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Best Great League Teams for Season 3 in Pokemon Go

Ever since Pokemon Go has been released, it has persisted in achieving new milestones to success. The game is continuously getting better. Along with events and raids, the game also contains a PVP element. This is also a significant factor for the immense success of the game.

Besides, it is also quite essential for gamers to know that the PVP element is divided into three specific leagues. Each of these leagues can be distinguished easily by their caps; meanwhile, the first league known as the Great League. This league is about to enter into its Season 3. Thus, before the league enters, we will help the gamers know about the best teams in the excellent league for Season 3 in Pokemon Go.

Best Great League Teams for the Season


The first Pokemon on which gamers can bet in the great league is Altaria. Even though the Pokemon has several flaws, its physical nature of being a dragon is the perk that can drive it to the list of best Pokemons. Altaria is also one of the best choices because not many players will add it to their team. Thus, players who will bet on Altaria will always have an advantage over them. All the attacks of Altaria will be proved beneficial, thanks to its flying ability.

Stunfisk, and Registeel

Gamers can also go with the option of Registeel and Stunfisk; however, Altaria is the best contender for the opener. The team of Registeel and Stunfisk, along with it, can kick any strong team out of the league.

Honorable Mentions

Although, the above three suggested Pokemons are the best to add in the lineup for Great League Season 3. However, there are several other Pokemons whom players can also include to their team, including Hypno, Umbreon, Whiscash, Skarmory, Azumarill, and Brave Bird. Now, it is up to gamers with which Pokemon they would decide to go. All these Pokemons that we have mentioned above are the best choices to craft the best team for Great League Season 3.


This article contains information about the PVP element of Pokemon Go. The Great League of Pokemon Go’s PVP community is about to get a new season. Thus, in this article, we have briefed the gamers about the best teams in Great League Season 3.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android devices.

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