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Best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2020

Best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2020

The gaming world has witnessed many changes, one of them is the advent of Nintendo Switch. The sale of Nintendo Switch has gone up over recent years as it is portable and convenient for gamers. It got popular very soon because of its portability. Nintendo Switch lets you have fun anywhere and anytime. Scores of companies have started making games and apps with Nintendo Switch in mind. If you are on the hunt for the best Nintendo Switch apps, you are at the right place. Here is the list of some of the best Nintendo Switch apps that you will find really useful. It has been almost three years since Nintendo Switch was released. The popularity of Nintendo Switch is really at peak these days. Have a look at these best Nintendo Switch apps and have fun anywhere and anytime.



On the list of the best Nintendo Switch apps is YouTube. YouTube on Nintendo Switch is really worth appreciating as it offers all necessary features that any other console may have. The application is very easy to control. With the help of the main buttons and Touch Screen, a user can control the app in an easy way. YouTube app application can be downloaded from the official site of Nintendo eShop. You can put a mini joystick to use in order to navigate YouTube. To search for the desired video, all you need to do is just press x and type the name of the video you want to watch. The application is really worth giving a try. You can press Y if you want to set a space. Y can be pressed if you want to delete anything in a search bar. There are many options that make it easy for you to control the application. The YouTube application is really the one you will find useful.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

If you are looking for a great game for Nintendo Switch, This one will surely measure up to your expectations. The interesting game offers a lot of fun. The game is based on combat. If you are in love with combat, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. You have to fight against others so that you can emerge victorious. At first look, it may seem like a classic game, but the RPG is really worth playing. You can play the superb game anywhere and anywhere on your Nintendo Switch. This is really better than words could describe it. Play and know how interesting it is.


Piano on Nintendo Switch is one of the most amazing games. It can be great fun to play this piano. It can teach you how to play the piano. With the help of this brilliant app, you can learn how to play any songs of your choice. It is really so amazing that you will praise it and fall in love with it. The piano is really worth giving a try as it sounds just like a real piano. This piano lets you play any songs of your choice. The piano has a learning mode too that allows you to play the piano before your friends so that you may surprise them. Playing this piano is really great fun. You can try it out.


Hulu is one of the most popular names all around the world when it comes to streaming services. Hulu is hailed as it has a number of series and movies. The best thing about Hulu is, it produces its own contents too so that Hulu users may get a complete dose of entertainment. Hulu was considered to have become a partner of Nintendo Switch. With the help of Hulu, users all around the globe can watch their favorite content in just a few clicks. It is not just limited to shows and movies. Apart from this, it lets you watch live TV too. The streaming service provided by Hulu is based on various plans that you can pay for in order to watch your favorite content. The better the plan is, the better content you can watch. Hulu has a wide range of plans. You can go for the plan that matches your choice.

KORG Gadget

KORG is the most popular name among those who are in love with instruments and music. Now you can get all the tools by KORG on your device. With the help of KORG gadget on Nintendo Switch, you can create music in the blink of an eye. KORG Gadget is really one of the most amazing Nintendo Switch apps that are on the list. It has an easy to use graphical interface that makes it easy for you to work. You can connect it to TV so that you may get a larger interface. There is a wide range of synthesizers that you will surely find good enough. For those who are in love with music creation apps, KORG gadget on Nintendo Switch is the one that you can’t say no to. It is really a fantastic Nintendo Switch app for music lovers. Giving it a try will surely make you fall in love with it.


If you are a gameholic, the superb game will surely appeal to you. For those in search of Nintendo Switch games, TowerFall is an excellent option. The game gives you a chance to prove yourself as a hero. In the game, you play a hero who fights using swords and weapons in order to overcome the rivals. The game has everything that a gameholic finds in a game. From jumping, running, brutal assault, the game has all the difficult phases a player may have to go through in order to emerge victorious. Thanks to its colorful graphics, you are most likely to fall in love with TowerFall. It is really a superb game for Nintendo Switch. This concludes our list of best apps to have on your Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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