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Correct Quantity Code in GST

The article talks about the importance of unique quantity codes in GST and the problems people face while using them.


Should iron be measured in tones or on per piece basis? Should bags be measured in units or numbers? To answer such queries we have come up with an article to provide you with the solutions to such problems.

India had implemented the unique quantity code or UQC in 2013 under the import-export announcement but still, there were issues faced by the traders. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) once again reviewed the Unique Quantity Codes in 2018 to improve the ease of doing business in and around the globe. The UQCs for different items are mentioned in the Customs Tariff Act and has continued to facilitate trade since its implementation.

You can also refer to the list of UQCs given by The World Customs Organizations that are applicable internationally. After the advent of Unique Quantity Codes, India has jumped from the 70th position in ease of doing business ranking in the world.

The unique quantity code is a special code given to every item in GST which has to be filled by every individual registered under GST Registration while completing their GST Return filings-1/2/3.

  • As per point 1(h) in section 31 of GST law, Unique Quantity Code has to be mandatorily mentioned in the tax invoice, sales return (credit notes), and purchase return (debit notes). Example 100 Meters is written as 100 MTR.
  • For instance, the Unique Quantity Codes for products like kitchenware, toilet articles made of porcelain and household articles under heading 6911 are KGS-Kilograms.
  • A unique quantity code is usually comprised of three letters.
  • The unique quantity code is in capital letters.
  • The unique quantity code is mentioned while completing the GST Return filings in the HSN summary.
  • The general problems of the taxpayers were the different styles in which unique quantity codes can be written. For example, a meter can be written in different ways like Mtr., meter, etc.
  • These variations will cause an error while completing your GST Return filings and hence the GST department has given a list issued by the Customs department.
  • If you are not able to find a unique quantity code for a particular item then use OTH-Others. The GST portal only accepts the correct Unit Quantity Code for the listed items.

Some of the features of Unique Quantity Code are listed below:

While filing the bill of services and goods provided, commonly known as the GST Compliance form then Unique Quantity Code must be mentioned along with all the other information.

Every product and service has a unique quantity code. While filling the Unique Quantity Code, the person also has an option to add the custom code of the particular product. No bundle will be linked to the Unique Quantity code.

The government in total has specified 43 Unique Quantity Codes which can be chosen from the drop-down box for a particular item. The people also have an option to revise their custom codes in addition to the printing of the code.

When a product with unique quantity code is printed in the sales form, invoices, receipts, etc. then a UNIT column is automatically generated along with Unique Quantity Code being printed beside the quantity column.

When the customs value is changed by the person then the changes will be printed. Unlike the previous scenario of printed receipts with the unit column, there will be no unit column while generating the transactions in this case.

Below there is a list of some of the items with their unique quantity code for your knowledge.

ITEMS Unique Quantity Code
Bags BAG
Centimeters CM
Bucket BKT
Card CRD
Bottle BTL
Kilograms KGS
Kilometer KME
Tonnes TON
Bundles BDL
Cans CAN
Drum DRM
Meters MTR
Numbers NOS
Pieces PCS
Dozen DOZ
Quintal QTL
Ten Gross TGM
Thousands THD
Tablets TBS
Cubic Meter CBM

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