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Braided Hair Styles | Blogers Hair Style

Rope dummy pony here is a Braided Hair Styles hairstyle that you can create without any help
and in minutes. It’s all about brushing back your highlighted hair and wrapping it
with an elastic that forms a simple ponytail. Then you should finish spinning the
strands from the pony into the rope twist.

2. Refined Five-Strand Style Five-strand hair braid styles like this one are easier
to achieve than they look. Here, you just have to separate the hair into five
strands and braid it. However, the color of the strands and the way the design is
finished in a lovely fishtail also help to enhance the overall look.

3. Coola This hair shade is a mix of brown and blonde and will work on most skin
tones. It has a lovely braided design that requires forming a simply brushed
ribbon and decorating it with some pretty hair accessories.

4. French Cord Twist Pony The first step in creating this beautiful hairstyle is to
section the strands into two. You should make another ponytail, and then braid a
strand from the tail into some lovely French rope twists. There are also some
chains of pastel shades that are the right idea for the look.

5. Pause Infinite Braid Hair braiding styles like this take some skill and a lot of
practice to pull off. This is a suspended infinity twist that requires braiding strands
in an elegant waterfall style and leaves some free strands underneath to create a
half design.

6. Gorgeous waterfall braids Sometimes you have to try new styles to get a
hairstyle that will make you look classy, which is more so if you have a lovely
natural hair like this. This hair has medium volume and slight waves, making it
perfect for creating an elaborate waterfall braid that transforms the hair into a
bizarre half-up style.

7. Accent braided into a ponytail a center section, accent twists on the sides,
and a ponytail are how this chic headpiece is built. This design starts with accent
braids in the center section, braiding them on the sides before joining the rest of
the hair in the back to form a lovely ponytail.

8. Dutch Bright 5 Strands A hair braid style like this will never go out of style, so
you can always be confident that it will give you a stylish look. It’s five strands of
Dutch in bright pastel hair flowing down the middle of the head.
9. Variety of Braids Sometimes you have to combine different styles to get the
perfect twist for your hair. This design is all about forming a four-strand lace braid
that connects to a medium-sized French braid in the middle and two smaller four-
strand twists around.

10. Cross Loop Side Braid Ladies who want to give their blonde hair extra
elegance should go for a sophisticated look, this one. It’s about braiding the sides
into a crisscross loop crisis braid that hangs on one side of the face, accentuating
all of her strands of facial features.

11. Braided Rainbow Hair The rainbow shade in this design comes from painting
some pastel shades including blue, pink, yellow, and green, and it is the most
prominent element in the headgear. However, the intricate weave pattern is also
sleek and attractive on top. The design is a product of a skilled and creative Dutch

12. Suspended 7 Strand Holland This design is also a Dutch braid, but its most
notable feature is that it uses a seven-strand and suspended style. The braid
starts at the front, but it has a diagonal flow that creates a unique design at the

13. Sexy Braided Red Hair Red is a great hair color and there is always a way to
elevate the way the hair is braided. In this design, it also imparts an intense
natural shine to the thick mane. But the braids are still the highlight of this look,
they form a double Dutch twist that flows on the sides and transforms into a
loose fishtail, ending in a messy bun at the back.

14. Rows of classy natural shine in this healthy hair is fabulous and it also has
an incredible length that makes things easy. Its weave style is about forming some
carefully planned rows stemming from a long and continuous weave.

15. Pretty Dutch Lace Weaving your threads is all about creativity, as this is
about making sure you always get a unique design. For this one, you’ll need to
weave a medium Dutch lace, starting at the front and forming an S at the back of
the head.

16. Side Braids Asymmetrical cuts give this short bob hairstyle a very attractive
shape, making it easy to style. For styling, you just have to introduce some short
braids on the sides, and one can have two like in this particular design or as many
as you want.

17. Amazing and Creative Lace Braid The striking pattern on this braid looks
very intricate, but it is a simple design that ladies use a lot of creativity to
enhance. It begins with a small lace braided top before transitioning to a French
twist. The French twist has a unique position, which is to create unique pattern

18. Stacked Combinations Hair braiding styles are all about stacking braids
creatively. The design entails forming a large French twist with most of the
strands and flowing the back and braiding a small Dutch twist.

19. Adorable Fishtail Crown this short hairstyle is also a redhead and the options
for such an amazing color style are endless. However, this design makes it simple
that involves braiding a medium fishtail to form a headband style.

20. Glamorous Round Lace For this elegant hairstyle, you have to create a
continuous lace braid forming a simple circle with the rest of the strands. Also,
this design has a simple Dutch braided loop in the middle that adds some extra
detail to the headgear.

21. Cute Bun Accent Sleek and voluminous buns at the back are the centerpieces
of prom headwear attraction. However, there are some lovely braids that accent
the sides and are finished with buns wrapped around the head.

22. Gorgeous Fishtail Crafted for this might look like a very simple hairstyle for
anyone who knows how to braid hair. It’s about dividing the hair into two sections

vertically. You should then braid each section into a large fishtail braid that flows
all the way to the back where it ends with a red ribbon bow.

23. Cute Blue Braid Your hair color will also vary when it comes to hair braid
styles. For this design, the huge twist has a simple Dutch touch, but the shade of
blue makes it look different.

24. Intricate and Stylish fishtail this fishtail braid looks intricate, but it’s still
very attractive and you can achieve it with a little extra effort. This design also
needs to accentuate the intricate fishtail in two thin braids.

25. Sleek Braid and 4-Strand Accents while this big, neat twist is enough to give
the blonde an elegant look some 4-strand accents on the sides help give it some
more beauty and make the design trendy.

26. Braided Lace combining braids with tight loops is fairly common when it
comes to hair braiding styles. This starts off with a tight and neat medium-sized
twist that transforms into a Dutch lace that wraps around a tight donut bun.

27. Messy and Wavy twists the look of most hair braid styles will always depend
on the color and type of hair. This long wavy mane comes in some beautiful
shades including honey brown and blonde tones and the braid of the design is a
messy fishtail with some loose twists from the sides.
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