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Custom Packaging Boxes

Historians believe that packaging first started some 3500 years ago when people started a social life. They needed to store and transport common goods. They first used animal skins, leaves etc. to package things.  Let’s have a brief look at how packaging had evolved over the years and has now achieved the highest standard for effective marketing.

When people lived in communities, they learnt the art of making clay-pots and baskets of leaves to store and transport essential items. When man made glass and wooden kegs, people stored and moved liquid goods and valuable things across the countries.

Famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) invested a huge amount to discover methods of preserving food in glass containers. Later British scientist developed metal tins to make food safe. Hence packaging evolved quickly during industrial revolution in early 19th century.

Paperboard was made in England in 1817. It was the main packaging material that time. US based companies like Kellogg’s & NABISCO made cardboard cartons first time in 1890. Since then packaging took off quickly. Companies made many packaging solutions with cardboard in early 1900s. Brand logos and attractive drawings made these packaging stylish to get customer attention.

First plastic machine was made in 1920s but practically plastics like polyethylene and aluminum cans were used for packaging during 1950s &1960s.

Polyethylene container became available for packaging beverages in 1977. Since 1980, foods and other edible products like jams used PETE for packaging. Attractive designing, modern printing and beautiful lamination etc. are possible on every packaging. Custom packaging boxes are a must these days because they make the product high-end.

Custom packaging boxes

Personalized boxes protect the product from harms and damage. They make these items attractive and premium. Eco-friendly packaging is best for all products.

Customized packaging has some special properties. They are essential for marketing of any product. These features can be stated as.

Durable & Eco-friendly Materials

Materials play the most important role in making custom packaging boxes effective. Kraft, cardboard, rigid stock and many materials are used in packaging boxes.

Kraft is 100% recyclable and is the strongest form of paper. Its is generally brown in color but white Kraft is also available.

Cardboard has 3 layers of heavy papers, two plain layers and a middle wavy layer. It provides strength. It promotes stylish designing and finishing effects to customized packaging.

Cardboard is ideal for customized packaging of many industries. Its gives strength and premium look to the packaging. It supports high class designing and printing. It can be laminated with UV, gloss or matte to make packaging stylish. Embossing, gold/silver foiling etc. are also best finishing ads-on to make packaging stylish.

Rigid stock is relatively thick and give premium features to custom packaging.

Various Styles of Custom Packaging Boxes

Auto lock boxes

Auto lock boxes are mostly used for packaging many different products. This is most used style of packaging. It provides protection to the products. It is used in the packaging of following products.

  • Food products like Cakes, muffins, cookies etc.
  • Cosmetic products like cream boxes, nail polish boxes and others.
  • Retail items like jewelry etc.
  • Automotive products like spare parts of vehicles.

Two-piece/Shoulder neck Boxes

Two-piece box style has two parts. Its is generally made with rigid stock. It is thick and durable. Its provides protection to products. It makes the packaging very alluring to attract customers and induces brand identification. shoulder neck box is a two-piece box with a neck. It gives the packaging very attractive and premium look.

Shoulder neck/ two-piece packaging boxes are used in many industries. Some are stated below.

Cosmetic industry products like beauty creams,

Jewelry industry like watches, rings, etc.

Retail items like shoes.

Gift boxes like bracelets, watches and many other items

Tray and slider/Drawer style boxes

Rigid tray and slider boxes are also two-piece boxes. One part is tray and other part slides in it. They provide maximum protection to products.  Due to low shipping costs, they are cost-effective.

Window-inserts or pull-out ribbons make these personalized packaging alluring and attract customers to buy the products. Customized drawer packaging also has various Inserts. They keep the product in a fix place and thus provide maximum protection to it.

Book Box design

This is most attractive design for custom packaging. It is a two-piece style in shape of a book it has a joint in the middle. This packaging has mostly.

Attractive shapes of Custom packaging boxes

A magnetic closure for luxurious style. It is made of high quality cardboard. Book style boxes make aesthetic appeal to customers.  Their attract customers to buy these products. They make brand identification and help in its boosting. They help in competing with other brands.

Custom packaging boxes come in various shapes. Their most important feature is customization. These boxes can be made in any shape, size or design according to customer need.

Octagonal box

Octagonal box is the latest and shape of custom packaging boxes. This is octagonal in shape and look beautiful. It also provides protection to the product. They are mostly made with sturdy cardboard or Kraft. These packaging boxes give a fun and stylish option of packaging products. Foil stamping and lamination add beauty to its look.

Gable boxes

Gable boxes are most stylish packaging boxes. They have square bottom with a triangular top. They look very stylish and protective. Gable packaging boxes are perfect for gift items, disposable food items, bakery products. These packaging boxes come with a handle. They are easy to carry and look beautiful in the market.

Trapezoid Boxes

Trapezoid boxes are unique in style. They are attractive and catchy style of packaging for premium gift items these days. These boxes are trapezium in shape and look very alluring. These personalized packaging boxes give luxurious appearance to the packaging. They protect the product from damage and help in.

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes have small pillow shape structure. These packaging boxes are ideal for soaps, small gift items like candies and promotional products. They come in any size and design. Beautiful ads-on increase their outlook. They are helpful in attracting customers. They improve brand identification.

Designing & Printing for Custom Packaging Boxes

Customized packaging involves many techniques of designing and printing. Some of them are discussed as below.


Flexography printing is a direct-to-surface method. It uses plates and rollers. It is ideal for printing in a bulk quantity. This type of printing is not suitable when there is demand of high-resolution images. It is best for quick turnaround time.

Off-set printing

Off-set printing gives high-resolution and clear images. It’s a fine method for bulk print orders of large quantity. For a clear, impression-free printing with clear images, off-set is the best option. It uses CMYK&PMS color model patterns in printing. It can make printing designs up to six colors pattern. . This makes environment healthy and economical packaging to every product.

Digital printing

Digital printing is most advance technique involving the process of printing digital images onto different surfaces.  Then print it directly on the digital printer. It is Ideal for short-run orders.

It is the most cost-effective printing option for customized packaging. Digital custom printing gives high quality printing with sharp colors.

Special Ads-on with beautiful Effects

Many special finishing effects add beauty to custom packaging. There are many special ads-on like PVC window inserts and many others like hang tab. They make packaging very attractive. Embossing and debossing, Spot UV, gloss and matte lamination, AQ coating and many other.

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