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Best Road Map for Successful Hair Surgery

Like any other medical surgery, cosmetic or hair restoration surgeries also require a clear roadmap to become successful. You first have to find a reputable clinic, consult with the best authentic doctor, and adhere to the pre-and post-operative care. Being a minor surgical procedure, hair-lowering surgery is sophisticated and demands utmost care to get the best results. This article will give you a clear road map to follow to achieve what you are looking for in an FUE hair transplant surgery.

Know the Cause of the Hair Loss 

Hair Lowering Surgery- Hair surgery

Hair loss is a common condition that has several causes. It can happen to anyone at the age of 25 to 70 years. In normal circumstances, you can lose 60 to 100 strands of hair in a day during the falling face. But when you start losing clumps of hair over a short period, it calls for concerns. Some of the obvious reasons that may cause hair loss include poor diet, illness, or stress. These causes can be reversed. However, other severe causes, such as male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia, are irreversible. These two hair loss conditions are quite common in men. Men as young as 25 years can experience this hair loss condition. The best method to know the cause of your hair loss is to visit a doctor who will do a few tests to determine the real cause. 

Get Tested By a Specialist Doctor 

When hair starts thinning, and you suspect that it is not normal, don’t conclude anything unless you get professional consultation from a dermatologist or a specialist doctor. The doctor will study the family history of baldness and carry out a few tests to determine the cause first before offering treatment options. Another test that the doctor is going to perform is the pull test. This test involved pulling a few hair strands from your scalp to ascertain how many will come out. He will closely examine the hair shaft with a light microscope to determine the cause of the fall. The doctor can also do a blood test to know whether an illness causes hair loss. Hairline lowering surgery is an effective procedure; therefore, don’t rush to get it if you are not sure what is causing the hair loss in the first place. 

Choose the Best Doctor in the Industry 

If the doctor proves that you are suffering from a permanent hair loss condition and suggests a hair transplant as the only option to treat it, you need to look for the best aesthetic surgeon to perform the surgery. If you are eligible for the procedure, seeking treatment from the best doctor will determine the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedure’s outcome. The surgeon needs to have the precision of an artist combined with medical skill and experience. Before zeroing to a particular clinic or doctor to perform the surgery, do your research first online or physically visit particular clinics to know how they operate. Hair transplant is a costly affair, and failing to secure a reputable clinic may have adverse impacts. 

The best way to find a reputable doctor or clinic is by joining online forums that allow you to air out your hair loss condition. Once you get doctor recommendations, correspond with the list of available doctors and ask them to send their client testimonials and organize for an appointment. Once you are content with what they offer, you can go ahead and pick your preferred doctor who will perform the procedure. 

Choose the Approach of the Procedure 

You will need your doctor’s help to decide which hair transplant option is suitable, based on the cause of your hair loss condition. There are two hair transplant approaches to choose from. One of them is called the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant and the FUT hair transplant. The follicular unit extraction involves removing hair follicles individually from the donor area and transferring them into the recipient or balding area. FUE is an ideal procedure for patients suffering from male pattern baldness since no incisions are made, and the patient heals much faster.

On the other hand, we have FUT, which means follicular unit transplantation. The process involves cutting out a strip of skin with hair follicles and dissecting it into smaller follicular units before implantation. The hair graft harvesting method differentiates FUT from FUE; otherwise, the rest of the procedure is pretty much the same. 


To get away from the embarrassment hair loss causes, the hair transplant procedure is a great solution. However, you need to have a clear road map of how to get this hair restoration procedure. The first step is to seek advice from a specialist doctor, who will tell you whether you need a hairline lowering surgery or not. If you are eligible, you can continue with the rest of the steps.
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