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Competitive Difference: Wholesale Purchasing and Dropship Buying In Hair Extensions

The global market for hair wigs and extensions is very valuable and growing at an exponential rate every year. This niche is growing largely because of the increase in hair loss rates among men and women alike. Not only this, there is the increased popularity of beauty products and awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals in hair products. Thus, the hair wigs and extensions industry comes out as the green alternative and has become a profitable business.

Focus on Hair Extensions Business

There are many ways to make money. The old-fashioned way is by working hard and saving up some money. Or, you can try running a business! When you run a business, it’s important to keep your overheads and purchase costs low. That means you need to find the right supplier for your products—someone who will give you a discounted rate for every bulk product you buy. That way, you can buy them in bulk at a lower rate.

There are two main things you need to focus on for your hair extension business: procuring high-quality products and controlling inventory and storage costs. It’s one thing to find a supplier, but keeping track of everything in stock is a whole different issue.

Let’s understand the difference between wholesale purchasing and dropship buying.

Wholesale Purchasing

Purchase human hair extensions from wholesale sellers
Purchase human hair extensions from wholesale sellers

Wholesale purchasing is a great way to buy products or goods at a discounted rate from a supplier. With wholesale rates, you can purchase products in bulk and save money on retail prices.

However, there are minimum quantities that you must buy from the supplier. This means that you may be stuck with a lot of products that have yet to be sold.

A lot of your investment is tied up in inventory when you’re a wholesaler. You have to constantly move products so you don’t wind up with stagnant inventory, which is a big headache.

This is what sets apart wholesale customers from retail customers–wholesalers are given an incentive to buy human hair extensions in bulk because the difference in price between retail and wholesale is significant. They can then sell the human hair extensions to the end customer at the retail price, earning a good profit.

Halo Couture Wholesale Hair Extensions Supplier

halo couture hair extensions
halo couture hair extensions

One of the most reliable hair extensions supplier brands is Halo Couture for sells human hair extensions at wholesale prices. Wholesale rates are always better than retail, that’s a given. But what many people don’t know is that when you enter their website it offers wholesale rates the minute you become a member of Halo Couture. So not only will you be getting quality wholesale tape in hair extensions at an affordable price, but you’ll also be getting them as soon as you sign up. That’s just one extra step in the right direction.

When you purchase human hair extensions in bulk, you’re also filling up space in your warehouse. If you’re a new business, this can require some extra money for buying the hair inventory, renting space, and getting rid of things that don’t sell. Plus, you have to be able to keep up with other companies and your competitors.

Dropship Buying

You can buy wholesale hair extensions without the need to buildup an inventory yourself.
You can buy wholesale hair extensions without the need to buildup an inventory yourself.

Dropshipping is a great way to get your real human hair extensions to your customer without having to hold any inventory on hand. This is especially beneficial for new entrepreneurs who are looking to start a hair business with a limited budget.

Not only does dropshipping save on costs, but it also helps with cash flow since you don’t need to spend all your money on hair inventory. This leaves more room in the budget for marketing, which is essential for any new business.

You can get started with just a few hundred dollars by dropshipping at the beginning. This means that you use a professional wholesale hair supplier who will take care of sending out orders on your behalf. Many new human hair extension business entrepreneurs choose this option because it is cheaper and easier than starting with a warehouse and setting up the entire infrastructure.

You can find a variety of different products on the suppliers’ websites, from tape in hair extensions near me to sew in hair extensions, closures, and braiding hair. If you are a hairstylist or own a hair salon, this would be a great deal for you since you can order what you want online at prices you are comfortable with. It is important to have a reliable supplier for your real human hair extensions if you are selling hair products to customers.

What’s Best Wholesale Purchasing Or Dropship Buying?

Deciding to start your hair business professionally requires more than just a supplier, fulfillment methods, and packaging (the basics). You’ll also need a budget to cover marketing and other business expenses such as a customer phone line, return address, business email set up fees, payment processor set up fees, etc.

Creating a professional hair business comes with additional costs that must be considered in your budget such as a customer phone line, return address, business email setup fees, and payment processor setup fees.

Starting a hair business can be just as easy whether you drop ship or buy inventory. What’s tough is to ensure you have enough cash flow to keep your business afloat for the first few years. A safer way to start is by only spending a moderate amount from your budget at the beginning.

You can consider combining dropshipping and wholesale purchasing. Dropshipping requires little budget upfront, and having human hair extensions on hand enables you to market your products better since you can take videos, and photos whenever your customer requests.

USA-Based Wholesale Hair Vendor

Wholesale purchasing the hair products at great competitive rates will give you an edge over your competitors and your clients will want to turn to you for all their hair extension needs. Pricing is not the only criterion for you to retain your clients. You will have to have a strong quality of products as well.

When you become a member of Halo Couture, you will get a variety of hair extension products at wholesale rates and the best quality products. So become a member now and explore the plethora of human hair extensions they have to offer at the best wholesale prices.

Based in Wildomar, California, Halo Couture tops our list of the top wholesale hair extension providers in the United States. They are a salon-exclusive brand perfect for stylists and hair salon owners. Halo Couture is the finest source for all your business needs, whether you’re trying to increase your income or launch a successful full-time hair enterprise. They offer multiple methods to suit every need– whether your client’s attending a special occasion or looking for a way to change their style with 100% Remy human hair extensions.


These are the greatest wholesale hair extensions and vendors in the US. We hope you or your salon find the information useful in understanding the hottest hair products.

There are many wholesale hair dealers worldwide, not just in the United States. If you run a hair salon or retail business and want additional benefits, contact Halo Couture directly via their Pro-Login option on their website or give them a call!
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