink colors.

FeiyuTech Vimble 2


The gimbal can serve both your purposes of a selfie-stick and smartphone gimbal. You can get its telescoping pole in four sections when you pull away from its lower arm’s handle. This telescopic pole allows the gimbal to act as a selfie-stick. The feature is significant when you want to capture large groups in selfie mode and vlogging. The integration of the Feiyu ON app is providing it additional features such as subject and face tracking. With decent stabilization features and affordable prices, the gimbal is a good deal for most users; however, its battery life is only 5 hours, which is not so decent.

GoPro Karma Grip


The handheld stabilizer with a detachable grip is packed with features. It can also act as a Steadicam tool. With the integration of control buttons on its grip, the gimbal is very comfortable when introducing it for shooting. It allows the users to offload video footage and that too, without any need to disconnect the camera. However, the gimbal is not compatible with GoPro Hero8 Black, but it is optimized for the latest GoPro cameras. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 4 Silver, and Hero 4 Black.

DJI Osmo Pocket


The gimbal is as effective as the Osmo Mobile 3, making it very easy for the users to start capturing videos by pushing only its two buttons. Its miniature size resembles a chocolate bar and in-built rechargeable battery; it serves as both a camera and gimbal. The integration of sensors of  1/2.3 inches has made its camera specs very much impressive. The feature allows the users to record high-resolution videos of 4K/60fps and at 100Mbps and snap stills at 12MP. However, its battery life is only 140 minutes, but it has helped make the gimbal lightweight, which is only 116g.

Some of its other significant features include sharp and vibrant video quality and superb stabilization quality. You can select a different mode of stabilization through the touch-sensitive monitor. Apart from these, the gimbal offers Facetrack and Active Track to track the moving subjects automatically. There is no need to pair or install any app as it allows recording of the videos on a MicroSD card.

Removu S1


Removu S1 is a robust and weatherproof GoPro stabilizer compatible with most of the contemporary models. However, the gimbal has a limited battery life of only 5 hours but offers immense features. You can use the gimbal as your wearable stabilizer with its detachable grip very similar to that of the Karma Grip. The in-built remote control into the grip allows the camera’s unhindered operation even when the gimbal and camera are separated.

FeiyuTech G6


The gimbal is high-tech and has 12 hours of battery life, which is excellent. You can use its physical controls and control its functionality through the app. It allows users to check the settings through its OLED LCD status screen for status checking. With its ergonomic and splash-proof design, the gimbal is very much suitable for most of the action camera users. If you are using a Sony RX0, GoPro Hero, Yi 4K, or some other action camera, then it is the most dependable choice for you. It gives precision to your video footage when you shoot them even at the most challenging angles.

DJI Ronin-S


Packed with impressive features, then it is one of the best handheld gimbals that you can handle with your single hand. It features creating time-lapse moving through the mobile app and the in-built functionality to follow focus. The integration of three motors in the gimbal has made it amazingly supple when it comes to responding to the users’ movement. Some of its other impressive features include durable build-up and exceptional payload capacity.

FeiyuTech MG Lite


The camera is an excellent blend of lightweight build-up and impressive functionalities. Its remarkable design helps the camera move up to 360 degrees in all directions, providing complete freedom to camera movements while filming a video. You can set MG Lite in three modes, such as Tilting, Panning, and Lock. It features a control stick opening in four directions, allowing the users to control the camera angles manually. Besides, it is an excellent choice for traveling videographers and filmmakers.

DJI Ronin-SC


The gimbal has extraordinary construction quality and plenty of capacity for a camera like a Fujifilm X-T4 or Canon EOS R. Also, the gimbal is immensely useful when it comes to steering clear of heavy and bulky lenses as balancing them sometimes may become challenging. It is easy to lock each axis individually to make it balance initially. You can explore a plethora of features when starting shooting, such as Active Track 3.0. The feature uses the camera of your phone and an intelligent DJI app to track the subjects automatically.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Gimbals

While picking out a gimbal for yourself, consider the below-given features to understand whether it can fulfill your needs. Here are some of the critical components to think about:-

Three-Axis Rotation

A gimbal with three-axis rotation can provide superior stabilization in comparison to two-axis gimbals. A gimbal with three-axis can stabilize the process on sideways, left and right axes, and pitch.

Excellent Customer Service

While purchasing the gimbals, it should be easy to reach their customer service and get instant help.

Autonomous Modes

The availability of autonomous modes makes it easy to get specific types of shots, including dolly zooms and time-lapses.

Easy and convenient set up

A video or instruction book or a link is essential, showing how to operate and set up the gimbal. Even if your gimbal needs any adjustment, it should be done in just a few steps. Your phone, gimbal, and the app should connect all instantly without any fuss.

Warranty Coverage

A one year warranty is standard as it gives you protection if your gimbal gets damaged due to any reason.

Compatibility with a comprehensive range of phones

Whichever gimbal you are purchasing, it should offer compatibility with a wide range of phones.

Long life of battery

Gimbals can charge your phone also and so gimbal with the normal battery life will serve various purposes for you.


It is useful to get a small tripod and carrying case with your gimbal; however, not necessary.

A great app

The app in your gimbal should be available for both Android and iOS devices. Also, the apps should come with several options required to customize the camera settings.

Comfortable design and easy to use buttons

The buttons available on the handle of your gimbal should be easy to learn and use. Also, each button should have a clear and specific purpose. Besides, a gimbal with an ergonomic design makes it easy for you to hold it while shooting for long hours.

Source: Best Gimbals for iPhone and Android

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