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Complete Guide for YouTube Ad Campaigns

If you are a marketing advisor and trying to find more ways to do the ad campaigns, stay with me till the end. YouTube is the most preferred platform for marketing teams to release an advertisement.

Over 78.8% of marketers consider YouTube for ad campaigns. But since it is dominated by video content, the marketing teams should consider strategies consciously and take actions accordingly.

This article will help you through the whole process of developing and circulating an ad campaign. It will also cover the types of advertisements and what will be most suitable for your business. So without wasting much time, let’s begin!

Benefits of YouTube Ad Campaigns

First, let’s find out how these advertisements will benefit you and your company to improve performance.

Expand your reach

Ads campaign will help to expand the reach. YouTube gets 2 billion unique users every month. Hence it provides a significant chance to the marketers and gives them scope to make their space. With such a large number of users, you can reach the audience easily.

Reach right people

YouTube enables users to create advertisements according to the category. So this way, the marketers don’t need to be dependent on demographic-based targeting. One can use suitable keywords and topics to attract a specific group of people. The keywords will help the company reach its target customers.


Pay if you’re getting benefited. The marketers should only pay when they are getting the exposure. When an advertisement is shown, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is getting viewed

Most likely, audiences are skipping the ad as soon they get the chance. Which eventually did not help the product promotion.


YouTube provides an opportunity to interact with the audience visually. Visual recognition has a more substantial impact on the viewers, hence giving the marketers a chance to make the ads stand out.


YouTube also comes with in-depth analytics. So the marketing team can have access to the ad campaign’s analytical data and understand the engagement with the audience better.

Different types of ads

Now, let’s explore the different types of ad campaign options available on YouTube.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads are short ads that are non-skippable. It is the quickest ad type for about 6 seconds. Bumper advertisements are played right before the video when the viewers click any content. It is challenging for the marketing teams to convey the message and promote the product correctly in just 6 seconds. So they also have to prepare other ad campaigns alongside the bumper ads ones.

Non-skippable ads

The next one in the list is also non-skippable, hence doing justice with the name. The non-skippable ads are 15-20 seconds long. And they can come anywhere in the video. Such advertisements can appear in the starting, or in-between or at the end of the content.

TrueViews ads

TrueViews ads are the skippable ones, which means the viewers can skip the advertisement after the first 4-5 seconds. But the content developer only gets paid when their viewers watch the ad for at least 30 seconds.

Steps to create Advertising Campaign

The followings are the steps to start your Advertisement Campaign:

  • Upload your advertisement video on YouTube. To do that, you have to click on the upload option on your home page.
  • Create a new Google ad campaign by selecting the goal of your campaign. It is not necessary to choose the goal, but it will always help to choose one.
  • Customize your campaign by selecting a campaign name.
  • Choose your target audience. It is the essential step one should follow.
  • Choose the correct keywords and topics.
  • Choose your advertisement video and customize it.

These are a few steps to creating your advertisement campaign. Now you can wisely create an ad video and promote it.

Source-YouTube Ad Campaigns

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