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Complete guide on co-ed residential schools in India

Co-ed boarding school in India is a recent phenomenon growing very fast. Many parents choose co-ed boarding schools in India to give their kids the best of both worlds. That’s because they can have the freedom, privacy, discipline, and opportunity that boarding schools in India offer while also socializing with students of the opposite sex. But all this growth comes with problems as well, as many parents feel intimidated by sending their children to best residential schools in india. Many schools in India offer Boarding Education. Boarding schools in India are very popular in providing quality education. Most students opt for boarding school as staying in boarding school helps them concentrate more on their studies and join their studies with other extracurricular activities like sports, music, cultural activities, leadership activities, etc.

What are the Benefits of choosing co-ed residential school in India?

  • Quality education

The co-ed residential schools offer quality education to all the students, and they can learn many things from this school. These boys residential school in india provides boarding facilities, which are very helpful for students who live far away from their homes. This makes it easier to focus on studies because they don’t have to worry about traveling each day. They don’t have to worry about commuting and concentrate on learning new skills and knowledge in this type of school.

  • Developing personality

Boarding schools also help students develop their personality and confidence. They work on improving their communication skills, spoken English, and overall personality. The peer group at these schools also helps students gain confidence and learn alternate views on different issues.

  • Opportunity to socialize with each other

A co-ed boarding school provides an opportunity to interact with each other in an informal setting. Boys and girls can meet at common places such as cafeterias during the lunch break or after class hours during study time in libraries or labs. This helps create a healthy bonding among students and helps develop healthy relationships that might last for long.

  • Multi-Cultural Environment

In a co-ed residential school, your child will learn how to live with people from different backgrounds and cultures. They will be living with people from various parts of the country and even abroad. This helps them understand people from different cultures better and learn how to adjust to different environments.

  • Life Skills

A co-ed residential school provides students with an opportunity to develop life skills needed for their overall development. The residential environment allows them to become more independent and confident. They also learn how to tackle problems independently and make their own decisions.

  • Good environment

These schools also provide a healthy environment for their students to study in peace and focus on their studies. They make sure that the students are comfortable with their surroundings, and if they don’t feel comfortable, they try to improve it as soon as possible. They also provide extra facilities like libraries, laboratories, computer labs, smart classrooms, etc. The students can take complete advantage of them.

  • Better chances of success

Girls residential school in India provides better chances of success for your child than regular schools. Students get individual attention from their teachers and mentors, who guide them properly in each subject. They also get plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent at various events conducted by the school from time to time. By getting proper guidance from teachers, students reach their full potential and become successful professionals later in life.

  • Impact on health and fitness

The residential schools offer a healthy environment for children. They learn about various sports activities and games from the school itself. They also get to enjoy multiple outdoor adventure sports and indoor games to improve their physical strength. Moreover, they get nutritious food in the well-planned school mess by experts. In addition, they learn how to live together with other children while maintaining cleanliness and discipline in life.

  • Developing the Children’s Overall Personality

The Best Residential Schools help develop children’s overall personality by providing them with all the necessary education, guidance, and opportunities to be successful in their future. The Best Schools in India focus on developing the children’s overall personality by providing them with all the necessary education, guidance, and opportunities to be successful in their future.

Tips for choosing the best co-ed residential school in India

For students who want to pursue their passion for academics and extracurricular activities alike, co-educational residential schools are a great option. These schools are known for providing quality education in a safe environment. However, choosing the right one is easier said than done with so many boarding schools in India. If you are looking for the best co-ed residential school in India for your child, here are some tips that can help you make the right decision:

  • The curriculum

One of the first things to consider when choosing the best residential schools in India is the curriculum they follow. It should be based on international standards to meet the expectations of colleges and universities worldwide. The curriculum should also be designed to prepare students academically and holistically so they can handle various challenges of life. Check whether the curriculum is regularly updated and find out if it gives equal importance to both academic subjects and extracurricular activities.

  • Infrastructure

The school’s infrastructure also plays a very crucial role in choosing a perfect school for your child. A good residential school will have all basic facilities and infrastructure such as a library, laboratories, playgrounds, etc. Check out whether they have an indoor sports facility as well or not. Apart from this, you also need to check whether they have separate hostel facilities for boys and girls or not. Moreover, check out their health care system to ensure that your child remains healthy during their stay at the school.

  • Check the performance

While one of the benefits of admitting your child to the boys residential school in India is that they will learn how to interact with the opposite sex, it should not be the only reason you would choose this option. You need to ensure that your child will get a quality education. Therefore, before selecting a particular co-ed school, look at its performance record and see if it meets your expectations.

  • Reputation

When choosing a co-ed residential school in India for your child, the first thing that you need to consider is its reputation. You must select a reputed school as they provide quality education and teachers of these schools are highly qualified and experienced.

  • Small Classes

Smaller classes mean more one-on-one time with teachers, more chances for students to learn from each other, easier access to facilities and equipment than in larger classes, more opportunities for students to ask questions, more options for students to ask questions and more options for students to participate

  • Co-curricular activities

Along with giving good education, it is also important that you choose a school that gives importance to co-curricular activities such as sports, music, dance, etc. Such activities help in your child’s overall development.

  • See if they provide a good accommodation facility

It is important to check if they provide a good accommodation facility to students or not as students spend most of their time in hostel rooms and therefore, it should be good enough to provide a comfortable living environment to them. Most of the top residential school in dehradun offers single-room accommodation facilities to their students, whereas some provide sharing accommodation facilities.

Which are the best residential schools in India?

The Asian School is the best residential schools in India, providing CBSE education with an international outlook. The Asian School offers value-based education, which empowers students with knowledge, skill, wisdom, personal integrity, and self-confidence to face global challenges and develop into responsible citizens with strong Indian values. In our globally connected world, there is a need for the holistic development of children that goes beyond academic excellence. The Asian School recognizes this need and prepares its students for life beyond the school through its curriculum, co-curricular activities, sporting activities, and community service programs.

We are committed to teaching through inquiry-based methods that emphasize active learning and foster independent thinking among children. We focus on each child as an individual, inspiring them to develop a passion for lifelong learning. Our pupils are encouraged to become independent learners with a strong sense of personal responsibility, dignity, and respect. Students are taught how to build successful relationships with adults and one another in an atmosphere of mutual trust, freedom of expression, and tolerance.

We believe that education should be aimed at developing life skills in our students; these include being able to work both individually and in groups; being able to plan, organize and follow a task through to completion; the ability to communicate orally or in written effectively; the ability to solve problems, think creatively and critically; lastly, but not least, the ability to use information technology effectively.

The school has a vast playground for various outdoor games of cricket, basketball, volleyball, and football. Professionally trained coaches manage all the sports at the school. The school also has a well-equipped gymnasium for the training of students.

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