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Cool Benefits Of Having Inflatable Swimming Pools At Home

Swimming pools are perfect places to go to if you want to escape the grueling heat of summer or if you want to have clean water fun. However, you don’t always get access to a full-sized swimming pool. In that case, why don’t you invest in inflatable swimming pools instead?

Here are some of the top 5 reasons why inflatable above ground swimming pools are more awesome than full-sized pools.

1. Safe for kids

• Safe for kids. Inflatable pools are usually shallower and are more suited for splashing than swimming, which is what most kids enjoy more. Since they’re shallow, you don’t have to worry about whether your child is capable of swimming or not. Nevertheless, you still have to exercise certain safety guidelines to make sure your child has a safe fun time.

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2. Portability

• Portability. Inflatable swimming pools are definitely portable. If you don’t want to set it up in your front yard, you can move it to your backyard instead. Or your neighbor’s yard. I can bet you my pajamas you can’t easily do that with an actual inground swimming pool.

3. It comes in various shapes and sizes

• Comes in various shapes and sizes. If you think inflatable swimming pools are for kids only, here’s some good news for you. There are actually inflatable swimming pools made for adults! That’s right. They come in various shapes too. However, round swimming pools are more popular among consumers.

4. Less expensive than inground pools

• Less expensive than inground pools. Inflatable swimming pools for sale on the market today are way, way, way cheaper than installing your own inground pool. You’ll have to worry about installation and maintenance costs with an actual pool. These are things you don’t have to worry about with an inflatable pool. Since you’ll use less water, you save more money. They’re also easy to clean than actual pools.

5. Easy to use

• Easy to use. Just pump air into it and you’re ready to go. Most inflatable pools sold in the market
today come with printed instruction manuals (and sometimes DVDs) to help you set up your pool for use. And if you want to give the pool some rest, you can just remove all the water, deflate and then store. It’s that simple.

Swimming pool inflatables are essentially safer than in ground automatic pool cleaners. Nevertheless, you still have to keep basic safety guidelines in mind. Never leave kids unattended, even if your pool isn’t that deep. Bear in mind that with inflatable pools, it’s easier for children to get into them than to get out. As for maintenance, just be sure not to drag your inflatable pool over rough surfaces (especially concrete). Place a protective tarp or sheet of cloth under the pool before filling it up. This should prevent grass and rocks from piercing the bottom of the pool and forming holes.
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