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Bored While Working Out ? Get Customized Spotify Soundtrack for Workout

Nowadays, workout is crucial to be fit and keep yourself healthy. Exercise also enhances the immune system of the body. But when you are bored during the workout, then you can’t give your best during the sessions. Many people get bored during their workout, and currently, when the gyms are closed, everyone is doing the exercise at home.

If you use Spotify during the workout, then here is good news for you. Spotify has introduced the new soundtrack for workout tools, which arranges the playlist as per your requirement. It uses your preferences to automatically program the playlist while doing any activity or length of any workout.

Currently, Spotify offers several customized playlists based on your search history or listening habits. You can see all those songs under the section of “Made For You.” But that playlist created by Spotify in the soundtrack for your workout is different in that context. You can customize the playlist as per your workouts and forget about selecting your songs during exercise.

For starting this feature, you need to open the app and then open the tool in the browser window. You can’t perform this setting on your mobile app or desktop. You need to log in to your account and open the Spotify account before you reach this setting.

The Soundtrack for Workout tool will ask some questions from you as it helps the app to determine your music preference. Those questions are:

  • What will be the total duration of your workout? You will find several options like 15, 60, 90 minutes, or you will workout for more than two hours.
  • Whether you want music, podcast, or both. If your workout session is around 15 minutes, you can select one; Otherwise, you will be ok with the specific content during the workout.
  • What is the type of workout? Like Yoga, running, lifting, Pilates, and many more.
  • Who is your partner during the workout, or are you doing the workout alone?
  • What is your vibe during the workout? Like a peaceful vibe or heavy workout.
  • At last, your preferred podcast genre or preferred music.

There is an optional feature that allows you to add an image to the playlist, and finally, you have to tap on the “Soundtrack My Workout.” After that a new screen gets loaded and you just have to tap on the “Listen Now” option from there. The tapping on the option allows you to view your playlist on the new window. As you have logged in your Spotify account in the browser, the updated settings will appear on the playlists in the desktop and mobile apps.

When you try this feature, you will get some interesting results. It is something like Spotify will count as your listening history and the preference you entered during the tool’s answering. It is like a perfect combination of both the things that give you an ideal playlist for your workout. The interesting part of the app is what it recommends for you or what you love to hear during the workout. There might be some differences in the reality and the expectation, but you can change it as per your preference.

You can customize the playlist, or you can even shuffle the selected music that might feel more interesting.

Source:-  Customized Spotify Soundtrack for Workout
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