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Creating A Setup of Two Computers

Very rarely do we see someone with two computers. That’s because, for a long time, one computer was and is enough for all the work we need to do. However, there are a few bits of perks of having a second computer. You can code through many platforms, run many programs all at once, or maybe just enjoy the nice digital scenery. In case you can afford or need two computers you might get a bit confused regarding what factors you should focus on while buying the second computer. Don’t worry, we will let you know everything you need to keep in mind while making your purchase.

Making the Choice of Devices

When people have two computers, they often want one of them to stay at home and carry the other one everywhere they go. So, when you talk about the former one which stays at home, it most probably will be a desktop which is, of course, easy to use and has more ports and configurations. However, you will have to purchase a separate monitor as the display is not built-in. In case you’re looking for a display more than 15 inches or so, you get the options of hooking up streaming channels and consoles to the screen of your desktop.

If you are into extensive photo and video editing, a big size monitor is very helpful. If you have the money for two computers, it can change the way you work a lot. You can also join your laptop with a big size monitor as well and enjoy the versatility of how it works. There are some all-in-one systems as well but they are usually quite costlier and much less powerful than desktops. The only pros are they look tidier and you don’t have to put effort into buying a monitor. For Mac, you can go for Apple iMac, and for Windows, you have HP, Dell, etc.

Coming back to the scenario of buying two computers, you must consider buying the second one a laptop. You can buy both laptops, maybe one with an amazing battery backup, and another compact and portable. Spend money on an external monitor, so that you can connect various devices with it. When buying your second computer, you can also go for a tablet. Most of them can be turned into a laptop by clipping the keyboard. They are small, compact, detachable, and can be used in a number of ways.

Making the Choice of Operating Systems

When you want comfort, always try to buy either two Windows devices or go for two Mac devices. This ensures a seamless work between the devices as all your files will be stored in one cloud or drive, all your passwords and wallpapers will be perfectly synced, and there will be almost no chance of confronting any incompatible file type.

On the other hand, if you really want to use two different operating systems, i.e., one Windows and one Mac, it is also very simple to manage them both together with the help of browsers such as Chrome, backup software such as Dropbox, and office suites such as Office 365. You can invest in Chromebooks as well, because of their lightweight and less cost. They can be synced with both Windows and Mac.

These were some points you can keep in mind while planning to buy two computer systems. With the help of these points and some market research about each computer you have in your mind, you can get your entire two computers set up perfectly without regretting even a single penny you spent.

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