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Chromebooks Come With Perks In The Form Of Google Stadia Service

Chromebooks Come With Perks In The Form Of Google Stadia Service

It is a rare condition when Google offers perks to those who purchase their products like Chromebooks, Chromecast, and Pixel smartphones. A few days ago, users noticed that the company is offering a short-term subscription of their Stadia Service for those who have purchased Google Chromebook.


What Is Google Stadia?

Stadia is a game streaming service by Google. It works like NVIDIA GeForce, and now this platform allows you to enjoy fantastic video games virtually on any device. Google is not planning to launch a new physical console supporting Stadia and they allow you to play games on the tech that you already own. You can use it on your tablets, computers, kodi build Pixel devices, and many more. At the Game Developers Conference, the organization showed that Stadia could work fluently on the Pixel 3 XLPixelbookPixel Slate, and on a Smart TV that supports the Chromecast Ultra.

You don’t need to worry about the capability of the streaming of the games on Stadia. Google Stadia is capable of streaming most of the games with the 4K quality with 60 frame-per-second. Google also promises that streameast they are working on a project that will allow its users to enjoy the games on Stadia with 8K resolution at 120 frames per second.

Which Games Can You Play On Stadia?

If you buy Chromebook, then you will get two Stadia Perks. The first perk is that they are offering Stadia Premiere Edition with a $20 discount.

As the second perk, you will get the three months of the Stadia Pro Subscription. It is a cloud-based gaming service that doesn’t require Premier Edition’s Hardware. Even Google shipped some Chromebooks with a three-month subscription.

After three months, you need to pay $9.99 per month. There are some terms and conditions for running stadia on your Chromebook. The first and the important condition is that you need to have a Chromebook that was released after May 2017.

Currently, if you are using any Chromebook released after 2017, then you might know that you can use Chrome and Android Apps on their devices. There is a recent addition of Linux support. Due to the latest addition, there is a possibility that a single device can run four different operating systems, which will be a unique feature of this device.

Google keeps offering exclusive perks such as apps and free games. Currently, Google is offering a 3-month Stadia Pro trial to Chromebook owners.

Source : Google Stadia Service
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