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Buying guide: choosing the right stroller

Who says newborn necessarily say stroller! For future parents here is a wealth of information to identify the right criteria and carefully choose this essential equipment to travel with your child on a daily basis. Hull, carrycot, hammock, all-terrain, cane, double or triple: there is something for all ages and for all uses.

A stroller, for what age?

During the first months, the baby sleeps about 18 hours a day. The basket respects this lying position. The hammock, can be tilted to the maximum and thus act as a basket.

From 3 months, the child acquires the semi-seated position. It can therefore be placed in a shell or a car seat.

For 6 months, he chooses the sitting position. He then travels in a hammock.

Among its nine months and its first birthday, a stroller 2 e age, more manageable and light, becomes essential. She will be operational until she is 4 years old.

The right reflexes to adopt on a daily basis

Folding the stroller

  • Train so that you can fold the stroller without hesitation.
  • If you often have to fold your stroller, choose a model that folds with one hand so you can keep your baby in your arms.
  • If you have chosen a model equipped with a locking system to block the stroller when folded, it will not be able to slide and fall.

Safety and comfort above all

  • Check that you are comfortable with the clips that the chassis has. They are the ones who will ensure the proper fixing of your carrycot or your shell, and consequently, the safety of the child.
  • Take care of the regular mechanical maintenance of your stroller.
  • Never leave your baby alone in his stroller. Falls, but also pinched fingers are at the top of the ranking of the most frequent accidents.
  • Always check that the stop blocking device is engaged.
  • Check that nothing is hindering the rolling of the wheels: stones, grass or branches.

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Baby’s position

  • When the baby falls asleep, recline his seat.
  • The accessory – carrycot, shell, or hammock – should be fixed in front of the person pushing and holding the handlebars, especially during the child’s first months. He will be reassured to see the face of a loved one.
  • Between 9 to 12 months, the child can be placed facing the road, to discover the world and the landscape.
  • If you are in town, adjust the height so that it does not breathe in the exhaust pipes.
  • In thick and waterproof fabric, the cover protects the child from cold and humidity. Remember to wash it regularly to avoid the proliferation of bacteria or germs.

Which model of the stroller?

You have the choice between hammock, shell, or carrycot strollers.

If you have two or three close-aged children, twins, or triplets, some strollers have a frame designed to accommodate different combinations: a hammock and a shell or a hammock and a carrycot. They are called double strollers and triple strollers.

For parents who live in the city and have little storage capacity, a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-fold stroller can be used on public transport or on crowded sidewalks.

For families living in small towns, the quality of the wheels, shock absorbers, and the seat is an important criterion so that the child can enjoy comfortable walks.

Cane strollers

Opt for the cane stroller because it offers appreciable versatility. The cane stroller owes its name to its folding: it retracts in length and width. When folded, it really looks like a cane. It is also sometimes called the umbrella stroller. Handy and compact, it follows you wherever you go, including shopping or dining. The majority of cane strollers on the market weigh less than 10 kilos. Two cane strollers stand out in particular.

Double strollers

For parents of twins, the double stroller is THE solution. this model of stroller allows you to transport your two children at the same time without the slightest effort. Example with the double stroller from the Together range.

Trio strollers

The trio strollers allow true versatility in their use. From the carrycot, through the car seat, and the simple stroller, your toddler will be able to use all the possibilities of this model which consists of a structure on which are attached a carrycot, a car seat, and a hammock. The only drawback is that the whole takes up a lot of space. Now, all brands of strollers offer trio or “combined” ranges

Last advice before purchase

  • Check that your stroller complies with current safety standards.
  • A centralized braking system is very reassuring.
  • A rain cover is sometimes essential depending on your place of residence.
  • A large basket to store the groceries is always appreciated, whether you are city or country.
  • Three-wheeled strollers are known to offer better stability, which is essential for off-road rides.

The little stroller lexicon

Hood:  it shelters the child from the sun, wind, or rain.

Footmuff: it is a warm envelope to be attached to the stroller to protect the child from the cold.

Shell: it is also called maxi-cozy or car seat. It can be used until the child weighs 13 kilograms. Its function: to fit the baby’s body in a semi-seated position and protect it from possible shocks. The hull is equipped with a safety harness that must be attached. It can also be used as a sun lounger at home. The hull moves easily thanks to its handle.

Rain cover: transparent plastic cover that attaches to your stroller. It completely covers your child. Detach one of the four corners to ensure proper ventilation.

Hammock: it can fulfill two roles. Tilting, becomes a carrycot during the child’s first months. When it grows, the hammock receives the seated child. It can be fixed facing the pusher or facing the road, from the age of 9 months.

Carrycot: the carrycot refers to the pram. It is specially adapted to the infant because it allows him to lie down comfortably to guarantee him a quality sleep. It can be used as the main bed or an extra bed. Approved, it can use a car seat.

Umbrella: Small “parasol” which clips onto the top of the stroller. Flexible, the parasols orient themselves according to the sun.

Double or triple stroller: they accommodate triplets, twins, or children of close ages. They allow you to attach several different accessories that are suitable for each child.

Cane stroller: or umbrella stroller. It owes its name to its three-dimensional folding. Ultra-light, it can be used from birth if the hammock is tiltable 150 degrees or from 6 months when the newborn is held in a semi-sitting position.

All-terrain stroller: it is designed for long walks, often equipped with three wheels to ensure perfect stability, with various options such as for example a padded seat to guarantee the comfort of the child.

Travel system: a stroller is declared Travel System when it is possible to attach to it as desired: a carrycot and/or a shell.

Headpiece: they are found in car seats and hulls. They help maintain the child’s neck.

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