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Can Thor’s Hammer Break Wolverine’s Metal Bones?

Thor is a famous character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Thor in The Avengers series and in Thor trilogy. Thor is the son of Odin, the king of Asgard. Thor is also known as the God of Thunder. Thor’s weapon is his magical hammer and has been created and given to him by his father, Odin. It is not like an ordinary hammer. Thor can fly and bring the thunder down to the earth with the help of his hammer, and only Thor has the capability to lift that hammer among all the other Avengers team members. Thor’s hammer is made of Mjolnir, a kind of metal made from uru.

On the other hand, Wolverine is a famous character in the X-Men series. Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine in the X-Men series and is known by the name Logan. Wolverine or Logan is a human mutant with enhanced power and healing capacity. He has three claws in both of his hands, which is made of a strong metal adamantium. Logan has the capability of hiding his claws and taking them out when required. Logan’s bones were diffused with adamantium metal, which is nearly very hard to break. Now, we will figure it out if it is possible for Thor’s hammer to break Wolverine’s bones?

Odin created Mjolnir before the birth of Thor. According to the comics, adamantium metal exists in many different forms. Proto-adamantium is the finest form of adamantium metal. It was used in the creation of Captain America’s shield along with another metal that is known as vibranium. The primary adamantium used in the coating process of Wolverine’s bones was a little less strong than the one used for Captain America’s shield.

In the third part of the film Thor, the hammer of Thor was unable to break the walls of the vault. The vault was made of core vibranium and adamantium plating. Thor continuously tried to recall his hammer, but in the end, it could only leave a dent on the vault. However, the vault was made of secondary adamantium, which is not as strong in comparison with the primary adamantium.

According to the Avengers comics, after so many attempts, Thor could finally dent Captain America’s shield using his hammer and with the help of his father’s force. By this scenario, we can assume that if Thor would have hit a few more times then, probably he would have broken Captain America’s shield.

The shield of Captain America was made from the stronger version of the metal adamantium as compared to Wolverine’s bones. It clearly shows that, if Mjolnir can dent on a shield made of stronger adamantium and vibranium, it can also affect a weapon or bones made of little less strong adamantium.

After considering all the characteristics of both metals, adamantium, and Mjolnir, the conclusion is yes, technically Mjolnir could break adamantium metal. This proves that Thor’s hammer can break Wolverine’s bones.

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