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Best Website Builders for Musicians

There are plenty of website building services that will help you create a variety of websites. But the list of those services boils down to a few names that offer the best web-building service, especially for the musicians. A musician specific web builder comes into the picture when you want to sell your records, create your label, create a platform for contacts and booking, or for expanding your music business. The possibilities are endless. To help you figure out the best ones, we have listed the best services you can lay your hands on:


Creating an online presence has never been easier. Wix offers customizable templates, advanced features, personalized SEO plans, and much more. You can start from scratch or choose from over 500 templates for your website. The Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will create a personalized website for you based on your answers to the questions. Management tools will help you to maintain and analyze your online image and business. The freemium model makes its services affordable for the budding artists, as their premium plan starts at $13/ month only.


Their services start at $29 per month in exchange for fascinating, responsive, and customizable themes, layouts, marketing, and more. They offer to handle your marketing and payment procedures across multiple platforms to make the monetary exchange safe and secure. If you don’t use their payment services, you may end up paying about 2% of the transaction fee. Their e-commerce features, like abandoned cart recovery and multi-channel integration, will help you maintain and increase the sales. On their website, you can enter your email ID and enjoy 14-days of the free trial of their services.


Unleash your creativity using BandZoogle’s flexible designing tools, or choose from their responsive and customizable templates for smartphones. The preset layouts make way for creating the professional kit. Connect to your fans and the musical tribe with SEO tools and social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, and more. You can add sections for selling tickets, merch, music, and earn monthly income by offering subscriptions plans for your music. You can also raise funds using the Crowdfunding tool for fan-supported music projects. Their plans start at $9/month if billed annually.


Squarespace is famous for its uber-cool and industry-leading designs and templates and high-quality features. Showcase your portfolio on SquareSpace’s customizable gallery and password-protected pages for sharing exclusive work with your clients. Utilize the blogging tool to make an impression on your viewers. The built-in SEO tools offer integrated features and guides for better engagement on your page. You can also get an in-depth analysis of your page. Enjoy a 14-days free trial without any credit card before subscribing to any plans.

Music Glue

It lets you create a domain name and customize the page without any ads. You can choose to create your account as an artist, label, management, merch, or agent. Every category has its own set of benefits and features. They offer advanced features, tools, and a special section for pre-orders. Their services are free, but you may end up paying up to 10% of your profits on everything you sell.


You can create your domain name on this French website on-the-go. With three easy steps, you can open our online store. Their service relies on plugins for supporting your music. The essential functions are available for free, but you will have to make a one-time payment of $12 for selling merch and tickets. Later, a 5% commission will be charged as per your sales. Reach out to more people by connecting your YouTube channel, and social media handles on the website.

These are some of the best and most affordable services you’ll find as a musician. These services will help you integrate your business and passion at a common platform. Analyzing your online image, reach, and engagements will become more relaxed, time-saving, and hassle-free.

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