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Could The 6 Infinity Stones Mark a Return to MCU’s Phase-4 Films With a Possible Time Travel?

MCU films have entertained us over the past decade and with their superhero films and amazing storylines. We were introduced to superheroes by the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade. Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, these characters played a huge role in building up a fantasy world for us. Although, character arcs of Captain America and Iron are complete, there is a long way for MCU before it heads into Phase-4.

MCU is Heading Towards Phase-4 After Phase 3 Conclusion in Avengers: Endgame

The first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe concluded with the epic two-part Avengers movies, i.e. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. The storylines of these two blockbusters focussed on a celestial being, Thanos, and how he wanted to use the infinity stones to wipe out half of all lives in the universe to maintain a balance. Infinity War shows the mad titan accruing all the infinity stones and decimating half of all life. However, when the remaining avengers track down Thanos in the first few minutes of Endgame, during which he reveals that he destroyed the stones so that no one could undo or reverse his snap.

Even though all the six infinity stones have been taken out of the equation, a question about their appearance in future MCU films always pops up. So, let’s find out if we are going to see the infinity stones in future movies that the avengers acquired by time-traveling into the past to bring it back to the present and get back everyone who died. However, the team lost the Black Widow because she sacrificed her life to get Hawkeye the soul stone on Vormir.

Infinity Stones Exist in Parallel Realities

MCU’s current timeline showcases that the infinity stones do not exist anymore. However, the cosmic entities do exist in parallel timelines/reality after Captain America went back in time to place the stones at their respective places. Their existence in parallel timelines can be confirmed with the scene between The Ancient One and Bruce Banner during Avengers Endgame. This scene takes place when Bruce time travels back to the battle of New York in 2012 and asks the sorcerer supreme to give him the time stone.

However, the Ancient One tells him that infinity stones create the flow of time and even if one is removed from there, chaos will engulf that particular reality and destroy everything. The scene ends with the sorcerer giving him the time stone provided he returns it to the exact time and place to ensure the balance is maintained in the respective timelines. Also, to ensure that the stones never left that branch of reality.

50-50 Chance of a Possible Return to MCU’s Phase 4

There is a possibility that the time stones might return to the official Marvel Cinematic Universe if someone or a possible villain in future films decides to find the stones and harness their power for his own selfish needs.

MCU is all set to begin with Phase 4, and the first movie to release is The Black Widow on November 6, 2020. So, there is a 50-50 chance that MCU may or may not bring back the stones even though the infinity saga is over.

Marvel’s Six Infinity Stones

The space stone was first shown in Thor. It was housed inside the Tesseract in Asgard’s vault. The power stone was inside the Orb first shown in Chris Pratt starring Guardians of the Galaxy. Reality stone was in the Aether which fans came across in Thor: The Dark World. A former part of Loki’s scepter and Vision, the mind stone for the first time featured in Avengers and then in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The time stone allowed anyone to reverse time and was housed and protected in the Eye of Agamotto in Doctor Strange. The Soul stone is only one out of the six that does not have a proper location. However, anyone who wants to harness its energy has to make a soul sacrifice on the planet of Vormir.

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