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Best Piano Movers in Vancouver

Do you have a piano at home?

Maybe you are very attached to him … For you, it is not just an object but a memory of your family. A way to relax and travel with the mind, or just a beautiful piece of art. In all these cases, when the time comes to moving and packaging to another part of the world it will be essential to know how to transport a piano easily and safely. In fact, moving the piano differs from most of the furnishings in the house, and among all musical instruments. It is one of the heaviest to carry.

Surely you have read online do-it-yourself tutorials that explain in a “quick and easy” way how to disassemble, pack and ship it. Forget this nonsense … rely on a real professional to transport your piano easily and safely.

What makes moving a piano difficult?

What makes a piano difficult to transport is its weight. In fact, the weight of a piano varies between 200 kg for the lighter ones up to 450/500 kg for the grand ones (heavier). Transporting this object in the wrong way most likely causes the breakage of some fundamental part. Or at worst, damage to those who are about to undertake the desperate task …

How does the movement of the piano happen

Plan the first thing to know about moving a piano is to never drag it directly onto the floor. It could cause severe marks or damage and cause breakage to its parts. The load will then lighten by eliminating accessory parts. For grand pianos, it is also necessary to remove the legs to make them easier to move. The fundamental phase of the movement is that of packaging and transport.

Transporting a piano is also very delicate because wood is sensitive to temperatures. The trucks we use at Vancouver Storage Moving & Logistics are to ensure the safest possible transportation to the good. Furthermore, we must not forget the fragility of scratches or damage to the asset. We therefore only use the best shockproof materials to avoid causing any kind of damage.

For transport, the most suitable equipment is identified concerning the type of dwelling, its location, any impediments, etc.

In conclusion

If in your moving and packaging you are not fully interested in the safe transfer of your property then good luck, rely on your do-it-yourself online tutorials. If, on the other hand, you consider the piano moving an important object for you, rely only on professionals in the moving and packaging sector.

With Vancouver Storage, you have the guarantee that your goods will not damage during transport thanks to the great professionalism and care of our staff. Furthermore, with the Vancouver Storage Protection Plan, our exclusive accessory service, you have an all risks covered insurance on assets during all phases of the moving and packaging.

Do you want to keep the piano in our custody and take it back later? We offer storage and warehousing options for you.
Are you organizing your moving and packaging and don’t know where to start? Moving stress is literally eating you alive and you can’t figure out how to get out of it?

This is the article for you.

We will explain how to get out of the stress that accompanies this delicate moment of your life.

Moving in itself can be a great source of stress. Among the various causes we can find the change of city, and therefore the social context and the relationships related to it. The change of job, therefore the need to reintegrate into a productive context from scratch. Furthermore, in such situations, you may find yourself facing problems related to moving tout court, I will list some of them:

Possible damage to furniture or objects to be brought into the new home;
Delays in the delivery of goods;
Family at the mercy of events;
The mover does not offer the answers requested.
The damage that a bad move can bring, in addition to a link to stress, also refers to the economic factor. If you think that the move is already a delicate situation in itself and you DO NOT want to rely on “improvised” personnel, I invite you to follow what I am about to tell you.

Moving Anxiety – Don’t go it alone moving stress

Whether you are single or have a family with you it is important to understand that, especially in moving and packaging, doing everything yourself can cost you very dearly.

Coordination with customs, permits, organization of the transport of goods is just some of the activities that you will need to regulate.

It doesn’t work like in the national relocation where we need less bureaucracy and coordination.

A multitude of players is involving in the move and contribute to the success of the move.

Not only would you go crazy doing all the coordination tasks on your own but it is practically impossible.

Moving stress – Rely on a specialist

The statement in the title may seem obvious but it is not. Many people rely on “improvised personnel” to carry out operations that instead require professionalism, order, and competence. Professionalism is given only by trained, qualified staff, used to being on the field. The real moving specialist manages your movements with the same care and attention that you would use yourself. He is also able to better deal with delicate situations and is strongly focused on problem-solving.

Not to mention the technical characteristics that distinguish a Moving Company (company) specialized in the sector from an improvised one:

The ability to offer consultants who can answer your questions and concerns
Expert who, without any commitment, carries out an inspection of the house;
The clarity in the delivery methods and timing;
Complete post-move assistance.

Be the best moving and packaging movers in Vancouver.

The blog was born from the need of people to find information as truthful and complete as possible on a sector and the possibility of requesting a free quote for this type of service.

We have started to take our first steps in this fascinating sector as Employees in Removals and Shipping companies. We have been able to distinguish ourselves and receive the qualification of Foreign Traffic Coordinators, up to becoming Head of Department Managers.

Do you have questions about the Simple Removal System? Here’s what we can do for you

If you have any curiosity or questions about the world of moving and packaging Richmond, write us if possible in the comments of the blog or via email and we will gladly answer you (free), compatibly with our commitments. In this blog, you will find a series of very important articles on moving and packaging, which we advise you to read carefully. You will see that, if you read all the free materials thoroughly, you will find answers to many of your questions on how to move safely, with a guaranteed result.
If you are looking only for a downward cost estimate, know that we do not give away quotes in this blog. Let alone downward! What we give you through this blog is the ability to really understand if you are making the right choices for your move.

If you want to understand how not to go wrong in the phases of the move, leave your details below and you will immediately receive our ebook “How to organize a moving and packaging”!

If you want more information about our services visit:
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