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Confused Between a Curved and Flat Monitor? This Guide Got You

There have been regular innovations in monitors. Including a different range of colors, resolution, screen shapes, and sizes, monitors have started to come up with new features and options. The curved monitor is one such option, and in this article, we are going to look if curved monitors are better than flat monitors.

More Immersive Experience

Curved monitors provide you a more immersive experience of watching things than flat monitors, because they take advantage of all three dimensions length, width, and height of a scene, unlike flat monitors. They expand on peripheral vision and make you forget that you are looking at a screen and you get a more immersive experience while watching a movie or playing a game.

Lesser Distortion 

While watching a movie or playing a game it is always annoying to experience a blurry picture. You might have also faced distortion in the quality of the picture when you zoom it. It is a very common case with flat monitors but curved monitors have helped in lessening the distortion issues. Distortion on bigger flat monitors increases even more because images are blasted in a straight line at the viewer and on sides, but curved screens have an advantage of shapes and targets everything at the viewer that limits distortion.

Comfortable to Watch

A premium benefit of curved monitors is that it puts less strain on your eyes because your eyes can take in all the things from the screen at once. If the screen size of a flat monitor is more than your natural field of view, you are going to experience strain while watching things, but that is not the same with curved screens. You can watch things even at the largest curved screen without any strain because your eyes will be able to take the projection entirely at once.

Larger Field of View

You will experience greater immersion while watching things on a curved monitor, and that is also because you are experiencing a larger field of view. While watching things on a curved screen, from the screen, light is directed towards your eyes from all directions, thus the screen feels larger and your eyes cover a larger field of view without much ocular exertion.

Though curved monitors are amazing for a great experience of watching things, certainly there are few drawbacks as well. These drawbacks are very minor though and can be tackled.

One of such issues is wall mounting. It is comparatively tougher to place a curved monitor on your wall. It will require some specific mounts and positioning and also some technical assistance.

Glare is another such issue. It might be affecting the performance of your monitor if it is exposed to several lights or direct sunlight while watching. You can also experience difficulties while watching from different angles. It is suggested that it is placed away from light sources or you might also want to give a thought to turning lights off while using your curved monitor.

You have a better experience of watching things on bigger curved monitors. Smaller monitors might not be able to provide you the same amazing experience but the thing that should be kept in mind is that they are much more expensive than flat monitors. At last, it is your choice which kind of monitor you want to keep at your home and workplace.

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