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Best Ways To Manage Depression in Recovery

The National Institute on Drugs report showed that people with drug and substance addiction have higher chances of getting depressive disorder. Depression affects physical and emotional health, causing feelings such as sadness, loneliness, and fatigue.

Listen To Music

Listening to music reduces muscle tension, reduces anxiety, and increases self-esteem and motivation. Listen to songs that encourage you in your recovery journey. You can also learn to play musical instruments and dance to manage depression.

Avoid Alcohol

Taking alcohol can interfere with sleep, which helps to reduce depression. While people use alcohol to fix their current feelings, it can worsen depression symptoms. Drinking affects the functionality of the brain, which may lead to risky behaviors and depressive episodes.


Helping others gives you a sense of purpose. It’s also an excellent way to connect, socialize and build skills such as accountability and the ability to work with others. Spending time in voluntary activities keeps you busy and prevents negative thoughts and relapse.

Get Counselling

Counseling is very crucial in early recovery. A counselor will help you cope with trauma and all the stressors. For practical help, let the counselors know everything you are going through. You can also look for group, family, and marriage counseling.

Eat the Right Food

What you eat has a significant impact on your well-being and mood. Avoid sugary foods and drinks because they prevent the brain from coping with stress. Instead, eat whole grains, vitamins, omega -3 fatty acids, zinc, fruits, and vegetables to fight depression symptoms. Ensure you are hydrated by taking eight glasses of water daily.

Join a Support Group

It is easier to manage depression during recovery when you have a sound support system. Having people you can trust gives you hope and assurance that you aren’t alone. Studies show that patients with support networks have lower chances of relapse. This is because the support provides compassion, and you’ll not have a reason to look for support elsewhere. If you are far from a support group, you can join an online group and enjoy long-term benefits.

Have Fun

The first weeks of recovery are emotionally and physically challenging, so getting out and having fun is essential. You can attend a local festival, games club, or watch a movie with sober friends. Such good-time moments will help you relax and clear away stress.


During exercise, the brain produces endorphins, a chemical that helps to reduce depressive mood, stress and improve sleep. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America study shows that physically active people have lower chances of getting depression. Start by simple exercising such as running, walking, jogging, or swimming.

Sleep Well

The body requires seven to eight hours of quality sleep to rest. While asleep, your body also repairs itself, so, set a good sleeping routine and enjoy the benefits. If you are having difficulties sleeping, exercise before going to bed.

Seek Medical Treatment

Depression affects how you think, act and feel. Without proper treatment, the symptoms can persist and lead to hopelessness, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. With treatment, depression is manageable. However, treatment differs from one person to another, so avoid self-medication and seek medical care.

Spend Time Outside

Sunlight has significant benefits on your overall health. Studies show that sunlight can regulate your body’s functioning and sleep patterns and impact your moods. Getting out will also encourage you to be social and alleviate depressive thoughts.

Depression goes hand in hand with addiction, so it is best to find ways to fight both dual diagnoses. Apart from medication, you can manage depression by getting enough sleep, exercise, group support, counseling, and getting enough rest and sunlight.

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