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Can You Continue Sports Activity After Hair Transplant?

If you are an active sportsman and have undergone hair transplantation recently, then surely different thoughts swirl in your mind, including when to restart your sports activity? Or what kind of sport is perfect during the initial days of surgery? If you don’t find the answers to all your concerns timely, it may create vagueness.

Don’t worry if you are facing a similar situation and have some queries about the hair transplantation procedure, including how it impacts sports activities. Here, in the present discussion, we will resolve all your questions correctly. Additionally, we will present some valuable tips to avoid damaging your recently transplanted hair.

When to Resume Exercise after Hair Transplantation?

It is essential to evade sports for one week to protect your newly transplanted hair. You must take all such precautionary measures seriously to shun hair transplant damage. Sweating, sun rays, and putting pressure on the head is equally destructive for the transplanted hair, mainly if the transplanted portion hasn’t healed as it should be.

Too much sweating isn’t good for your transplanted hair because it augments the risk of infection. No matter if you are also enthusiastic about maintaining your physical health, still avoid playing football, running, and weight training for one week is essential. While playing, the ball can hit your head, and you can catch severe injuries that can’t be cured anytime soon.

Pro Tip: The perfect time to resume your sports activities can be determined after examining the overall condition of transplanted hair. Once you feel like the scabs have fallen off completely, it’s clear that your grafted area has been healed. Generally, it takes 7 to 10 days, but various other factors, including age, physical condition, and medical history of the patient, also decides the overall healing period.

What Kind Of Sports Activities Are Preferable After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Sports play a crucial role in our fitness and maintaining wellbeing. Nevertheless, not all the sports are recommended after hair transplant as your transplanted area requires proper time and care to heal suitably.

Most of the research studies suggest some low intense sports after the second week of hair transplantation. For instance, aerobic is an excellent activity as it doesn’t cause much sweating. Neither involves too much effort.

You can also go for a morning walk (not running) because it keeps your body active. Various other warm-up exercises, including stretching, can also be preferred BUT moderately. Till the second week of operation, don’t think about weight lifting, you can restart it after a month or once you feel that everything is fine now.

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Along with all the above mentioned precautionary measures, it is recommended to don’t wear hats or caps for a month. Don’t sit under the sun unnecessarily as the direct sun rays are dangerous for your newly transplanted hair. However, such tips can guarantee better protections, but make sure your correctly follow the guidelines and instructions of your surgeon, too, because your surgeon knows everything about the transplanted hair.

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