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BuzzShow Network: Blockchain-Powered Video Streaming & Sharing Platform

Video streaming platforms have established themselves as a primary source of entertainment. And that is why video content and video streaming platforms are increasing like fire in the jungle. No doubt, the good content, quality of content, and engagement that make this industry grow. But viewers and curators are also and anonymously part of these platforms.

Since this billion-dollar industry is ruled by massive for-profit corporations, it’s no wonder creative savants are underpaid or even unpaid to create the valuable material that drives revenue. viewers and curators are affected particularly badly. However, they do not share any revenue with advertisers, despite generating billions in advertising revenue. Subscription-based and pay-per-view media are the only ways to pay for content without ads, such that the difference in price with internet video providers is needlessly immense. 

Similarly, all centralized video streaming platforms require your personal details like email, location, and access to your files and images.

Blockchain Technology and Decentralization:

Blockchain technology acts as a Distributed Digital Ledger (DLT) and records all kinds of data. Systems developed with this technology are difficult to hack and damage. You cannot make any changes to the data. With high-security value, information about cryptocurrencies, crypto transactions, NFT ownership, and smart contracts is stored with this technology.

The blockchain is fully decentralized because it is based on independent network architecture. This means that the blockchain database is distributed over the network and is not set up and operated on a single dedicated server. The blockchain database is replicated and distributed across multiple copies in the network. This means that it is very unlikely that your data will be lost, modified, or corrupted. The various servers in your network are called “nodes”. Whenever a change or transaction is made to any of the nodes, the details are replicated and propagated throughout the network, eventually updating the database. All transactions are documented with an immutable encrypted signature called a “hash”.

Blockchain-based social video media:

With the advent of blockchain technology and the growing popularity of Bitcoin and cryptography, many platforms are built on top of blockchain technology. These platforms allow users to store their data in distributed systems. H. There is no central exclusive authority responsible for all data. In this way, the data is evenly and distributed across the servers on each network node. In addition, the decentralized platform supports all activities such as viewing, sharing, blogging, and streaming, providing a rewarding experience. End-to-end encryption provides a secure platform where rewards are evenly distributed.

Buzzshow Network – An Introduction

BuzzShow Network is a blockchain-based social media video network that rewards users with BuzzShow Goldies Tokens for participating on the network. It is among the first blockchain-based video social media platforms. In addition, It’s a user-friendly, fully decentralized platform. The goal of blockchain video platform is to provide a platform that prioritizes content creators, curators, and users’ demands. Goldies, BuzzShow Network’s native utility token, encourages users to create, distribute, and watch videos on the platform. This is the first fully functional social video platform, allowing anyone to join, create, and earn from it.

Benefits of a decentralized blockchain-based social video platform:

Decentralized blockchain-based platforms offer many advantages over centralized social media platforms. Some of the key benefits of a decentralized blockchain-based social media platform are:
Users do not need to trust the central authority. Unlike centralized platforms, the
decentralized platform provides freedom of expression. This freedom is complemented by enhanced data protection features. The
distributed network works towards the commercialization of users rather than the commercialization of platforms.
It is less likely that a single point of failure will occur.

Perks of BuzzShow Network

BuzzShow Network, an innovative new approach to the online video market that will give power back to the creators, curators, and consumers who make up the market’s core foundation. The Network uses a decentralized ledger to allow users, content creators, and curators to assign value to each other’s services without a central authority taking the lion’s share. An individual can earn money when every time they watch a video and share it. BuzzShow rewards and empowers curators and viewers.

When users upload their first video to the platform, they will be rewarded financially. 

Another advantage is the possibility of creating channels and posting videos for free. Content creators do not have the option to pay for premium services. It’s absolutely free for everyone. 

Online Video Storage with IPFS

In order to avoid using a central control center for the videos, BuzzShow is using IPFS. Decentralized storage of videos is thus ensured. Consequently, any connection problems in a specific region do not affect the rest of the files. Furthermore, subdivisions of the videos will be created so that they can still be retrieved if a problem occurs in the blockchain. Whenever content is created it is always secured.

Unique Features of BuzzShow Network: 

  • On the platform, users will earn money for curating, streaming, and sharing videos. Even before the site’s demand for Goldies grows, you can earn Goldies easily this way. 
  • Users can also earn Goldies from their referral links. Using personalized referral links, users can invite their friends to BuzzShow Network and earn Goldies. There are three levels of earning and users can earn 3000 goldies in level one, 1500 goldies in level two, and 750 goldies in level three for each active user they bring on board.
  • Additionally, users can create channels and upload videos and earn Goldies for each unique video they upload. The service is completely free and everyone can take advantage of it. In this way, firms are discouraged from paying for preferential treatment. 
  • Through Goldies, viewers will show their support for their favorite content creators. Goldies will not be charged outrageous transaction fees, but rather a micro-transaction fee that is close to zero. As a result, creative content creators will get the support they need. Moreover, if their content is of high quality, creators can earn Goldies by selling access to it. This premium content can be accessed by users by paying Goldies they earn on the platform. 
  • To ensure the right audience is served in the adverts, advertisers will be able to pay content creators and curators directly. It is an effective strategy compared to placing ads on a random basis without the advertiser’s input.

Buzzshow Network: The Future of Video Streaming & Sharing Platform

BuzzShow Network is no doubt the best blockchain-based streaming, sharing, and monetization platform. Its key features make it different from other streaming platforms. BuzzShow came with such unique capabilities that will make it rule the world in near future.

Traditional social video platforms are undoubtedly popular, but growing concerns about data and privacy breaches are attracting more users to decentralized platforms. And reward-based decentralized and decentralized networks are a viable solutions to these problems. Users can easily make money on a decentralized social video platform through the simple operations they normally do on a centralized platform. In particular, it allows consumers to better manage their data. In addition, users on these networks have more privacy. It’s really good that we can use great technology to make money, protect it and keep ourselves private. Head now to Buzzshow and get the best chance to venture into the blockchain-based crypto services right at your fingertips.
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