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Cowboy Bebop to be Made into Live-Action Movie on Netflix

In today’s time, there are a lot of animated shows that are being adapted into live-action movies by online video streaming giants. According to reports, the makers of Cowboy Bebop are still working on the live-action adaptation of the show for Netflix.

Milan Records to Release Cowboy Bebop’s LP Record

Also, Milan Records will be releasing Cowboy Bebop’s original soundtrack, a double LP (analog sound storage medium) of the Japanese show’s jazz soundtrack. This will mark the first sale of the vinyl edition of Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack somewhere outside Japan.

According to reports, the vinyl soundtrack will have a total of 22 songs. The list also includes the highly popular theme tune titles Tank. All of the songs have been sung by a Japanese music band called Seatbelts. The group was formed by a Japanese composer, arranger, and musician Yoko Kanno. Seatbelts were created for the primary purpose of producing music for the anime science-fiction television series.

According to reports, Cowboy Bebop’s album cover will feature a brand new and exclusive artwork headlined by Toshihiro Kawamoto, a Japanese animator best known for working as the head of the animation on the anime series. The LP’s will also feature a lot of different colors, including two prominent colors purple and red as mentioned in Milan record’s official tweet. People will have the option to pre-order the album from August 6, 2020. The vinyl will officially release on November 6, 2020.

Japanese Anime Show Was Cancelled Because of Controversial Content

The Japanese anime show premiered on September 18, 1997, and ended its run on June 18, 1998. It featured only 12 episodes and a unique feature because of its controversial content of violence and drugs. Cowboy Bebop draws its inspiration from the genre of science fiction, noir, and western films. The prominent themes of the show were loneliness, difficulties of trying to escape one’s past, and boredom. The story was set in the year 2071 and revolved around the lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling in their spaceship known as Bebop.

Netflix Set to Adapt Beyond Good and Evil Video Game into Live-Action Film

In another news from the world of entertainment, online streaming giant Netflix is all set to adapt Ubisoft’s 2003 action-adventure video game Beyond Good and Evil into an animated live-action movie. According to reports, the upcoming action flick will be directed by Rob Letterman. Netflix confirmed the news in a tweet that the epic pirate space adventure is in the development phase.

The classic video game’s storyline is set in the 25th century and revolves around Jade, an investigative reporter and martial artist. Her character works for a resistance movement to reveal a global alien conspiracy. The people playing this game control Jade and a few other characters. They solve puzzles, fight enemies, and fish out photographic evidence.

Popular Webcomic to Come Back for the Second Season

Lord Olympus will be returning for a second season. The webcomic is published on Webtoon and focuses on the retelling of Greek mythology. The popular comic is written and illustrated by Rachel Smythe.

The comic began publishing weekly on webtoon on March 4, 2018. Lord Olympus is currently the most popular webcomic on the webtoon platform with more than 300 million views. As of May 2020, it had more than 3.5 million subscribers.

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