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Cool Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome

Google is leading in the browser race and chances are you are reading this article on Google’s Chrome browser. Over 80% of internet searching users use the Chrome browser. Chrome may have its flaws and may not satisfy its users completely, but it is the most convenient one. A regular Chrome user must know some of its features that make life easy. But you might not yet have figured them all. This article will cover all those features in detail. A few tips and tricks will make your work easy and hassle-free. So let’s get started!

Customize home page

Chrome’s UI is very minimal and user friendly. When one opens Google Chrome, the first page that opens up is a blank page with a search bar, and some sites that are most visited. This is convenient for one who doesn’t want to save the websites separately, and on the home page, they can easily access them. But if the user does not like it or wants to customize or remove them, they can easily do that by following these steps.

  1. To customize the home page according to the individual needs, click on the three dots on the upper right side of the home page.
  2. On clicking, several lists will open up, with options like New Tab, New Window, History, Downloads, Bookmarks, etc. You need to click on the Settings option.
  3. The Settings option will lead you to another list, click on the Startup. Then search for the “Open the specific page or set of pages” option. This will give you the option to add all the pages you want to open while launching a page.
  4. Then by clicking on the option “Use current page”, you can add all the pages you are using currently. Although if you want to add them one by one, you can do that by clicking on “Add a new page”, and inside the window link in the page.


Pin option makes using Chrome far more convenient, especially to those who mostly work online, and need to go back to some specific websites frequently. In that case, the Pin option is a savior as one can pin the website that they need to visit and then easily access them later. To pin a website or tab, one needs to follow two easy steps.

  1. Go to the tab where you have opened the website.
  2. And then, right-click on it. A bunch of options will pop up like Reload, Duplicate, Pin, Mute site, etc.
  3. Click on the ‘Pin’ option. It will automatically be pinned and shift the icon to the leftmost side of the browser. In this way, Chrome made it very handy for those who use multiple websites.

Web Apps

Many of us use websites that are basically web-apps. And if one wants to keep them separated from their regular browsers, Chrome also has a feature for that. Google Chrome provides its users to convert those websites into Google Chrome apps. And one can use this trick in both smartphones and desktops. To enable that, the user needs to follow the following steps and then can easily access them.

On PC:

  1. To enable the Google Chrome apps on the PC, click on the three-dots on the upper right side of the home page, this will give you a list of options.
  2. Go to the option ‘More Tools’ and click on it.
  3. Click on ‘Create Shortcut’ on that list.
  4. Change the name according to your preference and click on the “Create” button. This will create a shortcut and behave like a desktop app. You can also add it to your Dock for macOS, and to the taskbar for Windows.

On the phone:

  1. And to enable it on the phone, open Chrome app. Then search for the preferred website.
  2. To add it to the Chrome app, click on the three-dots menu. And select the option ‘Add to Homescreen’.
  3. A window will pop-up with the shortcut name, one can change anytime they want.

Playing Music/Video

Google Chrome has changed this feature and updated it in the recent versions. Now one can operate the playback audio or video, from any page they are working on, without changing the tab.

  1. Now when you are playing a song, a music icon pops up right beside the profile icon on the upper right side of the screen.
  2. On clicking on that icon, a mini-player icon opens. The user can pause, replay, skip to the previous or next track, etc. This feature can efficiently work even when multiple players are working at the same time.

Task Manager

Google Chrome provides its in-built manager that helps to clear the unnecessary pages that are eating up the storage. To manage that, Chrome has its task manager that allows us to manage the resource. To use this feature, follow up the given points and clear the storage:

  1. Click on the three-dots on the upper right side corner, and go for the Settings option.
  2. In the Settings option, you will find ‘More tools’, which will lead you to the ‘Task Manager’.
  3. There you can access all the tasks that you have used. If you find some sites that are using unnecessary storage, you can select it, and click on the “End this process” option to kill it.
  4. In this way, you can save some of your resources and use your system smoothly and efficiently.

Cast the screen

Google Chrome has the capability to cast your screen, which means that one can cast the screen of Chrome on their TV or some other device. To enable the feature one needs to go through some steps, and the user can use Chrome in other devices.

  1. Click on the three-dots on the upper right-hand side of the screen. That will provide you with a bunch of options.
  2. Search for the option ‘Cast’. Once you find it click on it. It will open up the small window, where you can search for the source device and select it.
  3. Before casting your screen, ensure that the laptop or the Chromecast supported device should be on the same network.


One can also close the notifications from Chrome. To close the notification from the site, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Chrome Settings and open the Privacy and Security.
  2. Search for the option of Site Settings.
  3. Click on the ‘Notifications’ section and choose “Not allow any site to show notification”.

These are a few tips and tricks that can be used to ease your daily work on Google Chrome.

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