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Choose the Best Teambuilding Activity Company for Your Employees’ Virtual Meeting

In this pandemic, it is difficult for corporate companies to entertain their employees and organize physical team-building activities for them. Thus, the companies are looking for remote options to organize teambuilding activities for staff and clients.

You can give virtual entertainment to the employees and motivate them to work as a team in remote ways. To organize a virtual team-building activity session, you may take the services of the facilitators in the industry. For instance, you may take the services of the trusted team-building service companies in Singapore. In the country, you will find many team-building activity service providers. Such companies can provide professional team-building services for corporate employees and children too.

They can also organize social events, concerts, day camps, and company retreat activities for corporate professionals. Hence, you will get all kinds of team-building services from facilitators in Singapore. You should consider the service of trusted teambuilding activity service companies in the country.

Due to Covid-19, many companies are still unable to organize physical teambuilding activities. Hence, the option of virtual team-building activities for employees, clients, and business associates will be a good one to choose. You can apply for the services of the best virtual team building games online for staff and clients. For this, you better take the aid of teambuilding service firms in Singapore. The facilitators will organize the virtual team-building activities and games for the employees to play with distant colleagues

What is Virtual Teambuilding Activity?

Virtual team building activities are good to organize for office employees and clients to entertain them. For this, you need varied types of technology equipment, internet, and online gaming apps or software such as Zoom app, Google Meet and Microsoft team, etc. With help of such technology tools and apps, the facilitators will organize fun games and activities online. Also, they will arrange virtual gaming sessions for employees in a systematic way. The organizer will clarify the standard rules of games for all participants to play online. They will track that all members do follow the game rules while playing teambuilding games online too.

Some Common Virtual Teambuilding Activities and Games for Corporate Employees:

  1. The Great Zodiac Hunt Virtual

This is a fun-loving team-building activity or game in which virtual team members will have to work as a team. In this remote game, you have to gather the 12 zodiac animals who are wandering here and thereafter breaking their cages. Your goal is to collect all animals and send back them to their cages. The team members have to complete the quests and challenges encounter during this game and achieve the goal. For help, you can consult the facilitator or Team building Singapore to know the rules of the game. The organizer will tell participants the right ways and norms to complete this virtual game and play their roles to collect the 12 zodiac animals into cages.

  1. Virtual-Amazing Race

This virtual race game relates to the team members who work together to achieve the intended goal. This racing game is full of challenges that will get completed with the collective efforts of participants. They work and plan strategies together to win the game and make communication online with each other to distribute the tasks too. This virtual racing game can is applicable for 10-200 players. This racing game has a duration of 2 to 3 hours. The virtual platform you can select the game to play is Zoom and Google Meet app. For more brief about the game and its rules, you should consult the organizer or facilitator.

  1. The Patriot Act

This game belongs to patriotism for Singaporeans and wants to celebrate National Day or festivals. Besides, this game involves several Minister Quizzes, NDP songs, and National teambuilding activities. If you are a Singaporean or want to know the national events of the country, you should play this Patriot Act game. Also, you can organize it for office staff. For this, you may take the help of teambuilding service providers in Singapore. There are 15 to 400 players, who can play this game. The game activity duration is 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The virtual gaming platform used for this game is the Zoom app.

  1. Tomb Raider King Treasure Hunt Virtual

It is another fun-loving and teambuilding game online that you can play online with staff members. Your host will tell the related norms of the game and many players can take part in this game. They will work together to solve the puzzles and quizzes to unlock tombs to gain the treasures within. You need to collect the best possible treasurers by unlocking tombs within the given time limit.

  1. Game Show Experience

This is a fun-filled team-building game to elevate your team. In this lockdown, you can organize this virtual game to fit in your team and make efforts as a team to achieve the goal. This is a 6 in 1 Game Show to play that allows you to give challenges to the colleagues or friends to compete with each other teams to win the title.

  1. Virtual Icebreaker

You can also organize the virtual icebreaking teambuilding game online for remote employees. This facilitator organizes this game for players to engage online and take part in the virtual icebreaking. The organizer will tell you all norms of the game and let you know how to use ice-breaking tools to break the ice. While this game with fellow employees will bring you lots of fun too.

Thus, above are some virtual team-building games and activities that you can organize for your employees to entertain them. For convenience, you can call the genuine teambuilding service company in Singapore. The organizer will manage the whole scenario of virtual gaming and activities online for players.

You should always take services of teambuilding activities and games from the authorized service provider in Singapore. Hence, it is necessary to check some relevant points about teambuilding service company before hiring such as:

  • Experience and Reputation

You should ensure that the team-bonding activity company has a good reputation in the industry to trust it. Make sure, you are dealing with an experienced teambuilding service company in Singapore. The organizer should have completed many teambuilding activity projects for corporate employees. Besides, you may take a look at online reviews, clients’ feedback, and other relevant points about teambuilding service companies in Singapore to rely on it.

  • Variety of Virtual Teambuilding Games

If you wish to organize virtual team-building games, you should check for the same with the team-building service company too. Make sure, you choose a team building company in Singapore, which offers all standard virtual team-bonding activities and games for corporate companies and their staff members. Hence, they can enjoy the remote meetings and fun games that are famous amongst the players around the world.

  • Become a Good Host

You should choose the right teambuilding service company, which can organize virtual games and fun activities for employees very well. Also, the host should navigate the whole process of gaming to the participants. The organizer should arrange the virtual meeting of employees or participants through standard online platforms. Some famous online meeting platforms are Zoom, Google Meet, and online communication software. Make sure all participants can take part in the gaming session through online meeting apps.

  • Charges of Teambuilding Services

You should compare the charges of virtual teambuilding activity services at the service provider and choose the right one which rates you nominal for the services.

Thus, you should confirm all the above points before hiring any online teambuilding game service firm in Singapore. You should clear all the things with a team-building services agency in advance.

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