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Cheap Apartments Flats For Sale in Istanbul Turkey by the Sea

The cost of buying an apartment in Istanbul is affordable prices can be achieved in a variety of districts of the city. The most popular districts in Istanbul include Beylikduzu, Taksim, Sariyer, Lara, and Arnavutkoy. In addition, Turkish citizenship is easily acquired if you wish to live in the country. Buying an apartment in Istanbul will also allow you to take advantage of its affordable price and flexible installment terms. Some apartment providers even offer a rental guarantee. In addition to these advantages, Istanbul has easy transport options including TEM and E-5 highways. Three iconic bridges can be reached from every district in Istanbul within minutes.


This western Istanbul district is a popular location for real estate investment and residential living. The location is central to the city’s transportation and shopping centers. The area’s diversity of nationalities lends itself to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Beylikduzu offers both modern conveniences and traditional charm. You can choose from a wide range of properties and choose one that meets your needs.

Beylikduzu offers a wide range of apartment options. With affordable prices, you can purchase an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. The apartments are divided into two blocks and feature open balconies and glass facades. The complex has an abundance of amenities, including a pool, lagoon, and playgrounds. In addition, every apartment has a separate room for parents. Other features include a laundry room, a parking space, and a fire and burglar alarm system.

Where You Should Buy a Property in Istanbul?

Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom budget apartment or a five-bedroom luxury apartment, Beylikduzu is a great place to live. There are a number of options, from budget apartments for first time buyers to luxury apartment complexes with skyscrapers. From affordable, family-friendly complexes to luxurious seaside villas, the neighborhood offers the best of both worlds: a tranquil lifestyle and access to the amenities and services of a major city.

The best thing about Beylikduzu is that it’s very close to public transportation. Moreover, the area features a number of shopping malls and hospitals. With the expansion of the metro system, Beylikduzu will have even more amenities. Besides, there are plenty of places to visit, such as the Marina Coast and the Valley of Life. The beach is just a few minutes away.

A few residential units are duplexes. This type of housing is perfect for young entrepreneurs and students with low budgets. There is plenty of on-site shopping and recreational options. Many properties feature smart home systems. You can also enjoy high-end amenities while saving money. If you are looking for a beachfront property, Beylikduzu is the place for you.


There are many advantages of buying cheap apartments flats for sale in Istanbul Turkey by and near the sea. One of these is the fact that you will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship without paying the full price of the apartment. Aside from this, you will be able to find an apartment at an affordable price and benefit from flexible installment terms. Some apartments even come with rental guarantees. Here are some of the other benefits of buying cheap apartments in Istanbul by the sea.

The city has a number of attractive neighborhoods. You can choose from the bomonti district, which is undergoing urban planning structure renovation. This neighbourhood boasts beautiful, modern homes with Turkish architecture. Cihangir and Nisantasi are also popular neighbourhoods that offer luxurious apartments at low prices. You can choose an apartment in either area to suit your lifestyle and budget. This will ensure that you have a wonderful home in Istanbul for a very affordable price.

Where is the Best Location to Buy Apartments in İstanbul?

There are also plenty of places in Istanbul that offer cheap apartments flats for sale by the sea. You can choose from apartments in various neighborhoods, like the Uskudar district. You can also choose a place with a view of the Bosphorus. These apartments will provide you with a great view of the city, and will help you get accustomed to living in the Turkish capital. You can also get a great deal by utilizing real estate consultants and experts.

The price of an apartment in Istanbul varies greatly. In general, the highest price tags will be for luxury apartments in the heart of the city. In addition to this, you can also find a more expensive property in the wealthy district of Sariyer. A great deal of the city’s apartments for sale have stunning views of the Bosphorus, and you will be able to rent them for a handsome income.

The cost of an apartment in Istanbul is affordable compared to its value and potential appreciation. Considering the many benefits of buying an apartment in Istanbul, it’s the right time to buy. Turkey’s property market has been booming for a few years, and Istanbul has overtaken Antalya as the country’s top investment location. In fact, property sales in Istanbul hit a record high in 2017, making the city the top destination for both domestic and foreign investors.


Lara is a popular year-round resort located just a few kilometers from the city center and the international airport. It offers a wide range of home features at affordable prices. The large apartment complexes include swimming pools, barbecue areas, parking lots, and playgrounds. The complexes take into account the needs of the family when building them. Istanbul is a city that is famous for its lands, resulting in a plethora of property options available.

The Lara district is an excellent investment opportunity for both holidaymakers and investors. The area is located near the city centre, airport, and a long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches. The district is close to local amenities such as a school, medical center, and supermarket. There are also plenty of nightlife options in the area. These benefits make Lara a desirable place to buy a holiday apartment.

Lara is home to one of Istanbul’s most sought-after neighborhoods. There are many big shopping malls, including Terra city, Shemall center, and Laura mall. There are also long streets lined with branded restaurants, cafes, and clothing stores. The Lara area is also located just a few minutes from the famous Duden waterfalls garden. You can buy a fully furnished second-hand apartment or a fully furnished one from one of the many property developers in the area.

Turkey is a huge country with many options. An excellent option for property investment is to buy Turkish apartments. The Turkish market is safe and thriving, and if you purchase a property worth 650 thousand Liras, you can easily become a Turkish citizen and permanent resident in 6 months. A great advantage of Turkey’s real estate market is that foreigners are allowed to have mortgages on their properties.


If you are looking for a good location to live in Istanbul, look no further than Arnavutkoy, a rapidly developing district that is very close to the city’s International Airport. This growing district is also surrounded by new projects and potential attractions, making it an ideal place for investors to buy real estate in Istanbul. In addition to its excellent location, Arnavutkoy apartments are gaining great value, making them a good choice for buyers when considering the potential increase in value in the coming years.

This area offers a unique and idyllic lifestyle. In this peaceful and historic neighborhood, cheap apartments flats for sale can be found in many different sizes and price ranges. The 2 bedroom apartments are 83-186 m2 and include a separate kitchen and living room. Three bedroom apartments are 124-155 m2 in size and include two bathrooms, three balconies and a smart home system. Other amenities in this area include central satellite systems, kitchen appliances and smart home systems.

While there are a number of advantages to buying an apartment in Arnavutkoy, it is recommended to look beyond the seaside. In addition to its proximity to the city, it is near the Istanbul Canal Project, a planned subway line, and numerous shopping centers and social amenities. The city’s third bridge is just a few minutes away by car.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a challenging and exciting experience. You must know exactly what you’re looking for, and whether you can afford it. In addition to the affordability aspect, the quality and features of the apartment is exceptional. Moreover, it has great rental potential. The best part is that you can buy an apartment in Istanbul with the help of an expert.

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