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Best Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal

In the present situation, people are advised to avoid going outside, and for making it possible, most people need to work from home. For this, they need a good WiFi connection, and without it working from home would be very difficult. Sometimes we face problems with our WiFi connection, and we must know how to boost it. Here are some ways to fix a WiFi connection.

Get a Stronger Antenna

Generally, a WiFi manufacturer does not give a durable antenna in WiFi to cut its cost. In this way, they save their money, but eventually, consumers face problems. So while buying a WiFi router, one must take care of its antenna. The antenna must be long and covered with rubber to make it protective.

The antenna must have a good gain of the signals. The signals are measured in decibels that are dBi; most of the antennae have their signal gain strength between 4-5 dBi, to enhance the WiFi one must replace these antennae with 9dBi antenna.

Select a Good Place for Your Router

The most crucial consideration to boost a WiFi connection is where you keep your WiFi router because WiFi signals can be interrupted by electromagnetic waves. So if one keeps their WiFi router near a metallic body, then there is a high chance of signals getting absorbed by such objects.

Keep Your Router Updated

To keep your router safe and in good working condition, you need to protect it from malware. If a router gets infected by malware, it will reduce its performance, and after sometimes it becomes useless. To keep the WiFi connection safe, one must update its password from time to time so that others can not hack the password.

While updating your WiFi router, you must take care of all the updated details and never interrupt any of the processes. If the router stops responding, in this case, never disconnect the power button directly, give the router some time to get fixed and then turn it off and restart it.

Switch To a Different WiFi Channel

Most users don’t even know that, like television channels, there are many WiFi channels on which a WiFi router can be broadcast. Most users use their WiFi on the default channel that causes the massive traffic jam on that channel due to this all the users face problems, but it can be fixed by changing the channel.

To change the WiFi channel, you need to go to the settings, click the channel setting option. Then select the desired channel and wait until the router restarts.

Use The Latest WiFi Technologies

You must use the latest updated technology for the best experience. New routers are coming with high bandwidth technology with many antennas that enhance the signal. An ideal router must be in budget and be able to serve at least for 5-6 years, which is how long it usually takes to develop a new WiFi technology.

These were some tips to boost and take care of your router to get the best from a WiFi connection.

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