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Best of all High-risk payment gateway service provider

High-risk payment gateway service provider!!


Payment gateway services are essential for an e-commerce merchant as everyone already knows. Now if we talk about high-risk payment gateway service providers, there are many reasons to approach them. If a merchant is having difficulties with their current payment processing service provider, it’s time to change it for good. A high-risk payment gateway service provider is a PSP that provides its services to high-risk businesses.

A payment gateway helps the merchant to accept online payments from their websites. With the many features of a PG, merchants can offer more convenience to their consumers. If merchants want the best PSP, then here they’ll find out what highriskgateways can offer them.

Features that our High-risk payment gateway provides can provide convenience in payment processing. The requirement of a high-risk payment gateway is that it can provide many essential features which are


Multi-Currency Transaction

Offshore transactions will be easier with a high-risk payment gateway. It facilitates the option of multi-currency transactions. This feature allows the merchant to accept payments in their own currency, regardless of where the transaction came from.

While dealing with foreign consumers providing them with the option to pay in their own currency will also be beneficial for your own good. It’s just that because the consumer wants comfort in whatever they do. And this can be a way to show them the gesture that you are the finest provider for them.

Smart UI

To meet the needs of the high-risk merchant this PG’s smart user interface helps him to get used to every feature in time. The faster the merchant will get used to the features, the faster his productivity will increase.


Businesses worldwide have lots of products under their brand name. And as they do have a wide range of products they must have several ways to accept money too. Our high-risk payment gateway provides several options to accept online money from consumers. Options that it provides are – Internet Banking, UPI, Mobile Banking, AEPS, and Mobile Wallet, etc.

Now it’ll be easier for the consumer to pay in the way that suits them. It can also increase the chances to get more online traffic globally.

Bank Cascading

With the help of many acquiring banks, the merchant need not worry about payment processing-related issues. Most of the time when the issues like payment stop, stuck, or failure arise, it increases the merchant’s stress.

But here with highriskgateways, merchants need not worry about this purpose. We got the support of several acquiring banks. So even if one bank refuses to deliver demanded service, another bank would do so. This will save much time & effort for the merchant.

Global Card Saving

Now the consumers won’t need to fill in details again and again. Whenever visiting the website for buying items, it is hassling for consumers to fill out their cards details. But with the global card saving feature they can save their cards virtually on the website. This will help the consumers to save time and check out faster.

Live Track Records

A live reporting system is given with this high-risk payment gateway. It would help the merchant to stay connected to their website’s financial operations anytime. First, the merchant will receive an alert for every single transaction.

Second, if somehow there’s a problem arises in the payment processing system it will alert the merchant. So the merchant can take action immediately and the loss can be reduced in time.

Fraud Protection

Fraudsters are very active nowadays. They never leave a chance to leach on innocent’s money. So merchant needs to be sure about his consumer’s money. If the High-risk payment gateway finds a transaction suspicious it runs many protocols to know the payer’s real identity.

In case the details don’t match with the real owner the payment will immediately get stopped. On the contrary, if the details get to match then the transaction won’t take time. This way the merchant and his consumers won’t need to be afraid of online fraud.


24*7 Tech Assistance

If the merchant has any doubts regarding how to operate the provided services he can ask our experts anytime about that. Timing won’t be an issue for merchants to get their doubts clear. Moreover, our experts are also professionals in resolving matters related to consumer disputes.

Chargeback secured

Online product selling is good at some points. But chargeback changes the whole scenario in one move. Highriskgateways knows repetitive chargeback can harm merchants’ goodwill. So we are helping the merchant to handle this issue.

Most of the chargeback cases these days are just absurd. Some of the cases are filed for the real reason just like low-product quality, or non-equivalent products. But here, we thoroughly check that the reason for which the claim is made must match the T&C of the product.

If it doesn’t match then the process will be put to an end in an instant. And if it does matches the amount will be refunded in 2-3 business days.

International Connections

Highriskgateways got several connections in the international market. And merchants now have the chance to introduce their products in front of other countries too. Connecting to a wider range of people for more than one country can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment to provide what they wish for.

Indian merchants surely hit the road with the best they ever can but with a reliable supporter, they can become invincible. International connections can help a brand to spread its roots in a wide space that’s what should happen to a business.

Highly Secure now

Highriskgateways has the LVL 1 certification of PCI DSS. This certification declares that cooperating company is reliable in case of data security.

And we make sure that everyone would follow the rules & regulations presented by PCI DSS. Consumer data security is one of our main concerns. That’s why high-risk merchants can trust us.


Highriskgateways dealt with many high-risk businesses these years. The main issues they all faced were the problem of payment processing and low-productive services. We were able to match their needs and did provide them with the best features they can ever find.

The most important thing for a PSP is to get fit to the merchant’s will. That’s exactly what we do for our clients. With more than 8 years of experience, we got so much of an idea that how the industry works. For Indian merchants, it’s important that what they pay for must provide them with some results in the end.

And that’s what the motto of highriskgateways is. Want to get more information about our services? Go check out our blog section and find the answers to your doubts. Still, if you feel something is worrying you, drop a mail and let us guide you for your future operations.

And that’s what the motto of highriskgateways is. Want to get more information about our services? Go check out our blog section and find the answers to your doubts. Still, if you feel something is worrying you, drop a mail and let us guide you for your future operations.


Source: Best of all High-risk payment gateway service provider

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