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Custom boxes or Shipping boxes: Which one would be better for your business?

Custom Shipping boxes is a perfect option whether you are shipping or storing products. They come in various sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and designs.

For packaging products, many businesses struggle with choosing between Custom or Shipping boxes. It’s true that several differences exist between these two packaging techniques. Before making any decision, let’s understand what’s the difference between these two options?

Vape Hardware Shipping Boxes | Customized and Wholesale

What Custom boxes are all about?

Custom boxes are ready-made packaging used by the company to pack their products. They come in unlimited designs, but cost you a bit. These boxes are best to reduce the financial burden on your business endeavor.

On the other hand, Custom Shipping boxes is a perfect option whether you are shipping or storing products. They come in various sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and designs. These boxes are often crafted by the designers according to the product demand and doesn’t cost so much.

Major differences between Shipping and cardboard packaging:


Custom boxes are created in various shapes and sizes depending on the product requirement and one cannot make changes in them. One of the biggest advantages of these boxes is that manufacturers can print the company or product information on them using various color options.

With optimal sizing and creative designing, Custom Shipping boxes saves a lot of time and cost on shipping while Custom boxes are not as intact as custom boxes due to limited dimensions and customization feature.

Instant brand recognition:

Shipping Boxes Wholesale will help you to create a brand identity while Custom boxes fail to create it. Moreover, when customers see products packed in creative and attractive boxes, it shows how much the company cares for their products. On the other hand, with plain and unattractive packaging, you fail to represent your product properly and reflects that you don’t care about your product packaging.

Protection and Impression:

If you are doing online business and want to save your products from breakage risks and other fragile products during transport, Custom Shipping boxes are the perfect choice for this. These boxes are made up of strong material and also come in a perfect size that is necessary for products protection but as Custom boxes do not come in right dimensions, they are not too much defensive against hits and other dangerous factors.

Why to prefer Shipping Boxes?

  • These boxes are a lot stronger than Custom boxes. They can withstand pressure and resist crushing, retain durability and offers great storage benefits.
  • Shipping Boxes come in many sizes, allowing you flexibility in choosing the best box for your product.
  • They are great for the environment because they’re made with 100% renewable materials.
  • They also play an essential role in customer satisfaction. When done with perfection, it will create a long-lasting impression of the brand and a positive experience for the consumers. 

With all these advantages, Hardware Shipping Packaging Boxes are certainly the best option for all types of businesses. With the growth of e-commerce business, finding the best packaging solution for your products is more important than ever before.
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