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Best Music Distribution Services for 2020

For most of the unsigned artists, it may be a point of great concern when their music doesn’t reach streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. It may be easy for an artist to create an album or an EP but promotion is the thing that may bother many new artists. There are many underground artists who want to know about how to distribute their music online. There are many music distribution service providers that deliver your music to the world’s best music stores like Amazon Music, Spotify, Shazam, and Apple Music. If you are a budding artist and want to promote your music on the world’s best music stores, here are some of the best music distribution services that will help your music reach more and more people. If you are an unsigned artist, don’t worry! These music distribution services will make it possible for you. Have a look at them.


It may be difficult for an emerging artist to sell a song and earn money, but this has now become easier than you may think. DITTO has been a renowned name in the arena of digital distribution. It has occupied a great position in the world of online music distribution and helps your music reach all the best music stores in the world. If you are an underground artist and have just started your journey in the world of music, you can take advantage of DITTO. DITTO delivers your song to all major music streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. It pays you revenue earned from streaming on all these platforms. For artists, it has various plans that vary in price depending on needs


Tunecore is one of the best music distribution service providers. It has helped millions of artists deliver their music to all the popular music stores worldwide. Tunecore is now the choice of millions of professional artists. Whether you want to promote your music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, or any other renowned music streaming platforms, Tunecore makes it easy for you to promote your song and allows you to earn money through the streaming on all these platforms. Tunecore has different plans for artists. For a single artist, its annual plan costs $9.99.


No artist wants to spend unless they earn something. For those who are looking for ways to promote their music on all major streaming platforms for free, Amuse is the best option. Amuse delivers music to all the streaming platforms like Shazam, Spotify, and Apple Music, but some limitations may bother you. Amuse takes in the region of 28 days to deliver your music to music stores if you are not a premium user. Most of the features like YouTube content ID and split earnings can be taken advantage of only as a premium user. If you want to promote your music on all major streaming platforms for free, it goes without saying that Amuse is the best.


RouteNote is a trusted name in the arena of music distribution services. RouteNote offers both free and paid plans. Scores of artists are taking advantage of RouteNote all around the world. This is the best service for a budding artist who can’t afford money to promote his/her song. RouteNote delivers music to almost all the music streaming platforms worldwide. The great thing about it is, it creates your artist page on YouTube and creates YouTube content ID for your music. RouteNote is the reliable name that many artists believe with their eyes closed. If you are on the hunt for the best music distribution services for free, RouteNote may prove more useful than you may have thought.

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