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Best tips to hang open air curtains professionally

Designing your porch with open-air curtains is a simple method to add solace and style to your lawn. Additionally, open-air curtains offer an extraordinary method to keep your patio cool in the late spring while likewise adding shading and character to your open-air desert garden. Curtains will likewise mellow open-air commotion from close-by streets and neighbors, giving you security and smoothness.

While adding open-air style livens up your space, you must be cautious with what you pick. It’s significant to choose outside materials that are blur and water-safe, else you’ll be left with a blemish once the mid-year is finished. Likewise, you should search for explicit highlights when picking curtains, similar to grommets and weighted sew, to guarantee they hang accurately.

We’ve assembled a couple of various thoughts on the most proficient method to hang open-air curtains to draw you one stage nearer to accomplishing the porch you had always wanted.

Step by step instructions to Hang Curtains with a Rod

An exemplary curtain rod is the least demanding strategy if your porch or pergola has wood segments or presents on permit you to bore into it. Ensure you pick an outside curtain rod, which will be more strong than indoor rods and treated to be blur and rustproof. To make a durable open-air space, match the rod style and shading to your open-air entryway handles and porch furniture.

Likewise, you can utilize curtain rods that work through pressure; however, these will possibly work if your curtain is lightweight. On the off chance that you need to balance outside curtains without boring openings, strain rods are the best approach. This technique is particularly useful for decks with segments made of stone or block.

You can likewise utilize roof-mounted equipment for block or stone deck dividers. These will screw into your deck roof or radiates and stretch out down with a circle to get the curtain rod or wire through.

Interfacing Curtain Rods

Use corner joints to interface curtain rods around corners and make a persistent progression of the window hangings. This progression empowers you to pull curtain boards together so you can keep out daylight on splendid days. Clasp your curtains together utilizing self-locking pins or clothespins to hold them back from blowing separated.

The most effective method to Hang Curtains with Wire

Setting up your outside curtains with wire can be a cheap method to adorn your terrace. You will require a hefty check steel wire rope, eye snares, and divider secures for this technique.

In the first place, utilize the eye snares and divider anchors to tie down one finish of the wire to a close-by structure, like a shaft or post of your porch or the outside of your home. Keep the wire rigid as you secure it to a restricting design. Before getting it, run the wire through the curtain grommets or board.

If you are utilizing steel wire or rope to mount your curtains across an enormous space, you might need to add extra backings; else, it could hang in the center.

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Step by step instructions to Hang Outdoor Curtains Across Large Spaces

As referenced beforehand, rods and wires can hang in the middle if holding a few curtain boards. Adding focus upholds is the most ordinarily utilized alternative, however, imagine a scenario in which you don’t need curtain boards lumped in the focal point of your space.

A course cylinder might be the solution to your issues. Conductor tubing, otherwise called electric metallic tubing, will give a strong open-air curtain rod. Be that as it may, you will require some DIY experience and devices. You can see the full guidelines in this blog entry.

You can likewise investigate certain tracks, accessible for roof and divider mounting.

Step by step instructions to Hang Curtains on Your Deck or Balcony

An outside deck or gallery makes solace in both little and enormous spaces. In any case, hanging open-air curtains can be a test on the off chance that you need open-air support radiates. However long your deck or gallery has a short fence or divider, you can construct a custom arrangement.

To begin with, track down a wooden pillar that is sufficiently tall to convey the length of curtains you need. Paint the wood a splendid shading utilizing open-air paint for a varied vibe, or color it to coordinate with the remainder of your deck for a more customary look.

Screw the wooden bars at one or the flip side of your deck or overhang. Append eye snares close to the highest point of each post (make certain to quantify cautiously, so the snares all adjust). Slide your curtains onto an outside curtain rod or channel tubing and afterward slide the rod into the eye snares. Ensure t

If you would prefer not to screw posts into your deck dividers or don’t have deck dividers, you can without much of a stretch make independent posts with concrete and a can. Assemble the accompanying supplies:

  • 5-gallon containers
  • WD-40
  • Fast-setting concrete
  • Tall wooden pillars

Buy however many cans as you will have radiated – you can either leave the containers set up or eliminate them for a more cleaned look.

Shower within the containers with the WD-40, totally covering within. Adhere to the blending directions of your fast-setting concrete in one of the 5-gallon containers. Be certain not to top it off as embeddings the bar will raise the concrete level. Shake the can to make air rises in the blend ascend to the top. Then, focus the post on the pail. Backing it with scrap wood to stand firm on it in the situation while the concrete sets. Rehash with different cans and bars.

Stand by in any event 12 hours before endeavoring to eliminate the pails. To eliminate the pails, tenderly mallet the sides to slacken the edges. If this doesn’t work, utilize a utility blade to cut the pail off.

Then again, you can leave the pails set up and paint them. Another alternative is to buy an enormous vase wherein to put the pails. Fill the pot with gardening soil around the concrete can and plant with blossoms or succulents to light up your porch.

Significant Patio Curtain Features


Tiebacks permit you to pick the measure of daylight you need to allow in and add extra tone and pizazz to your porch.

Most curtain boards accompany coordinating with tiebacks. In any case, you can likewise utilize bits of splendidly hued lace to supplement and match your current stylistic theme. Purchase your strip in mass so you can supplant it on the off chance that it doesn’t hold up to the climate. Strips are a great choice on the off chance that you like to change your style out dependent on the season. For a rich look, have a go at utilizing tufts as your curtain tiebacks.

If your porch has huge sections, you will need to append a snare for the curtain pullback. For more slender posts, you can either connect a snare or tie the strip or rope around the shaft.


We suggest discovering a curtain hostile to rust grommets. Grommets make opening and shutting your curtain simple and more averse to stall out on any equipment that sticks out. Get through curtains with texture tops can catch and be trying to move.

Weighted Hems

In case you’re stressed over your open-air curtain boards blowing around, weighted stitches are an absolute necessity. These can have a major effect on the off chance that you live in a blustery region. In any case, on the off chance that you are anticipating high breezes, we suggest tying the curtains back for good measure.

Curtain Size

Pick a curtain that will a few creeps off of the ground. A hauling curtain will absorb water and gather soil rapidly. Settle on custom-length curtains if your space is certifiably not a standard size.

When estimating your space for curtains, make certain to consider where the curtains will be mounted. You ought to consistently mount your curtain rod 2-3 creeps over the opening, so you should consider this while deciding the appropriate size.

Likewise, remember the width and wanted completion. When requesting custom curtains, numerous organizations will add 200-300% to the width measurement to accomplish this look. Standard size curtain boards commonly are 50 crawls across. If this is the thing that you are requesting, buy 2-3 a bigger number of boards than the width of your space to give full inclusion without pulling the curtains tight.

Outside curtains can change your space, add genuinely necessary shade, and cause your home to feel more like home. Give them a shot on your back deck, deck by the pool, gallery, entryway patio, or the entirety of the abovementioned!

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