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 Best Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in New Orleans

 Best Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in New Orleans

Have you ever been to America? Or should I ask, do you wish to go? Most of you wish to visit the US at least once in a lifetime. Yes, people who love to travel the world have America on their list. And when it comes to America, New Orleans is one of the most visited cities around the world. It has a unique vibe that you simply can’t experience and feel anywhere else. The blog post talks about some of the Best Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in New Orleans. The city reflects the jazz culture the most. However, you can find a variety of cultures being blended in this city very beautifully.

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Moreover, during this pandemic, it takes care of all the necessary guidelines and makes each of the passengers strictly follow them. Hence, the transmission rate gets very low if you travel with Delta Airlines. Now let’s talk about the beautiful destination to visit in New Orleans.

French Quarter

French Quarter is on the top of the list of tourists when they come to visit New Orleans. Why so? This is so because the architectural beauty of this place gathers more and more tourists every year. Also, it stands along the Mississippi River. You won’t believe that some of the buildings of this destination is standing for the last 300 years or more. You just can’t deny the significance of this site.  

Talking of the most known streets of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is nothing but a cherry on the cake. The street is usually calm and composed during the day. But you will not able to recognize it for the same during the nights. Yes, it turns to something very magical stunning, loaded with jazz spots being reflected in the hotels, buildings, shops, and galleries. 

National WWII Museum

How well do you know the WWII story? Well, you might have read pages on it, but this museum tells it all in a most lively fashion. It is bifurcated into 3 sections. The first se3ction talks and presents everything about the war in the Pacific. Whereas the second section reflects the war in Europe. And the third section is completely devoted to the air carriers and 

aviation used in WWII.

Tourists get to see black and white documentaries talking about the real-life experiences of the war and the items involved in it.

Preservation Hall

The building is a small but very intimate setting for jazz music. It is called the preservation hall because the visitors here get to explore all sorts of arts by the traditional and local jazz artists. Once you are in the city, New Orleans, decide a day to visit this place. And you need to make sure that you come here in time.

We say this because there is no fixed opening or closing time for this attraction. People get to know the timings from the list being posted on the gate of this old building on a daily basis. 

City Park

Spreading around over 1,300 acres of land, City Park of New Orleans has several other attractions for its visitors. Some of the major attact5ions of the City Park include the Museum of Art, the Botanical Garden, and the Sculpture Garden.

Moreover, you can bring your children to the Carousel Amusement Park. they can enjoy the different rides all day long. On the other hand, the place also has widespread playgrounds such as tennis courts and golf courses. Apart from all this, there is one oak tree standing on its land which claims to be 800 years old. 

St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral is also one of the best tourist attractions and places to visit in New Orleans. It situates in the northern part of Jackson Square. When it comes to some of the oldest churches of the US in continuous use, St. Louis Cathedral holds the first place.

A Frenchman named Don Andres Almonester de Roxas contributed a lot to build this beautiful church. Moreover, he has contributed a lot from his fortune to rebuild the city after it caught its second great fire. 


Garden District

This destination is full of lush green trees and bushes. The best to explore this place is to do so by roaming all around the garden. Then, you can visit the prosperous mansion standing on the same property.

Garden District is also known for having the homes of several celebrities. Most of the visitors come here to witness these. Also, you can enjoy the coffee and snacks in the cafe and coffee shops. To have a better insight into the history and culture of the place, you can even hire guides. Some of the must-visit attractions are Prytania Street,  First Street, and  Camp Street.

Steamboat Natchez

Tourists consider the Steamboat Natchez the best way to experience a ride on the Mississippi River. Also, you can learn a lot about the city by going on a ride on this cruise. 

The best part of this activity is that you get a variety of narration regarding the city and at the same time, you have the option to have lunch on the cruise.

If you choose to visit during some special events of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, and other holidays. So if you want to have the experience of such events, you must make your flight booking to New Orleans during any of these days.

Also, ensure your flight booking as soon as possible. Because the world is behind these events. So you better pick up your phones and call Delta en español Telefono, and quickly get your flight bookings done.

Mardi Gras World

The world knows New Orleans for its great Gras celebration. In fact, people wait for this time to arrive and make their travel plans accordingly, only to witness this grand and elaborate celebration. The whole city consumes its visitors during this time of the year.

Here also, you can hire guided tours so that you don’t miss anything very special and entertaining. The place hosts a lot of events in various studios.

Audubon Zoo

Well, if you are an animal lover, you must visit Audubon Zoo. it is situated in  Audubon Park. In fact, if you talk about one of the main highlights of this park, Audubon Zo is the name. It is home to numerous animals and species. Children will definitely love this place.

Therefore, we have created this list of Best Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in New Orleans. We hope that all this information helps you all to plan your days in New Orleans. However, the list should not stop here because there are many more things to do in the city. But is next to impossible to talk about each and everything th place has in one go. 

Also, it is very important to follow the COVID-19 guideline while you are taking flights. So make sure to get yourselves tested before you step out of your respective houses. 


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