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Best Things to Do in the Philippines

If you are searching for a fantastic and mesmerizing weekend through the tropical haven. Then you can rely on the Philippines which lies on the Pacific Ocean. The ocean is a great blend of over seven thousand islands where you can find the best things to do while touring the Philippines.

In simple words, we can say that its landscape features the scenic beauty of natural wonders. Through those wonders, you can discover the distinctive sights across the most prominent beaches. Every island encompasses something renowned and special.

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Breathtaking Adventures to Joy in the Philippines

While it is serving coastlines, there are many other fascinations to joy and grab a thrilling moment through the Philippines. Since the country’s stretch, the Philippines tour urges the tourists to plan. With this, you would seek proper directions and get convenient accommodation featuring the plethora of thrilling tasks to Do in the Philippines.

The Hanging Coffins in Sagada or Chocolate Hills in Bohol in Sagada are isolated destinations. But reviewing or listening to such destinations is not completely satisfying until you spot them while in the Philippines.

Moreover, considering the best time to visit the Philippines. Take a break from your busy schedule and book a trip to the top tourist place along with the best things to do in the Philippines.

White Beach, Boracay

It has an endless beachside which would be perfect for your trip whether you are planning to travel to the Philippines with your partner. After the coastlines have always been the perfect option ever for spending romantic dates.

Although the beaches are prime attractions to couples, you can spot the white beach with your family too. After all, this beach is distinctive among others, so you should not miss this beautiful core of attraction while you are in the Philippines.

While spotting the White Beach-populous attraction to explore in Boracay, you can seek a great chance to ride the boat and explore the water activities too!

Moreover, you can relax lying on the hammock and chair under the palm tree queued at the white beach. Massage is another satisfying option you can enjoy at the beachside and get complete relief from the pain in your body. But you must book such a relaxing option at the beachside.

Snorkeling is the prime activity that you should try while spotting White beach. Moreover, if you are done with it, you can switch to the banana boat ride. Otherwise, buy tickets for the glass-bottom boat.


It is one of the oldest and most renowned cities to explore in the Philippines. It boasts a thriving metropolis lying among the oldest churches in colonial history. Strolling along Manila on your feet, or preferring proper directions for the sightseeing tour through the century-old territory, the isolated city, where you will experience the most captivating tourist site and main landmarks and memorials. San Agustin Church is one of the famous structures that you can find while touring Manila.

Sangat Island

One of the unique islands lies in Coron which offers diving opportunities through many sunken ships for a long time to the visitors. Scuba diving is the only option that enables one to explore wrecked ships.

The Sunken ship into the depth of water has been in existence since world war-2. All the wrecked ships in the water, now have become shelter to the fishes. Transparent water enables one to view the underwater wildlife while scuba diving on istanbul escorts payment.

Since the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1944, Sangat Island has encompassed Multiple shipwrecks into the water lake. Irako Maru, Akitsushima Maru warship, and the Kyokuzan Maru are some of the connecting facts of the wars that you can explore while scuba diving at Sangat Island.

If you want to skip scuba diving and escape to the next adventure you can prefer a five-minute boat ride and enjoy the island treats.

Mayon Volcano

It is another option that you can choose to seek adventure while thinking of touring the Philippines. Mayon Volcano lies in the Albay under Luzon Island. It is a bustling stratovolcano with an elevation of more than twenty-four hundred meters. Here you can review the iconic cone peak.

Visitors on a wide range consider Mayon Volcano to cherish its peak sight from the ground. Natural treats throughout the national park grounds encompassing the volcano, where you can glimpse wildlife such as parakeets and many other birds.

You can apply for hiking while spotting Mayon Volcano. With this, you claim the height of the volcano, which might be a bit tricky to trek through the jungle, and harmful gasses are poured out near the peak. So ensure to take some caution while planning for the trekking volcano. March to May is the right time to visit the Mayon Volcano when the rainy season starts. You can get an organized escape after Manila to head out to this attraction.

Chocolate hills

The next option is to leverage the best Things to Do in the Philippines. Chocolate hills are a geological wonder that exists on Bohol’s Island. It boasts natural phenomena which are truly incompatible with any fascination throughout the county.

Due to its captivating unique shape and vibes, UNESCO has declared it a world heritage. To maintain its glamor over 1,200 small mountains, UNESCO has discovered its high security to it. With this, none of the tourists could spoil the natural Phenomenon.

The site was once under the water lake. Chocolate Hills is rich in greenery during the wet season. But on dry days it turns into a chocolate color. That’s the reason behind its name.


Renowned Places like La Mesa Eco Park, Angat Rainforest, and Ecological Park are the only options that enable people to glimpse the birds of various breeds. Throughout the national park across more than seven thousand islands, you can view 600 species of different birds.

barred rails, little egrets, osprey, and migratory birds are the frequent bird-watch that you can easily find in the national park throughout popular zoos or national parks. Besides all this glimpse of the Philippines amazing fact, if you missed the best chance to grab a flight to the philippine. Talk to a WestJet Agent is another option to travel to the destination at the best price.

Where to Stay in the Philippines?

Here’s the list of accommodations as per the places that you can choose to seek secure shelter in the Philippines.


  • Mad Monkey Boracay
  • Lanterna Hotel Boracay
  • Frendz Resort & Hostel
  • Kaiyana Boracay Beach Resort


  • Cozy Bungalow
  • Sea Breeze Hostel
  • Ecostay Panglao Resort Hotel


  • The Triangle Siargao
  • Hiraya Surf Hostel
  • Seasalt Siargao


  • Private Room in Friendly Flat
  • Country Living Hostel
  • Casa de Miguelitos

Abra Province 

  • Cajigal Farm Bungalow
  • Escolta’s Home Lodge
  • Hotel Felicidad


  • Practical Place with Cebu Mountain View
  • Ola! Hostel Cebu
  •  Montebello Villa Hotel


  • Coffee by the Trees
  •  B & R Hostel and Bar
  •  Atremaru Jungle Retreat

Best Time to Visit Philippines

One of the prime tasks is that most consider the best time to visit the Philippines. Then let us tell you about the dry season, which is the best time to explore beautiful islands in the Philippines. Within November to April, the dry season begins. Or else, you can even choose May and November to visit the destination. During these months you find a low crowd but the climate is still lovely.
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